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... Taffyboyo of T'land, To be quite honest, I can't say I have noticed any increased health benefits. The fact that my better half and I have a 4 yr. old lassy, really drains most of any leftover energy. My health is stable and no prescription drugs as yet. Amazing about what you said yesterday about the government going thru folks medical records. That is supposed to be... (2 replies)
... I be here, Mr Mayor. As long as the extended release RYR is taken in the evening, preferably with dinner, it does not matter what time of day the remaining supplements are taken. Your current timings appear to be synchronized to that of our initial timings when we started on this 'main course'. One question my friend. As you have been on the COq10 and Allicin for just... (2 replies)
... taffyboyo; With the positive results received by the goose following the regimen below, were the supplements taken at any specific time of the day? I just realized after re-reading your post that I presently take the RYR + CoQ10 + Allicin garlic all before bedtime. I take the fish oil early in the morning. Will that potentially alter good results for me IYHO? Thanks! (2 replies)

... i have Omega 3 900mg EPA 647mg DHA 253mg i read so many different suggestions on dosage that it is confusing. I just got my lab back and my Tri's were 189 and my bad was 158. just wanting to make sure besides exercise and cutting out fats that I am taking the right dosage. Thank you for your quick response (7 replies)
... The wife of taffyboyo two years ago had high triglyceride levels that were fairly easily reduced without changing any form to her day to day diet. ... (8 replies)
... I notice you're from Europe. Could you give a breakdown of Cholesterol for Europe readers pls (3 replies)
... Hi Mayor, Actually I'm swinging in my hammock between two steel poles on a next to deserted beach, with my laptop in one hand and a double Bacardi and coke in the other.....Jealous?? No, only kidding, only went to Gozo (Not too far from Crete actually, should have got you a couple of bottles of Extra Virgin (duty free):)) for ten days. Now relaxing at home before I start... (4 replies)
... Haha, What's one of them? ;) I'm flying off with my Taffy tribe this Friday morning for our annual holiday (vacation), so speak to you in a few weeks to see what you settled on taking. Take care. Taffyboyo. (20 replies)
... Hiya Mayor, No problem. These are my personal thoughts, so my recommendation is based on safety, which is paramount where my family and friends are concerned (and little old me). Summary: RYR can contain the full compliment of fourteen known monacolins. However, even RYR without monacolin 'k', but with approximately seven other monacolins of only a few milligrams. can... (20 replies)
... Not outstanding but proportional. That's good. The boss indoors dropped her Trig's from 123.9 to 70.8 after six months of the 'recipe' and have now levelled out, as have all her readings. TC/HDL ratio of 4.33, LDL/HDL ratio of 2.87 and HDL of 39 (>35 low risk for adult male of your age). You will find that your ratios will improve even more after another couple of months... (20 replies)
... Yep! Mayor, don't jump the gun. Your numbers are not that bad anyway, so you should not have to take Hypocol. If 1 x 600mg of Natures Plus has not done the trick to your satisfaction, stick to what we said and jump to 2 x 600mg per day for a couple of months. But I still think you will be pleasantly surprised with your results. Taffyboyo. (11 replies)
... Lets tease my 'board mate' a little. Lets see your results and percentage changes first, and I may, just may, divulge the required info. ps. I didn't know you loved me that much!!!!!! - LOL. Taffyboyo. (11 replies)
Dosage of Fish Oil
Jun 18, 2008
... I don't think taking more than what I wrote above is a bad thing but taffyboyo may have taken all of his at once around the evening dinner meal. ... (3 replies)
... I am taking exactly what my friend Taffyboyo from Taffyland told you, only I have started out by taking only one 600 mg. ... (13 replies)
... LOL, Coward!! Taffyboyo (5 replies)
... mren? ;) I remember that thread as it was being written. Many good people are gone as a result. I'm not going there! (5 replies)
... love2fishfork, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! Here we go again!!!! RYR is not a 'statin'. Please read my technical threads, some of which are placed on this board. FYI, Simvastatin (zocor), is chemically manufactured, with it's main ingredient being an artificial 'copy' of the Monacolin 'K' compound found in RYR. Drug company scientists thought this to be the only compound of RYR... (5 replies)
... Hi jdermo and welcome. Is your Trig' reading in mmol/L or mg/dl? (Makes a HUGE difference.) Taffyboyo. (2 replies)
... Hi alwaysaworrier, Actually, your figures are not that bad. If you were a person without any other risks, your LDL/HDL ratio of 2.72 would place you in the low risk category. (UK standard, sorry, I don't know the equivalent US ratio standards off the top of my head.) Your TC/HDL is 4.02. Not too bad. As you are not low risk, go for the following, and use the stated... (8 replies)
... Thank you so much for your reply and info Taffyboyo. My last readings several months ago were Triglyceride 154, HDL 69, LDL 188, TC 278. I know they are very high so I would love to know what my readings should be. Family History of Heart diesease is my dad died aged 72 from Heart Attack suddenly - he never (that we knew of) had heart problems. My mom died at 78 also... (8 replies)

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