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... Since most statins are recommended to be taken at night before bed, it's hard to say what your body is going through while you sleep. Probably why they want you to take them at night! ... (6 replies)
... I need some help on taking it without it grossing me out. I can take right before bed, but I don't know taking three at once. ... (12 replies)
... I started feeling like my heart was pounding harder than usual and that I also couldn't sleep that well at all. So now I take the pill during the day. I still feel like my heart is pounding somewhat. I'm just wondering if its my body getting used to it or what. ... (1 replies)

... luckily I have no side effects. I always take it before bed as perscribed by the doctor. I don't know anyone who takes it during the day. ... (17 replies)
... TC. Most of you know his story. He was on 10mg of Lipitor for eight years with increasing pain in his hip and sciatic nerve. He couldn't sleep without Tylenol PM every night the past five years. ... (16 replies)
Need some advice
Mar 18, 2007
... I have high cholestrol and have been taking Lipitor for about 7 years now. After trying Vytorin for a time I recently asked to be switched back to Lipitor. At that visit the Doctor took my blood. ... (8 replies)
... shakey. I had muscle pain off the 20 mg as before when I took it. Later I took the CQ10. Felt better. Can you take the lipitor and the CQ10 together or should there be a waiting period like I did last night? ... (17 replies)
... You two women can have a simple test done to find out if you have PMR.(poly maligia rhumattica) spelling ? but the blood test is what is called a sedmentation count. This told me what was wrong and as put on Prenisone for several years, but get this, it was the Lipiror that caused all the muscle pains from my shoulders to my legs, and while I was on Lip. The test showed... (14 replies)
... I would like to be able to take the med. My father died at 51 years old. I have already outlived him by 7 years, but I want to live mannnnny more! ... (14 replies)
... Oh yeah, Lipitor is your problem. I have been off it since 2000 after tracing my Neuropathy in both feet and muscle cramps in my legs. ... (29 replies)
On my own...
Apr 29, 2002
... I was on 10mg of lipitor for 3 months. It did bring my cholesterol down to 213 from 332. ... (4 replies)
Muscle Pain
Jun 30, 2006
... however, that also can be negative. If they take a muscle sample for a section that happens to be fine, it doesn't mean that the neighboring section of muscle is not damaged. ... (11 replies)
Niaspan absorption
Mar 19, 2009
... I also take Tricor, 145 mg, in the evening, along with another Niaspan, 500mg, at night before bed. ... (1 replies)
... In November, 2004 I met with my new cardiologist. He wanted my to try the latest statin Vytorin. I told him that I had tried Lipitor and Pravachol in the past and had leg pain with both. Regardless, he asked me to try Vytorin. ... (7 replies)
Nov 20, 2009
... cholesterol. The vitamin Niacin is a more natural way of lowering cholesterol and raising the good HDL. It is available as a prescription known as "Niaspan". You take it in the evening before bed time. ... (6 replies)
... I was on Lipitor in 2000 for about 3 months when I noticed nasty GI problems, but the dr. thought it was a bug, but it kept getting worse. ... (95 replies)
... My sister in law has been in such terrible pain from the use of lipitor that she had to take pain medication before she could get out of bed. She is not a person to complain about health so I knew this was MAJOR! ... (44 replies)
The latest
Feb 24, 2002
... span, and all gave him side effects, statins was severe aches and pains, Niaspan was bad flushing. He is also type 2 diabetic and has high BP, this condition was before statins so not blameing them for that. ... (20 replies)
... You're lucky you got off the Baycol before it did really serious damage to your body. ... (95 replies)
... immediate release formula. I think 1000mg a day is OK. I also started with between 500 and 1000mg before seeing my doctor. ... (42 replies)

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