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... Hey everybody- I posted a couple of days ago concerning this but it seems like either the title wasn't provocative enough or the thread got overlooked. So I'm kind of reposting with a more URGENT sounding title, hoping that someone might help answer some of my questions... Read on: 1) Went to the doctor 4 months ago. Bad news- High Cholesterol. Total cholesterol: 242... (9 replies)
Apr 6, 2004
... Hi all, since I'm new to the boards (Although I've been browsing) I'll give you a little bit of history to my questions :) 1) Went to the doctor 4 months ago. Bad news- High Cholesterol. Total cholesterol: 242 Triglycerides: 83 HDL: 53 VLDL:17 and (YIKES) :172 (0 replies)
... Taking CoQ10 is a good idea. Th dosage is speculative. I take 100mg day of the highly soluble variety. In the supplement you are looking at the only think that is going to effect your cholesterol directly is the Red Yeast Rice. It is a statin. Many do have good results. (9 replies)

... The Japanese have conducted quite a few clinical trials using beni-koji (Japanese red rice yeast): Tsuji, K., Ichikawa, T., Tanabe, N., Abe, S., Tarui, S. & Nakagawa, Y. (1992b). Effects of Beni-koji foods on blood pressure in spontaneously hypertensive rats. Nippon Shokuhin Kogyo Gakkaishi, 39, 919-924. Had access through my university to the journal. Above study uses... (9 replies)
... Just wanted to update you on the recent cholesterol news since I haven't posted since this April. Well, I've been taking "Riz-strol" Anyway- as you know I had cholesterol that was hovering around 258 even AFTER watching my diet. Then I started on this Riz-strol stuff: three caps a day and then later 2 per day (recently I've been not as consistent and only been doing 1... (9 replies)
... why don't you quit paying more for riz-strol and just by red yeast rice which is basically a statin like lovastatin. the red yeast rice is the only thing in it that will lower your cholesterol (9 replies)
... well, I'm interested in everyone RYR dosage. I'm taking this Riz-Strol 3x a day and it's got 500mg RYR extract in it or something. Other pills I've seen only have 300mg. After I follow the package directions I'm gonna lower the dosage to 3 and then to 1 pill a day. Again- I'm going for the "take as little supplement" as possible strategy with the philosophy that the... (9 replies)
... 1) Thanks for the answers so far. I think I'll try that CoQ stuff at a low dosage as you recommended. 2) I suppose that I am a little adverse to going prescription right off the bat. The Riz Strol stuff is going to be initially about $15/ for a month in the beginning but I'm going to lower the dose to 2 caps a day in the second month- and if that works, then to 1 cap a... (9 replies)
... goodby, I think it's a bad idea. Who is guaranteeing the statin sode of 2.5 mg lovastatin. On the cost: 20 mg. lovastatin: $ 36.99/30 days To get this dose of the Riz-stol you'd have to take a handful of pills and the cost will be MANY times the Rx lovastatin. With any statin, I think 100 mg CoQ10 is good but with a teeny dose like the herbal, it's probably not... (9 replies)
... I used a product you may be interested in. It is called Riz-strol by Organika. The product has red rice yeast, gugulipid, grape seed extract, artichoke extract, garlic powder. My cholesterol was 279 a year ago and the doc gave me 2 months to get it down. I started excercising daily and eating better along with taking the Riz-strol along with Fish Oil. After two month... (15 replies)
Great results
May 30, 2003
... 1 month ago cholesteral reading was 275. Good cholesteral was 45 and LDL and Trig. were very high. I just got rechecked and my results are awesome total 146 HDL 60 TG 68 LDL 72 just in case people are interested here is what I did. -Ran two miles per day 5 days a week (1 replies)
... Gardeninggal, Riz-Strol is a capsule that you take for 21 days in a row 3-times daliy before each meal then discontinue for 7 days. It is made up of 500 mg of fermented red rice extract powder, 100 mg of Guggulipid extract, 75 mg of Artichoke Extract, 10mg of Grape seed extract along with 5 mg Concentrated odorless garlic powder equivalent to 500 mg of whole garlic powder. ... (26 replies)
... Kobalt, what is it or should I say what is in it? :wave: (26 replies)
... Hi, Has anyone tried Riz-Strol? It was recomended to me by a naturapathatic doctor. It is made by a company called Organika and it took my numbers down in three weeks. (26 replies)
... High cholestrol runs in my family so I thought I could never lower it unless I take medicine. This wasn't an option for me so I tried fish oil & red yeast rice tablets. Three mos. ago, my total was: 216; Tri- 100; HDL 63; LDL 134. During the 3 mos. I worked out in the gym 3x a week; ate a low fat and high fiber diet; treadmill 3x a week (4.3 mph & at a high incline);... (9 replies)
... :eek: welcome to the world of confusion!! i have been on a "diet" since last july and have read so much about cholesterol/triglycerides that i make myself crazy with it all, it is a huge area of contradiction. however , t here do seem to be certain peices of advice that you read over and over again- and i just tend to follow the stuff that actually makes sense to me.. Red... (9 replies)

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