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Test Results ughh
Feb 24, 2010
... since I was 27. Below are my test results from yesterday. I am a little bothered because my doctor wants to up my dose based on the numbers below and I think they are fine. ... (5 replies)
... Hello all, I am a 34 yr old male, 5ft 9 in tall, and I have new blood test results in. ... (1 replies)
... Over the last 6 years my total chol has steadily increased from 219 to 234, so naturally I want to try and improve this. ... (6 replies)

... In Dec. 2003 I had test results of: Fasted for 8 hours before test Cholesterol 186 Trigs 259 HDL 30 Chol/hdl ratio 6.2 Shortly afterwards, I started on a low carb diet, lost 13 lbs. Gave up white sugar, etc. I had been a really big sweet eater. Started additional fish oil supplements. Different lab this... (6 replies)
... Well, I saw the doctor today and received the results of my first blood test in nearly five years. ... (18 replies)
New test result
Dec 22, 2003
... The VAP test wasn't in yet since it has to go to a different lab--only three labs in the US process them. I wonder why doctors don't request this test since it costs about the same as the usual cholesterol test but gives so much more information--particle size and measured LDL as well as some other results. It looks like the fish oil was a success. My HDL went for 41 to 57... (6 replies)
... Gooba, *knock on wood* my upper body and mind are all fine and in tip-top shape. Also (as I may have said earlier) I other than my labs I have no other medical problems and no history. A pool would be wonderful! However I'm unable to drive and cannot find any dependable transportation on a regular basis to get me to and from a pool. Kinda a catch-22. Here are the actual... (29 replies)
... o male, 5'11", 199lbs. Total Cholesteral 302, HDL 58, LDL 197, Trig. 236, Trig. ... (2 replies)
... Thank you! Agree that I've a 'modest' need for statins now but if I lose some weight I'm sure I won't and sugar number will go down. Just need to get really motivated --- For now I'll take the very low dose statin and re-test in a couple of months to see if that's helping -- doc called in a script for the Zocor generic today after I phoned his office so he's on-board... (12 replies)
... My own numbers are (well, 2008 test results, it's seen as a non-issue so I'm no longer being tested): (pardon the 'metric' version, normal range is in brackets) CHOL 4.53 (2.00-5.19 mmol/L) HDL 1.21 (>0.90 mmol/L) CHOL:HDL ratio 3.74 (<4.9) LDL 2.82 (2.50-3.39 mmol/L) TriGly 1.11 (0.45-2.29 mmol/L) (12 replies)
... Triglycerides, 54 and LDL not reported since their machine doesn't even report LDL when HDL is over 100! ... (5 replies)
... Hi Frankie. :wave: Can you give the formula for converting from mm/l to mg/dL, please. My blood tests always come back that way too (Auckland,New Zealand) and I don't really know if it's good or bad. Also, how much cinnamon should you take to lower trigs? My last blood test was: Total chol.-- 5.6 HDL chol. -- 1.9 LDL chol. -- 3.1 Trig. -- 1.4 Fasting Trig... (3 replies)
... I am wondering if even this low dosage would affect my back muscles in this way. I don't see my doctor until August, and meanwhile I will be having another blood test before seeing him. ... (2 replies)
... lp me with these numbers. I know nothing about this and I don't know how to read them. All I know is they are high. Also if you could help me and explain what HDL is and LDL, and how the ratio's work. Any help would be so much appreciated. Below are the results and thanks for any help. ... (4 replies)
... Those newer numbers aren't that bad. In fact, according to the guidelines, if you have NO other risk factors (diabetic, coronary disease, high bp,etc), you should not require medication at all! Also, in my humble opinion :D , he should have started you on 10mg first and then test. He must to liver tests if he puts you on Lipitor! (9 replies)
Total Cholesteral
Jan 31, 2008
... HDL seems to be the general guide as to whether you need treatment. At 3.6, yours seems to be fine although, like me, you have an HDL level that is too low. ... (3 replies)
... cholesterol showed that 3 years of the treatment combo improved HDL levels, caused artery blockages to recede and significantly lowered heart complications compared with an inactive placebo. ... (18 replies)
Total Cholesteral
Jan 31, 2008
... Your total cholesterol should be computed as LDL, plus HDL plus your Triglycerides divided by 5. ... (3 replies)
... n intolerance, though that had little to do with his poor cholesterol results. He used niacin for a while and then went on Lipitor about four years ago. His last test results were total chol 122, and hdl 27, for a 4.52 ratio. Your LDL hasn't been bad, but you should get the triglycerides down. Try a low carb diet. ... (5 replies)
Ldl/tc 182/260
Sep 10, 2005
... Well, it's a good thing you're finding this out age 50. Although your HDL is pretty good, the LDL has to come down. I'm an advocate of LDL 100 or less. That means you would need a total of around 180, given your TRIGS and HDL. ... (22 replies)

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