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... Hi everyone. I've just found you and have read through a few of the threads but thought I would ask a question about people who have moved from statin to statin because of the fatigue side effects. ... (0 replies)
... In the last month, I've started to experience some real fatigue at the outset and during my exercise that was not present with the higher statin dose. My daily jog is over hilly territory and this fatigue has come at the same time as my times have improved. ... (5 replies)
... I went to my GP today to ask about the statin question. Asked about the possible link between statins and fatigue, whether one statin was better than another, the use of Niacin, and whether it would be safe to drop the statin for a few weeks to see if that makes a difference. ... (19 replies)

Statin Studies
Aug 27, 2005
... One of the studies, and I can't remember which one, showed an increase in cancer rates. There's been very little studying of women and statin usage. There's a belief that cholesterol is used by the body as protection against disease. ... (31 replies)
... Feb will be 3 years since I've taken it. And during that time I have gradually gotten better, but it still took quite a long time before I would stop having my fatigue like symptoms. ... (5 replies)
... The initial prescriber discharged me after initiating the statin treatment, so there has been no opportunity to do that. ... (19 replies)
... then luvia omg this last one i itched all over and then had severe fatigue and muscle cramps. off one week and still have the hip pain, both sides. ... (15 replies)
... it simply isn't natural. First, your brain needs these lipids to fully function, as well as your muscles. And what your doctor won't tell you is how statin drugs can deplete CoQ10, a very necessary and important nutrient in the body... also needed for proper brain, muscle, and immune function. ... (16 replies)
Statin Studies
Aug 26, 2005
... Also, Lenin, I have actually run into two people on Lipitor who are NOT experiencing any pain or fatigue. Unofficial statin poll is now 9 who experienced statin pain to 2 who have not. I mention this in the interest of fairness. ... (31 replies)
... or almost 6 months, then took myself off and swore I would NEVER take another statin. Hubby was on Lipitor for about 5 years, developed all sorts of pains, aches fatigue etc. etc. We did not have a computer at the time, but if I did and was able to know what I know now, he would have never been on it for that long either. ... (5 replies)
... n 40mg per day for around a year now. My total cholesterol levels have dropped from 8.2 to 4.6, which I am pretty pleased with. However, I suffer dreadfully from fatigue and lack of energy, which is more or less permanent at the moment, and not related to how much sleep I get. ... (19 replies)
... I was put on pravastatin 20mg. Issues with muscle pain the first two weeks. Cut to 10mg....muscle issues and now fatigue with a little bit of ringing in the ears. ... (23 replies)
... I'll ask for a thorough cardio evaluation but I'm inclined to think that I'm suffering statin related cramps and aches. The problems with running are not there every single day, but I'm annoyed and probably over react when they are. ... (5 replies)
... Could very well be digestive too (acid reflux from statin), as the symptoms sorta match. Best to get checked out, like you plan to. (5 replies)
... Thank you for the expression of concern. The radiating pain also occurs when I'm still, not long after I take my statin dose which has lead me to think it may be a side effect. ... (5 replies)
Statin Studies
Aug 22, 2005
... Very good points Lenin 1) Where did you find the source of aspirin deaths? 2) Do people need to die to prove that a drug is dangerous? Statin side effects are seriously under-reported. The reason? Doctors continue to refuse to admit that statins can cause more damage that good. They refuse to admit that statins cause memory loss which many times is mis-diagnosed... (31 replies)
... I feel the same. I had been on statins for about ten years in total and for a while just knew they were gradually ruining my quality of life. At first I think they were fine, maybe for three years or so, but by the end I had been through all the ones you mention and on some level they all caused a reaction, with me it was fatigue. I have been off them for the best part of four... (23 replies)
... I posted earlier about my general fatigue with statins and my headaches with Crestor in particular. ... (0 replies)
... oods are nearly acceptable now. My levels are genetic so I will only ever be at the top end of acceptable but that, plus a better lifestyle, more energy and less fatigue has helped lower my risks. ... (15 replies)
... You know I agree-you can't beat statins for lowering cholesterol. If someone with truly high-cholesterol is trying to get their numbers to a range that will please MOST Dr.'s-they are going to have to resort to statins. I say "resort to" because I think statins should be considered only after you have exhausted other avenues to get the numbers in a "comfortable range". I also... (23 replies)

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