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... for about two or three years . I have peripheral neuropathy and muscle aches and weakness. I complained to my cardiologist, who took me off the Zocor for about a month. I could not see much change in my condition. ... (9 replies)
... The original toxiciology studies done on Lipitor did not showing it crossing into the brain, although amounts too small to detect by the tests done on the nervous system tissue might be crossing over. ... (29 replies)
... First off, great board. It's funny how only a small percentage of people are supposed to have side effects from statins and that "small percentage" all managed to find this board. I wonder if Mandy Patinkin would still pimp Crestor if he read all this. ... (26 replies)

... and the other has preliminary results suggesting that muscle damage may be more common than previously reported. ... (7 replies)
... diarhea for six months. This is just a sampling of what this drug can do to some people. ... (6 replies)
... rst I would find a new doctor. He doesn't seem to know anything about cholesterol. I would suggest that that you do you research on cholesterol. Find out what the bosy uses cholesterol for and how essential it is. If have done over 200 hours of research on cholesterol and statin drugs. ... (9 replies)
Lipitor Forever?
May 31, 2004
... The Dr is supposed to titrate the dosage, starting with the LOWER doses and working up as required. ... (14 replies)
Lipitor Forever?
May 30, 2004
... remarkable things about the effects of Lipitor and other statins on reducing inflammation as well as improving lipid levels, that I think I would prefer to keep taking it if it were up to me, even if my doctor suggests stopping it. ... (14 replies)
... You did a wise thing in not taking Lipitor. After reading all the side effects of Lip. ... (20 replies)
Lipitor question
Nov 9, 2006
... If you are having any muscle pains, stop taking any and all statins. They will destroy you. Mind you, I am saying this, if you cannot tolerate Zokor, you will have the same problems with Lipitor. Lip. ... (7 replies)
... First of all I would call your doctor incompetent , you do not take these drugs without doing blood tests every 3 months or so because this can happen taking these so called wonder drugs , this serious problem is called Rhabdomyolysis . ... (24 replies)
... It amazes me after all this they can sit there and state this stuff doesn't cause neuropthy after all the evidence , if they had to put up with it 24 hours a day like a lot of us do they might whistle a different tune . ... (9 replies)
Stopping Lipitor
Feb 26, 2001
... those who do not have our problems cannot judge how we should feel. ... (33 replies)
... Like all medications, all have some side effects for some people. ... (3 replies)
... Right now, I am concerned with the muscle soreness more than anything. I have been off the Lipitor and Niacin for two to three weeks and I feel that I am improving, although extrremely slowly. ... (9 replies)
... ce it. My father was on Mevacor, I think it was doing a number on him too. He was a construction executive his whole career, master's degree, even began his PhD. The last couple years, he can't remember a damn thing, it has really effected him. I personally think it impacted his career as well. ... (20 replies)
... Have to agree with Hubble, as hubby was on Lipitor for almost 7 years, but it was in the 5th year he started having all the side effects. I on the other hand, had them after almost 4 months, so it seems to be an individual thing. ... (24 replies)
... What were your blood lipid numbers before starting the drugs? ... (9 replies)
... I found your post to be quite interesting, especially about the Citracal. I never heard of the NOW brand, but I will research it online. I know none of the local stores carry it. ... (17 replies)
... To be fair this condition already existed and was really the only bad thing I can say about tricor , I felt it had less side effects than any of the statins that I had tried . ... (3 replies)

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