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... As far as statins, it is hard to say which one is likely to have the least side effects, as everyone is different. ... (3 replies)
... Well, I know that at least in one respect you are right about this. Once you develop peripheral neuropathy from these drugs, the condition is irreversible, and statins have definitely been associated with neuropathy, a quite painful and debilitating condition. ... (10 replies)
... I think people should understand also, that you never completely recover from the side effects from statins. Each time you implement another statin due to an adverse effect from the one before the side effects become cumulative. ... (10 replies)

... Mevocor the least side effects of all statins? ... (5 replies)
... some of the statin study uses congnitive tests and also strength test. I'm not sure what else. I do believe that their report will be quiet interesting. The side effects that are in the Danish study are probably true according to their statement...Rarely REPORTED... ... (10 replies)
... Mmmm, I thought that Pravachol was the weakest?? No? After problems with Lipitor and Zocor (muscle pain and weakness some limited numbness) I was put on Zetia. That's just causing a lot of digestive issues which I already had following the statin problems with Lipitor and Zocor. I am now taking Nexium which seems to be working but....will I be OK after I stop taking Nexium....... (10 replies)
... problems. I have tried every cholesterol drug out there and have not tolerated any of them, yet the drs. roll their eyes in disgust when I tell them. Hubby took statins for 7 years, and had all kinds of side effects, but neither of us had a clue it was the statins, all he was told was it was arthritis....STANDARD answer!! ... (35 replies)
... I want to make clear that I believe all those that offer their stories of misery or at least great discomfort associated with their use of statins. ... (11 replies)
... ed here..i meant by the dr's until something really bad happens. with my hubby and friends mom that isn't could lead to death. its why one of the other statins were banned...i bet lipitor will be next. my husband had no pain...juat bad pains in his head on occasion.... ... (11 replies)
... It is easy to see how anyone who has gone through something like serious statin side effects, could feel like maybe they could be dying...or at least a serious health problem. But, I learned a lot right here on this board and found a lot of encouagement also. ... (35 replies)
... is too high. Lipitor is relatively powerful and has a good track record of few side effects... That's the one I'd recommend... I'd also recommend diet and lifestyle changes. ... (3 replies)
... have had trouble with older statins are doing well on Crestor. ... (27 replies)
... This is the UCSD statin effects study? ... (10 replies)
... cholesterol was 68. Doc wants to see me and probably put me on statins. I am willing to try them, but have read enough now on this forum to be worried about the side effects. So, my question is which ones have any of you tried that may have been a little easier on side effects, especially some one with G.I. disorders already. ... (3 replies)
... is another story, we are talking about brain damage. Back to your question, is it completely reversible, a tech answer would be no. But, are there any lasting effects that you are anyone else would notice probally. Back to the over capacity of the body. ... (10 replies)
... rtant to note that doctors are extremely busy and want to take the easiest way out and get people to their NCEP target goals as quickly as possible. That is why statins are prescribed so often. ... (3 replies)
... To tell the truth, if I was a doctor and had a patient that needed cholesterol control I would never be able to prescribe this junk. Some of these side effects can be absolutely devastating. Especially lipitor, baycol and zocor since they are so strong. ... (6 replies)
... Canada's equivalent of FDA issued a safety alert last June 04 stating side effects and spec. groups requiring careful dosing. ... (3 replies)
... I'm hoping you are correct....damage from statins is completely reversable. That would be great news. ... (10 replies)
... and leg pains to the point where I had to stop taking them. Someone told me she was on Mevocor, which I believe was one the first statin drugs ever made had the least amount of symptons than say Lipitor, Zocor etc. Plus it is a lot cheaper since it has been out for so long. Well she was right. ... (10 replies)

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