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... this one has had very limited trials, and that information is only available in abstract form. ... (16 replies)
... It is not just someone's opinion, but a chemical certainty. I however have mixed feeling on high cholesterol and an underlying problem. I think.. ... (16 replies)
... Yes, there are numerous studies on calcium channel blockers and statins. THats the sad thing. ... (37 replies)

... Its seems that more people should be concerned with the internet scare and the drug company scare that inform people they must take statins. Cholesterol is not the monster people make it out to be. ... (14 replies)
... AS a statin "hater" maybe it is because we have seen first hand what statins can do to a person. It might also be because we understand why the body needs cholesterol and how the body uses it. ... (39 replies)
... rch, and I think you have done a lot, did you ever come across anything which talked about lowering the cholesterol by other methods such as niacin, policosanol and the like. ... (28 replies)
... cholesterol studies are misleading in that they group heart failure into the mortality numbers. Heart failure is not CAD. However statins are know to cause death in people with CHF. ... (9 replies)
... whith cholesterol over 300. Higher LDL is also an indicator or increased longevity. The statin study has found this to be true in all of the trials and studies on statins. ... (6 replies)
Dec 21, 2006
... I agree with Jane. If it weren't for us connecting the dots and because of the biochemist i sometimes work with, my mother would be dead now. Her doctor said Coq10 was a waste of money. ... (10 replies)
... I might be one of the doom and gloom people of statins and cholesterol lowering by medication, but I have done my research and so have many other people. ... (39 replies)
... I found this tidbit on his book: ....even Dr. Uffe Ravnskov in "The Cholesterol Myths" (page 207) acknowledges the cardiological benefits of statins. The difference between Dr. Ravnskov and the rest of main stream doctors is the cause of these benefits. Main stream medicine attributes these benefits to the cholesterol lowering properties of the statins, Dr.... (26 replies)
... The studies WERE geared to show effects of statin induced cholesterol reduction and its effects on the incidence of heart attack and coronary death on population a large population. They all DO so, some unisex, some for men and women! ... (15 replies)
... information I had. Its in numerous file boxes. I had heard it from the people at the statin study and numerous other sources. I guess the one you might use is from Dr. ... (31 replies)
... As far as having no proof that statins extend longevity. Well maybe not maybe so, I am not going to take that chance. And there are lots of studies about cholesterol and heart disease. I thought that was undisputed. ... (15 replies)
Muscle Pain
Jul 3, 2006
... assured that you will have a problem with another one. Also you should ask them about CAD and statins... especially longevity..i think you will be surprised.. ... (11 replies)
... If your stroke screening goes is unlikely that you need to do anything. Maybe try to lower the trigs a little. Just watch you sugars and carbs. Since you lower your saturated fat, and your numbers actually went up... ... (24 replies)
... esters. People with Niemann pick disease have large amounts of unesterfied cholesterol within their cells. The cholesterol has been deposited within the cells and "hidden". Cholesterol medications are ineffective at allowing the release of this unesterfied cholesterol. ... (40 replies)
... middle aged men with multiple risk factors for heart disease. Benefits to women and the elderly have NOT been demonstrated. ... (95 replies)
... Jane, if she has heart problems, and you decide she has to be on a cholesterol lowering medication, she MUST take Coq10. ... (12 replies)
... The statin is probably causing the discomfort. And, at your age, you need to question whether taking statins is worth it. Studies show that increased cholesterol levels in the elderly are associated with increased longevity. ... (4 replies)

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