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... Hello All, Seeking advice and/or experience from individuals that share a similar profile as myself or just advice from those "in the know". I'm really trying to avoid having to go to pharmaceutical drugs if I can. For those with a similar profile are you currently taking any drugs to raise HDL or lower TC? If not, have you been told that you should or will have to? Any... (2 replies)
... My Tri's were about 400 at one point, so I started taking Fish Oil and excersized. And guess Tri's are 150 now!! You should try it! ;) (16 replies)
... Those numbers are high, but with such a high HDL it makes your ratio fairly low. Did U get your Trig numbers also? Seeing U were able to lower it before, I think U should give it about 3 months and get VERY serious about trying to lower them, and also losing the extra weight. Seeing heart disease runs in your family, U definitely need to keep an eye on your cholesterol.... (16 replies)

... I had gone in 2003 to have my blood checked by another doctor and the TC was 269. She wanted to put me on meds and I told her I preferred to do it naturally, with herbs, etc. ... (16 replies)
... ternatives diet. Aside from being a pretty tough diet to stick to because I love junk food my candy, cookie, sweets cravings had gotten so out of hand by my last TC test that I could have inhaled the candy and cookies. ... (14 replies)
... I have similar problem, the numbers fluctuated, but not a lot, lately I have been taking fish oil, and the TC number was lower, still at border line high. ... (4 replies)
... Now 61....and I went to my Dr for some bloodwork. I knew it was not going to be good but I did not expect it to be THIS bad. My TC is 307, my LDL is 239, triglycerides are 74 and HDL is 53. This is bad. I pleaded with my Dr. ... (3 replies)
... The usual criteria indicate lower risk due to low TC / HDL ratio, but higher risk due to HDL < 40. Your doctor is as puzzled by the results as well? You may want to consider getting a more detailed blood lipids test, particularly if you have family history of heart disease in people who do not have the usual risk factors (high LDL cholesterol, smoking, high blood pressure,... (5 replies)
... Panel in October showed TC at 385. Ratio was 14. Very unnerving. ... (4 replies)
... I hate to add to this crazy talk about good food causing a weight gain, but the same thing happened to me! In September my cholesterol numbers were TC 271, LDL 177, HDL 72, and trig 108. So I started on a plan of diet and exercise to get these numbers down. During the period from Sept. to Jan. ... (14 replies)
... Thanks for the Info. I apologize that HDL Rate is not accurate. In fact I only know the TC (174), LDL (117) number, I am yet to get a copy of the Report. Thanks. (2 replies)
... protein diet with weight loss and exercise my TC has been 150 or less while almost doubling my HDL. When my TC was over 250 my doctor had prescribed Lipitor which I decided against taking at the time. ... (8 replies)
... Your numbers look fine to me. Here is the breakdown: TC/HDL = 4.2 should be <4.5 LDL/HDL = 2.9 ahould be <3.2 Trig/HDL = 1.7 should be <2.0 The rest of the lab also looks good. It's important to look at the ratios, as you can see. (4 replies)
... run if the Dr. thinks it prudent. I looked up your numbers on the Mayo Clinic website. "Going by that site" your HDL is in the BEST range, LDL is HIGH, TC is HIGH, TRI is Desirable. Glucose levels depend on whether you are fasting or not. ... (4 replies)
... Just had our wellness exam at work and my results came back as TC 259 HDL 61 LDL 176 Tri 106 In addition my glucose was at 87, BP 113/63, resting heart rate 61. I don't exercise and have a desk job. But I'm not overweight and eat pretty well. I get lots of salad, oily fish 3-4 times a week and take a multi-vitamin, cod liver oil and calcium daily. (4 replies)
... Thanks for the support and advice. I had a feeling there are many others in this same boat. I know it will probably take a combination of things to make this work with a lower dose than my Dr wants. I really don't want low TC, but I know I have to come off that 307 number. (3 replies)
... TC-264 HDL-40 LDL-192 Normal tryglicerides A friend of mine just got his results and asked my opinion because I'm actually attending a med school for almost 4 years now. I've been reading guidelines and some information about natural supplements, nutrition therapy for dyslipidemia and statins. Unfortunately I'm still far from being a general practitioner or... (0 replies)
... every thing sounds like your on the right track though, no comments from me since my LDL is 187 go to the doc wednesday going to try the lipitor again but maybe start out on the 10mgs a day was walking the hills but i live in Iowa and right now it is really HOT and HUMID!! so cant walk quite as long are you on lipitor? and can you please answer my questions about the omega 3's... (14 replies)
... Looks like a pretty healthy lipid profile. Why would you want to change anything? High LDL could be caused by stress. But it won't do you any harm if much of that cholesterol is being recycled, which the high LDL suggests is happening. Also remember that most cholesterol is produced in the liver. My experience has been that changing meat/fat consumption doesn't make any... (14 replies)
... Hi I am new here! Here are my #s. TC 338 HDL 147 LDL 183 TRIG 40 I have no family risk factors. I am M, 42yo, 5'7", 140#, 15% body fat. (14 replies)

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