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... more time before starting a lifetime of taking drugs. He did not seem receptive at all to lifestyle changes, just kept talking about metabolic syndrome since my HDL was low and trigs were high. I told him I was going to seek a 2nd opinion because I did not feel comfortable yet with going on drugs. ... (1 replies)
... HDL Ratio 6. ... (32 replies)
... I am wondering if even this low dosage would affect my back muscles in this way. I don't see my doctor until August, and meanwhile I will be having another blood test before seeing him. ... (2 replies)

... Thank you! Agree that I've a 'modest' need for statins now but if I lose some weight I'm sure I won't and sugar number will go down. Just need to get really motivated --- For now I'll take the very low dose statin and re-test in a couple of months to see if that's helping -- doc called in a script for the Zocor generic today after I phoned his office so he's on-board... (12 replies)
... hdl ratio 6. ... (6 replies)
... hdl ratio of 18. At the time he was just diagnosed with gluten intolerance, though that had little to do with his poor cholesterol results. ... (5 replies)
... Jane, Your problem appears to be the high triglycerides, and statins are not good at lowering them - they work on LDL. Your HDL is very good, as is your LDL/HDL ratio. Your LDL level was probably 'calculated', not directly measured, and part of the calculation is based on the triglycerides. So if you lower the trigs, your LDL will go down also. The chances of liver... (27 replies)
... Many here put down low carbohydrate diets, but my experience and many other's experiences have shown that this type of diet has a dramatic effect on triglyceride levels. ... (38 replies)
... Jerry, I agree with zippydawg that your numbers, while not good actually give you some positives to work with. Your HDL is significantly higher than the average male's, and that gives you a leg up. Your ratio of 3.9 isn't all that bad right now. ... (38 replies)
... Mike, I think you are probably just fine. Others have pointed out, and might point out that low cholesterol levels sometimes indicate other afflictions, e.g. cancer. ... (5 replies)
... HDL ratio a whopping 2! ... (3 replies)
... Dr Mercola stopped that. He said doses of less than 1000 to 1500 mg are worthless for cholesterol and that this is just a bandaid. His advice is to stay on the low carb. ... (7 replies)
Statins at 31?
Mar 30, 2007
... HDL ratio 2. ... (4 replies)
... Amazingly, I set a new personal record with that 120 HDL reading, surpassing a previous HDL reading of 113. Unfortunately, the news wasn't all good. This doctor also measured my Vitamin D blood level, and the reading came back low, VERY LOW. ... (18 replies)
New test result
Dec 22, 2003
... increase. My triglycerides dropped from 163 to 74, the result of a low carb diet. ... (6 replies)
... my triglycerides were 342 and my Hdl was 66. ... (8 replies)
High Tri's
Aug 2, 2005
... Like Cathy said, definitely put a MAJOR halt on starchy foods like pasta, white rice, white bread, pre mixed items etc. U can look up low Glycemic foods on the web to get an idea of things to eat and things to stay away from. ... (27 replies)
High Tri's
Aug 15, 2005
... Hi BarbJ, My blood test last week also indicated my triglycerides were high. My doctor told me to think "SUGAR". Things like ice cream, cakes, bread and even alcohol (wine, beer etc..) will raise triglyceride levels. Even though I take 3,000 mg of prescription niacin, 10 mg of pravachol, fish oil capsules, garlic, antioxidants (C, E selenium) My triglycerides were 261.... (27 replies)
High Tri's
Aug 2, 2005
... est pains....Doctor didnt find any thing wrong with my heart or arteries,they suspect a pulled muscle, I don't have high blood pressure, most of my life I've had low blood pressure, I'm 4'9 and weigh around 120, my bmi is about 23 , which I know I should loose around 20 lbs.. ... (27 replies)
... Hi, I am a 30 year old female, I eat a very low fat diet and exercise regularly. To give my stats, I am 5'2 and about 110 lbs. I have good blood pressure and healthy. ... (12 replies)

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