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... I spoke with my Doctor last week and he approved of me taking 1,000mg niacin a day. I did not ask him about taking RYR with niacin. The niacin I have is 500mg tabs from Carlson's and is time released over a 5 to 7 hour period. Should I take two 500mg tabs with dinner? ... (11 replies)
... week with dinner. ... (9 replies)
... I only take a maintenance dose now of 500 but in the beginning I upped my dose to around 1200 to 1500. ... (4 replies)

... After reading a couple other posts about Niacin,I decided to take another 500mg with dinner. my stomach feels a little strange. not sure I'd it's from the niacin, maybe just temporary. ... (4 replies)
... I would say taking both is not a good idea ,this is pretty rough on the liver and you are asking for the potentiel of bad side effects . (6 replies)
... Also, do most people take Zocar with dinner, or just before bed? ... (6 replies)
... Basic day is oatmeal with soy milk strawberries, beans with tomatos avocado for lunch and dinner varies salad, tofu with zuchini. ... (16 replies)
... Of course, people always promote what they sell, so take that into account. ... (6 replies)
Niacin Studies
Jan 22, 2007
... flushing niacin. My doctor is not fond of the side effects of "statin" drugs and recommended niacin to me. I did take the regular niacin for a while, but I was getting "head on fire", itchy body, and flushing about 3 times in a two week period. I have had NO side effects with the non flushing. ... (24 replies)
... Usually, I'll just take two tablespoons of lecithin after a meal with a glass of water. Sometimes I'll take it after breakfast, and other times I'll take it after dinner. I don't think it really matters which time of day you take it. ... (11 replies)
... Sounds like your eating pretty healthy, but go easy on that lunch meat or any processed foods. I can't take statins, they just don't agree with me, so I tried the oatmeal for about a year, it just kept my numbers borderline. ... (11 replies)
... Its funny how he is opposed to niacin, but he will take Lipitor. ... (11 replies)
... I have been taking RYR and Flush Niacin for a number of years. I had genetically high cholesterol but my numbers are stellar. I also try to eat low carb and get plenty of fiber. ... (19 replies)
... Cool, Do you know what your cholesterol levels were before you took either statins or Policosanol? I'm curious, because I just started Policosanol myself about 5-6 weeks ago, and was wondering if it raised your HDL and lowered your LDL below what your baseline was (before any drugs/supplements). I had a blood test last week, and hope to get the results soon. I'm not... (14 replies)
... lipid numbers. My overall cholesteral was near 200 but lipids were a little out of whack so he prescribed Crestor and told me to take Niacin every day. My prescription ran out around Christmas 2013 so I hadn't taken the Crestor for about two weeks prior to Monday's test. ... (13 replies)
Niaspan ?
Sep 10, 2007
... I am currently taking 1,000mg time released with dinner. The time released Niacin that I take is designed to be released over a 5 to 7 hour period. How much more did your numbers improve when you started taking it at bed time? ... (13 replies)
... Lenin, I wish I could get him to take niacin but he is opposd to it. He was drinking wine with dinner but stopped because it affected his sleep. I'm pinning my hopes on a new drug. Maybe other alcohol wouldn't have the same effect if taken earlier in the day. ... (11 replies)
Low HDL forever
Apr 9, 2005
... Have a glass of wine with dinner. ... (5 replies)
... It is supposed to be VERY effective at lower trigs. Anybody have any experience with this? ... (6 replies)
New Numbers
Jul 25, 2007
... I take Flush Niacin. You have to start out very slow though because of the flushing effect. ... (22 replies)

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