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... Over the last 6 years my total chol has steadily increased from 219 to 234, so naturally I want to try and improve this. ... (6 replies)
Test Results ughh
Feb 24, 2010
... Below are my test results from yesterday. I am a little bothered because my doctor wants to up my dose based on the numbers below and I think they are fine. My ratio is excellent. When I first started on lipitor I took 10mg and it wore me out, I can function well on 5mg with no side effects. Does anyone have any thoughts? ... (5 replies)
... more time before starting a lifetime of taking drugs. He did not seem receptive at all to lifestyle changes, just kept talking about metabolic syndrome since my HDL was low and trigs were high. I told him I was going to seek a 2nd opinion because I did not feel comfortable yet with going on drugs. ... (1 replies)

... The higher HDL is, the better. So the guidelines don't make sense when when HDL is high.... ... (5 replies)
... e. You don't need any drugs based on those numbers. The risks just don't justify the benefits, if any in your case. Of particular importance is your very high HDL level and very low triglyceride level. That high of an HDL is very protective. ... (8 replies)
... HDL Ratio 6. ... (32 replies)
... hdl ratio 5. ... (5 replies)
... Those newer numbers aren't that bad. In fact, according to the guidelines, if you have NO other risk factors (diabetic, coronary disease, high bp,etc), you should not require medication at all! Also, in my humble opinion :D , he should have started you on 10mg first and then test. He must to liver tests if he puts you on Lipitor! (9 replies)
... Thank you! Agree that I've a 'modest' need for statins now but if I lose some weight I'm sure I won't and sugar number will go down. Just need to get really motivated --- For now I'll take the very low dose statin and re-test in a couple of months to see if that's helping -- doc called in a script for the Zocor generic today after I phoned his office so he's on-board... (12 replies)
... HDL ratio 3. ... (12 replies)
Need Advice!!
Mar 22, 2004
... HDL ratio 9. ... (6 replies)
... First office led me to believe this was bad due to the highs out of range but internist was very happy with. My LDL is fine, trig fine. The HDL being high is apparently a very good thing. ... (2 replies)
... I know my HDL is low, but that's always been a chronically low number for me. ... (2 replies)
... lp me with these numbers. I know nothing about this and I don't know how to read them. All I know is they are high. Also if you could help me and explain what HDL is and LDL, and how the ratio's work. Any help would be so much appreciated. Below are the results and thanks for any help. ... (4 replies)
... HDL is your ratio, and I think it is fine. I know before they wanted the ratio about 4 but think they have lowered it, but they are always lowering the guidelines, so in my opinion, I wouldn't worry. ... (3 replies)
... hdl ratio 6. ... (6 replies)
... NON HDL CHOL. ... (0 replies)
... hdl ratio of 18. At the time he was just diagnosed with gluten intolerance, though that had little to do with his poor cholesterol results. ... (5 replies)
... sorry I didn't have my lab results when I initially posted...I was just able to retrieve them. Here they are (the last column are reference values): TRIGLYCERIDE 104 <150 mg/dL CHOLESTEROL 118 <200 mg/dL HDL 37 >39 mg/dL Non HDL CHOLESTEROL 81 <130 mg/dL (2 replies)
... My ratio of HDL to total is excellent, 2. ... (27 replies)

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