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... Hi there. I am doing some investigation to help out my sister. Her doctor recommended taking Niacin instead of Lipitor because the unbearable muscle cramps. ... (1 replies)
... I called my doctor and he told me to stop taking the 10mg of Lipitor and asked that I switch to Crestor 5mg. He also did some blood work checking liver function and creatine kinase levels. ... (1 replies)
... day of niacin. If you take doses higher than that, you really should be doing so while being periodically monitored by your doctor. ... (9 replies)

Zetia question?
Aug 30, 2007
... Last month I asked her how her cholesterol levels are, and she said good, so I assumed that the LDL went down from 140, I knew Lipitor wouldn't raise her HDL, because she has been taking it for a few years and the HDL hasn't changed. ... (6 replies)
... Your cholesterol is now too low. Your exercise may have caused you cholesterol in come in part. The reduction of HDL is not good, as this is probably the only part of the choleseterol test that I find benificial. ... (19 replies)
Lipitor or niacin?
Dec 20, 2004
... Most of the poeple on this board seem to be on statins. My doctor started talking statins several years ago, but I resisted. ... (17 replies)
... Your response th the Lipitor is phenomenol. ... (19 replies)
... I too was a heavy drinker, until I had a ultra sound done which showed a "mass" on my liver which propmted a CAT SCAN and that showed no cancer of the liver but turned up some ALCOHOL DAMAGE of my liver and was told to stop the booz -- all. Was off the stuff for over nine years and feel great. Botom line -- I drank ALCOHOL FREE beer and never wished it was the genuine... (9 replies)
... Zetia then. I was under the impression that you needed an LDL of 50 or so to get CAD regression based on the reports I saw in the Washington Post in March last year. ... (9 replies)
... about adding megadoses of vitamins E and C to your statins. Some fairly good evidence is surfacing that is showing an adverse outcome from the combination of these 'antioxidants" with statins like Lipitor. THey are proving to be worse than innocuous. ... (16 replies)
... at first to keep track of what I was doing and making sure I was meeting goals so I could learn what I needed to eat on a daily basis to meet these dietary goals. ... (12 replies)
... No statins, was on Lipitor and Baycol, MAJOR GI problems, weakness, and developed high BP. Strange, for 59 yrs. it was very low.. ... (16 replies)
... Well, that's certainly one of the advantages of using niacin. Niacin can promote a favorable shift toward Pattern A LDL. As a matter of fact, I work with someone who is currently taking Advicor. He didn't remember what his numbers were, except that they were all lousy. ... (10 replies)
... When we got our Ins again I redid my bloodwork and of course my Trig were back up there .. ... (12 replies)
... that it works because like I posted elsewhere, my friend used the Minute Maid Heart Wise orange juice and the Smart Balance margarine and she was able to cut her Lipitor dose in half. She buys the "Light" verson of the margarine at only 45 calories per Tbls. ... (18 replies)
Feb 7, 2004
... I was able to take it for about 3 months, then I suffered the greatest pain and weakness in my knees - I thought my walking days were over. I stopped the Zetia and very slowly got better. I'm still not completely recovered after 5 months off. The warning labelling now includes joint pain and worse yet a deadly condition called cardio edema! Watch out. (5 replies)
Feb 7, 2004
... Really now. My endocrigolgist just gave me 30 day samples of this med to lower my cholesterol. I reluctantly tried it for a week. It caused me so much pain in my lower back I stopped taking it. ... (5 replies)
Feb 3, 2004
... tor or zocor, i have minimal change disease a kidney problem so my body supposedly doesn't metabolize cholesterol so at 28 now my total cholesterol was 336 after taking zetia for 3 days my triglicerides stayed about the same but ldl went from 200 to 143. ... (5 replies)
... After weeks of being too busy to check out this board, I checked in and found some people still experiencing what for me was a very frustrating thing. ... (11 replies)
... or to add Zetia. Since adding Zetia would have amost doubled my cost I opted to double my Lipitor instead, to 20mg., and it worked. Of course my regimen includes fish oil, lecithin, niacin, folic acid, lower fats, hard exercise, etc., etc. ... (9 replies)

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