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... way down and I am still in the slow process of lossing weight which also helps to lower the numbers. They are just a little bit over the standard for those with diabetes which I have, so I think I am good for now. ... (20 replies)
... I take 1900 mg red yeast rice daily, half in the morning and half at night before retiring. ... (8 replies)
... Regarding statins and red yeast rice, red yeast rice naturally contains a compound that is the same as lovastatin. ... (30 replies)

... Red Yeast Rice twice daily for over three years for my lipid management. My previous numbers were great on the Red Yeast Rice but six months ago during my annual check up my numbers were as fallows. ... (17 replies)
... I do have an addition to the dietary list for cholestral lowering. In Jan. my Dr. told me to get off Pravachol and try taking Red Yeast Rice twice a day. I bought it at the GNC health food store and tried it. ... (9 replies)
... hear it when I said I wouldn't take statins. I asked him to look a the ratios but he said with a LDL that high it didn't count. I also spoke of my concern about diabetes and said my sugar number was fine and that wasn't the issue. ... (19 replies)
... Am planning to add 600 mg. Red Yeast Rice. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Haae, A little more info for you. All of your individual figures are either desirable, normal or optimal (BTW your Trig's work out at 45mg/dl) providing all three major ratio figures as 'ideal'. However, having Type I diabetes doctors tend to look at an LDL figure of <=100mg/dl. Why this one figure alters a doctors decision without taking the HDL and Triglyceride... (12 replies)
... Thank you for your reply! :) I have no other major issues,i have Mitral Valve Prolapse,and mild infiltration of fatty liver,found on a cat scan 3 months ago,looking for an ulcer,which they did not find. So the COQ10 would be helpful? I think most on this board are taking the Niacin for the HDL.I am 45,i do have my fill of stress.I just wish i could get both numbers... (8 replies)
... Your figures do not warrant the use of high dosages of Red Yeast Rice nor Statins. What ever you are doing, keep doing it. ... (8 replies)
... Previous heart attacks or diabetes is a very high risk factor. ... (6 replies)
Question on Niacin
Sep 10, 2007
... Red yeast Rice and made the switch to Niacin to help boost my HDL. I have had no issues no side effects. ... (1 replies)
... HubbleRules, Thanks for the response. I can't relate the start of the pain to a particular event, that's why I questioned the Crestor. I have been on Protonix for about a year and I do use Nasacort for sinus issues. I am 51 and my father did have a heart attack at 59, so that is always a concern. I have an annual blood test at work and every year I get the same... (13 replies)
... week. Stay off the Crestor until the pain is gone, and them you might try taking it every other day, with CoQ10... Stay off things like Niacin or Red Yeast Rice while on a statin... Are you on any other meds? ... (13 replies)
... I am doing the "red yeast rice" and taking supplements of CoQ10...hopfully this will work. ... (8 replies)
... Red Yeast Rice is a natural statin and contains Lovastatin. ... (3 replies)
... Vitamins are great for you, but will do little, if anything, to improve your cholesterol numbers. Omega3 fatty acids, the beneficial component of fish oil, is a proven benefit in your quest for a healthy heart. However, it too has considerable limitations as to how much it can do. Your biggest problem is your Total/HDL ratio. Yours is 5.75. The only way to bring this down is... (4 replies)
... I hope with where my weight is now, the way I'm excercising, and paying attention to what I eat, I can keep my ratios in check. If not, maybe I will try the red rice yeast. ... (5 replies)
... on mom's side, and I had gestational diabetes when pregnant.. ... (30 replies)
Red Rice Yeast
Aug 13, 2003
... dings were, I guess they were high. I'll find out. If I don't ask about my lab results I never know what they were, the doctor does not send a notification. My diabetes is under control, I do monitor that each day. I just thought that Red Rice Yeast might be worthy of a try in place of another med. ... (12 replies)

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