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... This is very informative! Thanks!!! Annie (16 replies)
... my trigs = 31 hdl = 34 ldl = 28 my cholesterol is 70 LOWWWWWWWWW... I should NOT be on a statin! Looking at the report it says the normal range for HDL is 35 to 65, so I am borderline. Normal range for LDL is 30 to 130. (16 replies)
... To get your TC you have to add your LDL plus your HDL and also your VLDL. To get your VLDL you take the Trig. number and divide it by 5 then add those 3 to get your TC. Example: My TC was 200..LDL 117...HDL 59..Trigs..118. Divide the Trigs by 5 and my VLDL was 24. Now add LDL...117...HDL...59..VLDL...24 and it totals out to 200. Hope this helps....JJ....:wave: (16 replies)

... It's going to take awhile for all the pains and aches to go away...TRUST ME! I'm certainly sure with maybe taking an 81 mg. aspirin a day is just as good if not better then a statin. I took 3 different kinds over an 8 month period and now told my new Dr. don't even think about putting me on one. I keep mine is check with diet and some exercise. To me they are toxic. I have... (16 replies)
... I took a break. I went off of statins completely. ... (2 replies)
Red Yeast Rice
Jun 19, 2008
... Does Red Yeast Rice causes muscle pain and leg cramps like the prescription statins? ... (11 replies)
... The drop in the total cholesterol and LDL levels would appear to be attributable to the statin you had taken. The increase in triglycerides would argue against this occurring because of dietary changes. How long did you take the statin and what was the interval between stopping it and having the 2nd blood test? How was your blood glucose level? I have no knowledge of how... (2 replies)
... I have tried two statins, one did little, only about a 15 pt. drop and the other caused leg cramps so I stopped. I have had a problem with my thyroid levels being very low so in Sept. 07 my dr. increased by Thyroid meds from 88mcg to 125 mcg. ... (2 replies)
... y trips to Orthopedic Dr., family dr., Chiropractor and Massage Therapist .... never with any diagnosis .. all with temporary relief for verious aches, pains and leg cramps! It wasn't until a several months ago that I thought about a possible link to the statins. So I talked to my family doc about that ... ... (7 replies)
... For the legs you might try putting a bar of soap under your sheets. Dr. Gott has many people swear to this, for helping with leg pain and cramps at night. It has worked well for my mother. Some people have claimed that it is just a placebo effect, but animals have seemed to benefit also. ... (11 replies)
... I am on Zocor and yes, my legs often feel funny when I am lying in bed. They feel achy and kind of restless. Restless more than achy. I try to walk more and exercise helps! (4 replies)
... You might also be low on magnesium. A serum blood magnesium test is not conclusive. It must be a intracellular magnesium test. (4 replies)
... This is a list of possible side effects for tricor. Usually statins are worse than fenofibrates though. ... (14 replies)
... it except give him some meds., especially to let him try and get some sleep. Many nights he is up and down till the wee hrs. of the morning. He has been off the statins for 5 yrs. too, but took them for 7. Wish I knew then what I know now, neither of us would have ever touched them. ... (29 replies)
... Out of perhaps a dozen I can think of, in alll honesty I know 1 person who had problems, muscle aches, leg cramps and said he didn't feel right on Lipitor. ... (46 replies)
... I can not take any statins due to leg cramps and my numbers are high so I am looking for altenative ways to lower choles. and trig. ... (20 replies)
... Hi all Great statin life to you all!!!! Here's the list of some side effects these great drugs cause! as you see JJ is right about the urinary infection. That girls knows her statins! I had memory blackouts from lipitor and at that time know one ever heard of that! Off Lippy for over 2 years and I think some of the pains I have are still from this junk. Side effects may... (28 replies)
... you described are symptoms I had on it, burning pain, joint pain, muscle pain.. I would back off of the working out or you could do some real damage.. I also has leg and foot cramps at night and TENDON damage. People on statins have been known to rupture tendons while doing just about nothing.. ... (12 replies)
... s. After 8 days on Crestor, it hit with a vengence again, and after stopping the Cresttor, my heath gradually has come back to a near normal. I still have slight leg nuscle pains, but I haven't felt this good in years. ... (20 replies)
... Sorry to hear about your problem ,actually tricor usually has less side effects than statins but everyone is different . ... (2 replies)

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