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... an expert on vitamin E ? ... (27 replies)
... but it's confusing all this sudden disregard for the vitamin. I don't understand it. Vitamin E, as far as I know, has been prasied for years as one of the safest ones to take. And now they're saying it increases mortality? ... (27 replies)
... ady had the most serious health problems were taking the higher doses, which shouldn't really be all that surprising. Also, how many of these people began taking vitamin E long before they developed health problems, while they were still young and in generally good health? ... (27 replies)

... The study was a review of other studies that evaluated vitamin E. If you were hit by a car and died and was taking vitamin E at a higher dose it would have raised the incidence of death in that category. ... (27 replies)
... Don't buy into the vitamin E scare. ... (27 replies)
... Physicians at the Shute Institute in Ontario, Canada have been successfully using high doses of vitamin E as the core of their treatment for heart disease since the 1940s. Since that time they have treated over 60,000 patients. But mainstream medicine in the U. ... (27 replies)
... With all the vitamin E supplements people have been taking for years, including myself, I guess we should all just go out now and buy our funeral plots. ... (27 replies)
... to take higher doses. Therefore, I simply cannot see any validity to these findings. These scare tactics are nothing more than an ongoing smear campaign against vitamin E, which has been going on even before I was born. ... (27 replies)
... I've been thinking about what Rahod said earlier. I have been taking 400 units of vitamin E two times per day, which gives me 800 units. ... (27 replies)
... Yeah...perhaps, but the point is>>> there was no FURTHER benefit (and perhaps a negative) for doses at 400 and above. At LOWER doses, there wasn't a problem. I'm not saying the study is definitive, but the claim is questioning the benefit of HIGHER doses in general. (27 replies)
... I have been taking vitamin E, 400 IU, since 1980 and I ain't dead yet. I started taking it because my hair became very brittle. The "E" worked great. ... (27 replies)
... much. It was suggested that you take 200 ius or get vit. e from your foods. That wasn't alarming to me, i eat at least 5 or more veggies a day. I take a multi vitamin also. I didn't understand the report to say don't take vitamin 3, but to not take more than 200ius. ... (27 replies)
... Me too. I heard about this the other day myself and freaked. I've been taking 400 IU Vitamin E for months. I haven't taken it now in the last 2 days because of this crap. I just bought a new bottle, too. ... (27 replies)
... BULL S###T... :rolleyes: I take Vit E complex..400 IU daily with Crestor. Didn't interfere at all..dropped LDL from 170 to 55 :D (27 replies)
... I don't even listen to those false accusations anymore. I know people who have been taking Vitamin E for years, and they are super healthy. ... (27 replies)
... ths from all reasons including accidents. I don't see why getting run over by a bus should be included in the statistics. What does that have to do with taking vitamin E? ... (27 replies)
... I totally agree with that. And thanks to heart44 for posting that info as well. (27 replies)
... I know my grandma did b4 she passed last yr. My friend/cousin is a vegetarian and my mom takes a multi vitamin. I think anything can be over-kill. As another poster stated moderation is everything. (27 replies)
... Do they take Vitamin E too? ... (27 replies)
... and 150 IU in my Mega Vitamin tablet! Add that to the 400IU I was taking and you get 700 IU Vit E. ... (27 replies)

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