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... ing me heart palpitations, stomach aches and a bit of insomnia. Low dose Niaspan wasn't helping, so my doctor wants me to drop it. My doc suggested either trying red yeast rice or Zocor. ... (4 replies)
... Red Yeast Rice was banned, but is now readily available. Several of the top nutritional supplement companies sell RYR in 600mg capsules. ... (26 replies)
... Hi. My cholestrol numbers are fine, now that I have been on Zocor for 9 months. I just started the Red Yeast Rice, 2nd capsule actually when the flushing started. ... (15 replies)

... My doctor then urged me to increase the dosage to 40 mg, but I balked.I stopped all Zocor and started looking for alternatives. Seven months ago, I started taking CholestOut. No side effects! ... (9 replies)
Red Yeast Rice
Jun 28, 2005
... Excellent article about Red Yeast Rice and the need for CoQ10 from "The Omnivoire": "Natural" Cholesterol-Lowering Supplement Depletes Coenzyme Q(10) Levels Anthony Colpo, March 28, 2005. Red Yeast Rice extract (RYR) is frequently advertised as a "safe" and "natural" alternative to cholesterol-lowering statin drugs. Those who have begun taking RYR on the basis of... (3 replies)
... I have been very intrigued about red yeast rice formulations for a couple of months and have spent a lot of time looking into them as an alternative to prescription drugs. ... (3 replies)
... Flushing is a VERY rare, life threatening symptom with Zocor and is indicative of a SEVERE allergic reaction...with angioedema, swollen lips, breathing difficulty, hives. ... (15 replies)
... The dr. told me that the side effects would be less or none compared to the statins. ... (5 replies)
... Research studies have shown red yeast rice to be remarkably safe, but of course, you should not use it if you are also taking a prescription statin. ... (15 replies)
... but had also heard that 2 x 500mg flush free Nicacin and 4 x 125mg Beta Sitosterol daily would be beneficial. I had been taking Omega 3 fish oil tabs. for a year or so before the first chol. test, but I stopped last year when it seemed they were having little impact. ... (15 replies)
... Red yeast rice contains a compound that is the same as lovastatin. ... (2 replies)
... Nicain, Red Yeast Rice and COQ10. OFF STATINS FOR GOOD !! ... (3 replies)
... Has anybody who posts here been forced to stop taking all statins due to side effects, and then begun taking red yeast rice with success? ... (9 replies)
... it was the beginning of winter here. While it was tolerable then, I thought it wasn't going to be during our summers of 100F. I wondered if it was a reaction to or symptom of Zocor, then I discovered all the info and this board. I told the doc. ... (15 replies)
... yeah I agree that they arent always exact because as far as I know the law leaves a little room for amounts to be over or under. ... (3 replies)
... disposed to manufature a lot of cholesterol. When that is the case, the dietary cholesterol intake is of little or no consequence. Others find that their metabolic reactions are not functioning properly, because they are ill or aging. ... (4 replies)
... My doctor tells me ''Take it or Die''. Same as my Plavix . Same side effects as well, so I've got a double whammy. Could'nt work either because of them. Went to Red Yeast Rice and Policosanol. Blood work aint as good as a statin though. ... (3 replies)
... Diet + exercise + fish oil + fiber probably would help. Ask for a VAP test next time you get your lipids checked, along with c-reactive protein. Might as well get your vitamin D levels checked too. It'll give you a better idea what your true cholesterol numbers are and if you have any inflammation going on. Options instead of statins: Niacin (only under a doctor's care),... (4 replies)
... BTW, Red Yeast Rice IS a statin, lovastatin to be precise. That's why it works for some people. ... (23 replies)
... How many people here are using red Rice Yeast as an alternative therapy for commercial drugs ? ... (0 replies)

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