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... the know". I'm really trying to avoid having to go to pharmaceutical drugs if I can. For those with a similar profile are you currently taking any drugs to raise HDL or lower TC? ... (2 replies)
... I just got my cholesterol readings. Are these readings good enough? Am I at risk? I don't have any other risk factors like diabetes, overweight, hereditary etc: TC - 214 Triglycerides - 109 HDL - 47 LDL 145.20 VDL - 21.80 (9 replies)
... HDL because LDL is a measure of bad cholesterol and HDL is a measure of good cholesterol. ... (8 replies)

... on feb 26 my cholesterol was tc=171 hdl=26 trgs=182 ldl=109 non-hdl=145 tc/hdl=6.7 and glucose=80 but and ac1 test = 5.4 this was only a 6 hour fast not a 12to 14 like i usually do . so doc took me of 500mg niaspan and put me on lovaza and vytorin 10/40 !! does anyone know if these drugs interact with each other ? i wanna know about the side effects together. i was on... (4 replies)
... After the two or three months get a lipid test. You will probably find that your ratios are only slightly better than those above, but your LDL, TC and Trigs will have dropped nicely. ... (8 replies)
... May be it's genetic and trying to be control TC under 200 isn't possible without affecting liver. ... (8 replies)
... You are likely to get various opinions about this, but if you are more of a believer in ratios, as I am, then I'd say you are doing okay. I think that when you evaluate lipid profiles, it's best to look at the bigger picture, and not just focus on any one particular number. What may be considered high for one person may be all right for someone else. It all depends on how... (25 replies)
... yes i am on a exercise regiment and have been on it since now on year. but my hdl fluctuates and that is what he was concern about to get it up. but now my trigs are up so now hes concerned about that now also. ... (4 replies)
... How do you convert cholesterol readings from Canadian standards to U.S. standards. ... (1 replies)
... The way of thinking over here in Europe has changed somewhat from single figure readings of LDL and TC. The figures quoted above except for the Trig's are used as 'target' figures, not healthy figures, but only by the 'old' brigade of doctor's. ... (10 replies)
... ying or necessarily conclusive information. But I think it is vital info to those that hang their hats on the results and ups or downs of a couple of cholesterol readings and ratios. ... (34 replies)
... It seems important to me that TC includes several components including a factor for triglycerides and how they represent VLDL. ... (12 replies)
... HDL ratio is not used on it's own by the doctors using the newer ratio targets as opposed to the old TC level solely. ... (4 replies)
... Your TC is not high but elevated, due to your poor HDL and LDL levels. ... (4 replies)
... HDL ratio to be considered favorable, you should either try to lower the total to under 200, or else raise up the HDL somehow. ... (3 replies)
... Here you go Bamac, my wife's results. After the first six months. Testing again in a months time. Apr/07 281.8(TC) 204.6 (LDL) 54 (HDL) 124 (Trigs) 5.2 (TC/HDL) 3.8 (LDL/HDL) Oct/07 193(TC) 127.4 (LDL) 50 (HDL) 71 (Trigs) 3.8 (TC/HDL) 2.5 (LDL/HDL) The results were obtained from: (13 replies)
... I think you have reason to be happy about your numbers. Zetia is proven to lower TC and LDL and usually offers a slight increase in HDL. This is why I think your HDL may not be quite accurate in this particular reading. ... (21 replies)
... Although my TC and LDL dropped, my HDL also did. Hmmm..Go figure...My HDL's were 41 two tears ago... ... (2 replies)
... This is my first post on these boards, been lurking though. For the last couple of yrs my readings have been pretty much the same, high. ... (20 replies)
... ty123 - The proven relationship between saturated fat intake and LDL is that it increases the subtype "a" LDL and HDL. Your general statement is misleading. (28 replies)

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