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... I was first prescribed Zocor, which I took the generic Simvastin 40MG. I just finished taking it for 3 months, and went to get a blood test. ... (6 replies)
... Lulubells, Many older members of this board including myself, have gone way past the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle change days which in the majority of cases only produce mild positive effects on our health. Let's face it, for the majority of our lives we have abused our internal organs with incorrect nutritional input, lack of exercise etc. Now in our latter years,... (13 replies)
... and when i was diagnosed at a fasting glucose of 7.8, i was also found to have a high cholesterol of 9.4 so the GP immediately put me on Simvastin at 20mg. Last week i had my first diabetic review and even though my cholesterol had dropped down to 5. ... (2 replies)

... I was on simvastin for 2 years before I ever started having severe muscle problems with this drug. I thought it was just old age and kept ignoring the problem. ... (4 replies)
... 24% body fat is fairly high for a man, especially for a younger man. For a man, typically 25% to 26% is the limit of the "acceptable" range, but 17% or lower is generally considered more desirable. Also, based on formulas that calculate body fat percentage only from height and weight or BMI, population averages for men of BMI 25 are probably in the 20% to 22% range. Since... (6 replies)
... Hi Ace, Thanks for the information, you have been very helpful!! I have a Costco right down the street and will check out their milk thistle. Thanks again, Missy (6 replies)
... Missy - Reactions are always possible, but they appear to be rare. Milk Thistle appears to be the safest and most studied herb for liver function. An added plus with Milk Thistle is improved digestion. When you take Milk Thistle, do not take it with any medications. Take it at a different time. Apparently, Milk thistle can affect the way some medicines work and processed by... (6 replies)
... Hi Ace28, Thanks for the information. I have bought some Milk Thistle but am afraid to take it because I suffer from allergies and it states on the bottle, not to take if you are allergic to rag weed and I'm not sure what I am allergic to. I hope soon I can get up the nerve to take one. I'm not sure I would ever take another statin, my muscles aches are still bad. I... (6 replies)
... Missy - High liver enzymes can be a real problem and signals liver damage. Maybe you can try taking half the dosage, after you check with your doctor. You can also try a very low dosage (5mg) of Crestor which is just as potent as Simvastatin. The Red Yeast Rice is similar to statins, the only problem is the muscle side effects are still possible and you don't know what your... (6 replies)
... Hi Razo30, I took Zocor 40 mg for many years until this last June when I started feeling really bad due to my muscle aches. I never had a problem for the first two years and then my last blood test showed my liver enzymes rising and my kidneys starting to fail. I quit taking Zocor even though my doctor wanted me to continue taking it. My cholesterol too was in the 300's... (6 replies)
... My doctor just switched me over to Liptor 40MG. I have been doing some searches on the internet and all of a sudden I see many people have muscle ache and pain as a side effect. Is this a very common side effect with Liptor. I did not experience any muscle ache with my last cholesterol medicine simvastin, but it did pop up with some issues my liver functions in the... (4 replies)
... Susie, I have been reading your thread for a couple of days now. Even though I am preparing to bolt out of here to spend some time in France, I wanted to give you a little information on what I think is going on with you, and what you can expect. Let's go back to your first post. Your TG levels point you in the category of severe hypertriglyceridemia. The highest... (23 replies)
... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- zip2play - hey you seem to know something - for almost the last year I have been on fish oil - lecithin - baby aspirin as specified to dosages suggested here by others - I have also taken reliv the product for two months straight daily and two days ago I had cholestrol check and its hdl 23 and... (1 replies)
Jan 10, 2004
... Captain Ahab - in search of the creature that will eventually destroy him! I started with 500mg of niaspam daily - baby aspirin first - went a month on that then switched to 750 mg - but the flush whale said NO - after taking for about 25 days or so I called my doctor and said this was not going to make it - no way would I eventually be able to reach that magic number of... (8 replies)
... years ago I was totally broke and living in a cabin in a place called oral south dakota. all I could afford was a daily bowl of brown rice with some bronners bullion on it - it was the first winter that they kept Evans Plunge open during the day in Hot Springs So Dak - Basically the people working there let me use it for free since they didn't have many customers in the winter... (7 replies)
Mar 20, 2003
... I am a woman, 49, who is diagnosed with diabetes and bad cholesterol. However, my diabetes is controlled through diet. I was taking Simvastatin and my cholesterol levels were good after three months on that medication. During the past couple of months I gradually developed some physical ailments. At first, I thought that I had just stressed my body from working out. I was... (1 replies)

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