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... Anyone on niacin therapy? ... (0 replies)
... I have been taking 500 mg niacin in the morning and 1500 after supper. I started doing this after reading Dr. Agatston's book "The South Beach Heart Program". ... (2 replies)
... Also, it is a good idea to work with your doctor on the optimal dose. He may want you to take 500 mg a day for awhile, and then check your blood results. ... (34 replies)

... Wow, you are right! The doc prescribed this 2x a day. I think I should be taking half as much to start with. I went to the website and it says people usually start on 500mg to start and build up gradually. ... (29 replies)
... You don't have to start right off taking that much niacin, do you? ... (29 replies)
... prescription Niacin to help in their efforts to lower LDL and raise HDL, and, if so, has it worked? ... (34 replies)
... Well I finally got brave and started to take the non flush niacin. I started slow and now I am up to 1000 mgs a day. So far I have not felt any side affects. Does that mean that it is not working? ... (6 replies)
... I've been taking NIACIN immediate release for approx. 6 years. Doses ranged from 2,000 to 5,000 mg daily. I am now taking a prescription immediate release Niacin called NIACOR. ... (10 replies)
... From my own experience I've been taking niacin for nearly 20 years, and it has raised my HDL significantly. You don't need a prescription for it unless you are taking Niaspan, which is only available by prescription. ... (34 replies)
... acid form of niacin, so I'm not really sure how they compare. Nicotinic acid comes in both an immediate release form and a sustained release form. The flush is much reduced in the sustained release form. ... (38 replies)
... I'm certainly not an expert on Niacin but I have been taking Flush Niacin, not slo Niacin, for many years. ... (2 replies)
Niaspan vs. Niacin
Jul 13, 2006
... he in the past used Niacin all the time to reduce cholesterol and raise the HDL and got good results and it wasn't until statins came out that they were advised to switch and he did but as of late he is back to prescribing Niacin again to several patients a week. Not all can take statins. ... (5 replies)
... My Father is a health fanatic. He is 69 years old and was an Alcoholic for many years. He is currently taking 500MG of Niacin per day. ... (2 replies)
... I guess everyone reacts differently to meds and supplements. I had a 'mild' reaction with the IH. I'm purposely taking it slow, and will gradually build up the doseage if I do not notice a significant increase in my HDL. ... (34 replies)
May 24, 2004
... In my opinion, niacin is by far both better and safer than statins. ... (5 replies)
... Thank you very much for your support and encouragement as well. Also I want to thank everyone else on this board who have helped me with the transition to Niacin. ... (17 replies)
... There are some options to raising the HDL if you choose to do so. ... (24 replies)
Niaspan vs. Niacin
Jul 13, 2006
... from none to much more than the label states. ... (5 replies)
... Wow, that must mean that it contains niacin after all. ... (34 replies)
... I don't know how much niacin you were taking, but if you had success with it, I think that it would be to your advantage to use niacin instead. I think it's more beneficial than Lipitor, and far less costly. I would certainly discuss this with your doctor. ... (9 replies)

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