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... I took Crestor for three weeks recently. I was prescribed the mimimum dose of 5 mg. The side effects began after three days (severe depression, severe neuropathy in legs and arms, etc.) For the next three days, I split the pill in half, to no avail. For the final two weeks, I split the already split pill in half and was taking 1.25 mg per day. No dice. Side... (1 replies)
... Or, discuss with your doctor whether you can switch statins. I had horrible constipation with Zocor, but none with Lipitor. ... (2 replies)
... mewhati'm a 60 year old woman. What kind of foods should I be completely avoiding. So what happens if your LDL never comes down to what it should. Either some Statins don't work for me and the rest they tried I just can't tolerate. Is my doctor just a pill pusher? ... (4 replies)

... Did your dr. tell U Zetia would be nasty for your stomach? I have tried just about everything out there with nasty effects, including Whelcol, man that stuff was brutal on my stomach. My new dr. wanted me to try the Zetia, but I told her I have heard it stinks for the stomach, she told me it was all in peoples heads. She gave me some samples, and I was in NO mood to argue with... (35 replies)
... Yackedar: Thank you for your reply, accually he used to struggle with constipation more than the average person, and this does not bother him at all (being looser) , I am just a worry -wart and want to make sure it is from these meds and not something else. Nice to hear from other users. I did happen to look up side effects and it said constipaton and/or diarehha, so I... (3 replies)
... Hi Tenacious, I am on 40mg Simvastatin daily and have been since February this year, but not for high cholesterol purposes. I have taken two brands of generic simvastatin during this period, with both brands being manufactured here in the UK. Yes, I too had looser stools initially, and yes.......I still have looser stools today. I'm not concerned about this unless there... (3 replies)
... Red yeast rice contains a compound that is the same as lovastatin. Although not the same as simvastatin (Zocor), if you have bad reactions to all statins, red yeast rice will likely trigger similar reactions. Have you ensured that your diet is as cholesterol-healthy as it can be, you do not have excess body fat, and you get plenty of exercise? Doing such things can help... (2 replies)
... Arizona, I believe it is true what you read, my experience with Lovastatin really scared me good. First a sore muscle in my upper chest, then constipation unbelievable, finally a stomach pain for 2 weeks and that all led to bloody stools. This all stopped when after I quit the pills. ... (4 replies)
... cholesterol already in the blood. Statins were used to lower cholesterol levels in the 4S, CARE, and LIPID studies. ... (44 replies)
... Sorry to hear you're having problems. If you have high cholesterol that you can't lower through diet and exercise, statins may be your best hope for avoiding a heart attack. It's estimated 8 million Americans take these drugs successfully. ... (6 replies)
... term treatment with statins in general, and atorvastatin in particular. ... (5 replies)
... term treatment with statins in general, and atorvastatin in particular. ... (1 replies)
... Besides cancer, the other side effects of statins listed were incomplete, and should have included constipation, myalgia, myopathy, polyneuropathy, liver and kidney damage, congestive heart failure and amnesia. ... (17 replies)
May 21, 2004
... I also hate to be on statins long term, because I've read they do cause muscle damage over time, and after all, the heart is a muscle. ... (28 replies)
... The statins are not nice drugs, they change the way the liver works and it is not surprising they have many side effects. ... (22 replies)
... months and have had to stop taking it. It gave me constipation really bad. They gave me a laxatiove Glycolax to counteract the constipation and it worked for a bit but then even it couldn't help. ... (9 replies)
... However, I'm experiencing a good deal of constipation from taking it. ... (3 replies)
... Zetia is not a statin. Are you taking statins as well? ... (6 replies)
... Zimm, The bloating and cramping are a common side effect of Zetia (along with nausea and constipation.) Alas the Vytorin is a combo of Zocor (a statin) and Zetia so the cramping might be identical. What kind of numbers do you get on the Zetia? Double alas: THAT sounds too much like angina. With your history you MUST keep your LDL's low and/or your HDL's high. I have... (28 replies)
... I hear what your saying Lenin, but I also tried a couple of the statins, and got lousy side effects, and also Whelchol, which gave me a whole different kind of side effect, bloating, constipation, and wicked heartburn. Once off of them, I felt find after a few weeks. I'm actually begginning to believe some people having low cholesterol is possibly the problem. I know numbers... (33 replies)

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