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... I just recently stopped taking a 10mg dosage of Lipitor after reading several posts on this board. My symptoms were pain and numbness in the right arm, shoulder, hand and thumd along with body aches and feeling very tired. ... (5 replies)
... disk of my neck, even though I'm not expericing any neck pain. ... (12 replies)
... I took lipitor for almost 3 yrs. and then zocor for a few mos. and out of the blue I got terrible muscle pain in my right thigh. I went back to lipitor and the pain did not stop . Instead it spread to my other thigh , arms, neck , ribs . ... (9 replies)

... e a good candidate for cinnamon. You can find information on this by looking up USDA cinnamon and blood sugar. I know they have said all diabetics should be on statins , however that is not the case. No statin test has ever done muscle biopsies, nor have they checked for mitochondrial damage. ... (9 replies)
... It most likely is the Zocor. According to Washington University Neurology (st. louis), symptoms can occur anywhere from immediate to 7 years, when on a statin. From recent investigations it appears it relates directly to the number of mitochondria that are damaged by the statins. You might be interested in a publication by the American Heart Association, "Changes in... (9 replies)
... I'm going to ask her to do that homocysteine test. I am not taking the statins any longer. I took them for 5 days and my tennis elbow and neck are in agony and I know it's from the damn statin. I took lescol before and took myself off of it because of the same neck pain. ... (41 replies)
... Nov 2009, its now January 2010 and I have been having really strange instances of pain. First was in upper check. It felt like I have worked out really hard, pain in mid back, with a squeezing sensation along with the pain. Then that stopped and the pain is in my shoulder and neck on right side. ... (4 replies)
... Those doctors are all full of it. There are Many , Many , Many reports of this. They have found that statins damage the mitochondria. This is not just in isolated cases.. but many of the people tested whether they had muscle pain or not. ... (9 replies)
... Is he taking a Calcium Channel Blocker? Also from Toxicology (Feb 2006). Statins induce calcium-dependent mitochondrial permeability transition, Velho JA. Statins can act directly on mitochondrial ( mitochondria are the power houses of the cells) either in vivo (lab results) or in vitro (in real subjects) inducing permeability transition, which is a process involved in... (9 replies)
... off statins for the past six years. I started on Zocor, but was taken off after approximately 3 years due to unexplainable muscle pains. ... (13 replies)
... there is no test that will diagnose it. It doen't show up on an MRI. Even an EMG nerve test can be negative, but the patient can still have nerve damage causing pain in soft tissue, I know because it happened to me. ... (25 replies)
... I had knee pain 2 weeks into my experience with statins. I agree with the above poster, statins have not been proven to help women, so you just have to take our word for it. ... (4 replies)
... while statins cause mostly muscular pain in the arms and legs, and tiredness... ... (5 replies)
... I wonder if we will EVER know the truth in our lifetime, as they change their minds every 6 months. I know my old dr., and he was a darn good dr., always told me to take a good B/C complex vitamin. He was not a pill pusher, he figured if he couldn't get to the root of a problem, he sent U to a specialist, but 90% of the time, he got to the root of a problem. I'm just going... (41 replies)
... in my neck, I no longer have a sore muscle in my upper chest wall, I no longer am constipated and no longer have bloody stools and thanks be, I no longer have a pain in my stomach. Needless to say I feel a whole lot better. By the way my hair loss is a lot better too. ... (41 replies)
... I had the very same pain in my right front thigh when on Zocor 10mgs. I had taken the drug for a couple of years before this started in. The pain became so bad that I could not stand to even walk unless I had pressure on it. So I put an Ace bandage on it and that helped some, not much, but some. ... (7 replies)
... I was on Lipitor for nearly 3 years. From what I know and have heard, the side effects linger a lot lot longer than 2 weeks. It could be a placebo effect if your pain goes away in a matter of hours after going off statins. With that being said, I have suffered the same side effects many of you have experienced. ... (24 replies)
... Yes, you should stop. Studies have shown that statins have no beneficial effects for females. They may be of benefit to middle aged males with heart disease, if anyone. ... (4 replies)
... That is especially true in Florida and other retirement areas. The doc's have a field day! I think I've mentioned before that I get copies of everything for our doctor .... they are kind of used to that now. BUT I pulled a fast one on this last visit. I gave "them" a 2 page history of statin side effects my husband has been experiencing for the past year. Side effects include... (5 replies)
... g fatigued all the time, neck aches," "motor neuropathy which mimics ALS," "Blinding headaches, nausea, vertigo, disorientation, memory loss, extremely dry eyes, pain and stiffness in my neck and calf muscles, abominal pain," and "Muscle pain, weakness, spasms, buzzing in right leg. ... (4 replies)

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