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... Our data indicate that current guidelines for lipid management may misclassify subjects with high levels of HDL and LDL cholesterol as well as those with low levels of HDL and LDL cholesterol. ... (13 replies)
... level. The problem is with the low HDL, now that i been exercising for the past 3 months and all these changes in life stile, how soon can i see a difference on HDL numbers? ... (24 replies)
... Your numbers look fine to me. Here is the breakdown: TC/HDL = 4.2 should be <4.5 LDL/HDL = 2.9 ahould be <3.2 Trig/HDL = 1.7 should be <2.0 The rest of the lab also looks good. It's important to look at the ratios, as you can see. (4 replies)

... Roger P., Assuming your TC is 155 here are your ratios based on the latest lab: TC/HDL 4.0 looking for <4.5 LDL/HDL 2.5 looking for <3.2 Trig/HDL 0.5 looking for <2.0 (10 replies)
... smyrnaboy, Within testing error, I'd say the results of both tests are indentical for all practical purposes. And, of course, it's your LDL that's high giving a ratio of TC/HDL in the 5's rather than below 4.0. I'd cut the saturated fat from the diet as much as posssible. Seek out a few of the biggest fatty offenders and work on them. Dairy is often a good starting... (3 replies)
... The figures used for the onset of the prescription of cholesterol reducing drugs now depend on the level of TC divided by the 'good' lipids, HDL. ALSO, the 'bad' lipids, LDL, once again divided by HDL. ... (10 replies)
... the know". I'm really trying to avoid having to go to pharmaceutical drugs if I can. For those with a similar profile are you currently taking any drugs to raise HDL or lower TC? ... (2 replies)
... Your TC is not high but elevated, due to your poor HDL and LDL levels. ... (4 replies)
... After battling high Triglycerides for 10 months, I am finally clear of the problem by my doctor today. Below are my results after changing diets, cutting off sweet drinks, increasing excercise frequency and taking Omega-3 supplements without taking any medicine. 5/05 Total Cholestrol: 191 Triglyceride: 358 HDL: 38 LDL: 81 TC/HDL: 5.03 9/05 (9 replies)
... at my ratio is worse, but the doctor said it was good in looking at the lowered Total Cholesterol. I am not positive that they can perform the long division. The HDL at 44 is exactly correct because that is exactly where it stays without the niacin. ... (1 replies)
... There are some options to raising the HDL if you choose to do so. ... (24 replies)
... HI and thanks, I'm not even sure if I need coq10 at this stage, I will revisit this in the coming year. I did not bring home my numbers the past few years until this year in July. But I do remember the Cholesterol. 2004: Cholesterol: 238. I do not have the complete Lipid Profile BUT I was upset with the 238 and some of the other numbers. Not wanting to go on... (5 replies)
My new numbers
Sep 27, 2001
... Hi everyone, Just wanted to post my new #s! Here's a comparison from 6 months ago to now: March 2001 TC-----280 HDL---- 63 LDL----200 TG----- 85 (3 replies)
Lab results
Feb 18, 2008
... but no affect on hdl so doc told me to start 500mg niaspan with my vytorin any concern there ? ... (6 replies)
Newbie Question
Nov 29, 2015
... Congrats on maintaining weight loss! Your new ratios are not that "off": TC/HDL = 4.8 should be <4.5 LDL/HDL = 3.1 should be <3.2 Trigs/HDL = 3.1 should be <2.0 I think attention to your Trigs is needed. Are you taking Omega 3 in some form? As to your question about your numbers continuing to improve, I would say definitely if we are continuing to fine-tune our regime.... (2 replies)
... my TC was 239. ... (4 replies)
Apr 23, 2007
... I just had my Cholestrerol checked with the following results: TC= 107 HDL= 26 TRG= 84 LDL=65 TC/HDL=4.4 I called my cardiologist since my HDL keep dropping along with my LDL (on Vitorin 10/40) I was told by the nurse that looking at my past two screenings show the same ratio (4 to 1). I am exercising 30 to 60 minutes every day. I eat almonds and use olive oil... (9 replies)
... Looking at your ratios you need to increase your HDL further and to also reduce your Trig's. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks for the info!! I didn't know the statins didn't really help those with high HDL (at least in the elderly). Very interesting. I'm afraid to take medication, anyway. If I have to, I will, but I so want to go the natural route so that I don't have to worry about side affects or how it may affect my liver or kidneys. Thanks for responding!! (16 replies)
... My last two fasting blood tests have yielded normal HDL and TRIGs, but high LDL. The high LDL is skewing the TC as high and above 200. ... (3 replies)

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