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... I honestly don't know how important the higher concentration is, but I take 4 per day which gives me 1.6g per day of EPA alone, vs approximately .6g on your dosage, and I'm only taking one more capsule than you are. ... (19 replies)
... Well, if you were to eat the fish instead of the fish oil capsule, would it have an enteric coating? ... (19 replies)
... The cheaper fish oil capsules usually do that, at least when I took them. They went down easy, but 30 minutes later I was burping fish. After I read the book "Protein Power" by Dr. ... (19 replies)

... Well, it's because it's concentrated fish oil. All fish oil capsules are concentrated oils. The reason for fish burps is when the capsules dissolve before they reach the lower intestine. It doesn't necessarily mean the capsules you're taking are rancid. ... (19 replies)
... and she said that enteric coated fish oil pills are legit, and that they do indeed pass through the stomach without "repeating" on you. ... (19 replies)
... I'm not a big fish fan. I've never ever had a problem with fish smell. First of all you should always refrigerate your fish oil, and secondly I strongly recommend capsules not liquid....ugh. Zip2play takes liquid cod liver oil...good on him, but gawd! ... (19 replies)
... I used to use Carlson's fish oil capsules, but couldn't stand the fishy burps. Now I use FISOL brand, and I've never had any fishy after taste at all. ... (19 replies)
... Anyway, I've been taking fish oil 3 times a day since June. My current dosage is 1000 mg with the EPA being 180 and the DHA 120. ... (19 replies)
... EPA per 1000mg capsule. That would be FOUR of those per day. ... (19 replies)
... Also, I hate it smell after I take fish oils... especially when I burp. Are all fish oils like this? ... (19 replies)
... I like to do without the capsules so I take cod liver oil (1 tsp/day which is 5 ml. or maybe 4.5 grams. It gives me near 1000 mg. total EPA + DHA.) I feel that this is enough. (Tastes yummy too.) (19 replies)
... There's a problem with "dissolving in intestines." Your duodenum at the base of the stomach senses exiting fats and oils and causes the gall bladder to discharge bile to emulsify the oil. ... (19 replies)
... "We're talking CONCENTRATION...What is the gross capsule size? HALF of the Carlson (1000mg) is pure EPA/DHA." I'm talking concentration too. Capsule size is 1000mg, dose is 750-850 EPA/DHA (19 replies)
... ow have was just purchased, so it's full. It's a big bottle too! And I don't want to just pitch them out, so maybe for now I'll just start taking 2 pills instead of one and then my next bottle will be a higher concentration. ... (19 replies)
... s as they should and that 1 gm per every ten lbs. of body weight is correct. Mercola says one teaspoon for every 50 lbs. of body weight. I take 2 tablespoons per day. Now I have to go find that info. ... (19 replies)
... We're talking CONCENTRATION...What is the gross capsule size? HALF of the Carlson (1000mg) is pure EPA/DHA. (19 replies)
... Rahod said, "There are more concentrated pills available (Carlson for example) that have 500mg DHA/EPA per 1000mg capsule." Gotcha beat Rahod! My capsules are RES-Q, and they claim to have the highest concentration of DHA/EPA. 400 of EPA alone, but 750-850 total EPA/DHA per capsule. I take 4 a day and get 3g total. Of course I miss all that yummy flavor that zip2play... (19 replies)
... Maybe I'll start taking two at once instead of one. So that would put me at 6 pills a day instead of 3. ... (19 replies)
... Fish oil does increase your body's oxidative stress, since it is readily oxidized in the blood stream, so the vit. ... (19 replies)
... Yeah, mine are the 180 and 120. I was only taking 3 a day (which did help my trigs some) but now I'm taking 6 a day. When this bottle is gone, I'll look for a higher concentration. And I really need them because my trig levels are off the charts. Thanks for the info! :) (19 replies)

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