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... o I stopped eating foods containing a lot of cholesterol and I exercise vigorously for at least 30 minutes a day on a stationary bike. I have spent my whole lifetime eating unhealthy. ... (11 replies)
... First off, great board. It's funny how only a small percentage of people are supposed to have side effects from statins and that "small percentage" all managed to find this board. I wonder if Mandy Patinkin would still pimp Crestor if he read all this. ... (26 replies)
Red yeast rice
Oct 12, 2005
... Hi everyone...As a 47 year old male with slightly elevated cholesterol I started to take 2400 mg of red yeast rice per day for the past week and am having the same side effects as the statin drugs. Severe groin pain and general weekness and a condition that feels like the flu coming on. ... (9 replies)

... I, and I think a few others here feel the same way. ... (5 replies)
... I never heard of the stuff till I came on this board. I only know one person who last week told me his dr. told him to take it with his statin. Your right, maybe if alot of us were told, we may have been been spared the problems we experienced. Oh well, so much for drs. keeping U informed.... ... (19 replies)
... I think that statins can play a role in helping with someone who has cardiac issues....if that someone can tolerate the treatment. I'm also wondering however, if statins could play a role in doing harm in someone who has painful side effects from statins. ... (23 replies)
Statin Studies
Aug 23, 2005
... Obesity is a product of the famous low fat low cholesterol diet they've been shoving down our throats for about as long as pushing statins on all of us. ... (31 replies)
... rigued about red yeast rice formulations for a couple of months and have spent a lot of time looking into them as an alternative to prescription drugs. However, the more that I read, the more that I realize that there are some inherant problems with these formulations. ... (3 replies)
Nov 17, 2009
... If you ask that question to a hundred people, you'll get a hundred different answers. If you ask 100 cardiologists the same question, you'll get 200 different answers. ... (5 replies)
The latest
Feb 23, 2002
... TB, I have to weigh in with JJ on this one. For those who can take statins, good. ... (20 replies)
... I am with you all the way. My Doctor has me taking 2,000mg immediate release Niacin all at once at bed time. I have been on this dosage for six months now. ... (5 replies)
Statin Studies
Sep 7, 2005
... Yeah, sooner or later, these drugs definitely have to be abandoned. They are basically useless in the fight against heart disease. Statistically, they haven't really made much of a difference. Heart disease still remains a leading cause of death. ... (31 replies)
... Well hubby's cardio man had suggested fish oil years ago and he started taking them, but has slacked off the last year. Maybe it is time to get on the band wagon again. So far I have only run into about 4 people who told me their drs. will NOT recommend statins, wish they were around my area. ... (45 replies)
... High serum cholesterol can be largely determined by the genes you have inherited. ... (4 replies)
... Hi..I would definitely want the dr. to rule out shingels and then if it isn't that, it has got to be the Lipitor. My hubby was on it for over 6 years, with wicked aches and pains, etc. etc. but never associated it with Lipitor. We didn't have a computer then, so we just took the drs. ... (2 replies)
... Brenda if ya find that magic wand, please share it with us all!! ... (13 replies)
... As you have read, I am totally against statin drugs when taken solely for cholesterol issues. However, with a build up of lesions, do not even think of changing to alternative statins or natural therapy. ... (13 replies)
... You seem to be experiencing what my husband is going through. He is also 54 and was on Lipitor for at least eight years. He stopped taking it 15 months ago. The pain in his hip and legs is gone for the most part, but will flare up again when he tries to exercise. ... (4 replies)
... I'm pretty sure the cheaper pills are as trustworthy as the priciest. ... (12 replies)
... I'm one of the 'one or two' that Lenin referred to as having some success with Policosanol. ... (4 replies)

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