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... meaning I take my Lipitor at 9 a.m. and I want to take the CoQ10 at 9 a.m. ... (3 replies)
... I read in another post by Zip2Play to someone else that Crestor was "the big kid on the block" and that maybe a milder med would be better. I would assume the Lescol was a milder med than Crestor. ... (3 replies)
... effects of medications, or they simply are too busy to check on their patients, or they just automatically dismiss complaints as hypochondria. ... (58 replies)

... I did another blood test on September 11, all six items come back to normal. ... (9 replies)
... because my primary doctor wanted to know if Lipitor affect my liver system. ... (9 replies)
... Heres a couple suggestions ------------------- Flaxseed on the order of 20-30 + grams daily (what the research used) signifigantly improved a variety of cholesterol values in a positive manner Other advide that would be of benefit to you would the avoidance of sugar (in particuarly refined sugars such as High Fructose Corn Syrup), Trans Fatty Acids, and artificial... (24 replies)
... prescribed to millions for preventive purposes. The prescription of these drugs is based on the discredited hypothesis that high cholesterol levels cause heart attacks. ... (4 replies)
... You certainly sound like you have your share of worries... ... (20 replies)
... First off, great board. It's funny how only a small percentage of people are supposed to have side effects from statins and that "small percentage" all managed to find this board. I wonder if Mandy Patinkin would still pimp Crestor if he read all this. ... (26 replies)
... months or so because this can happen taking these so called wonder drugs , this serious problem is called Rhabdomyolysis . These drugs can cause a myriad of problems and if you ever took the time to read the side effects it would scare you . ... (24 replies)
... which is needed by the muscles to produce energy. This depletion is thought to be part of the reason why statins cause musclular problems. ... (5 replies)
May 27, 2005
... weakness in both legs and arms after being on Lipitor for 2 months. This also spread up to my neck and shoulders, as well as my feet! ... (14 replies)
... My husband experienced some neck pain while on Lipitor, but his pain was mainly in his hip and legs. He was on Lipitor for 8 years at 10mg with increasing pain. When his dosage was upped to 20mg it was as if he was hit by a truck. ... (24 replies)
... Hi JJ, Yes, BHT can be taken with statins. My wife was on 10mg of Lipitor after we found she had such high numbers. ... (5 replies)
... And yes, I felt generally weak and lethargic. But I was even more exercise intolerant. I went from being able to jog 4 miles without problem to not even being able to do 1 mile without stopping for rest. My arms were also aching all the time, and lifting anything was quite painful. ... (14 replies)
Lipitor and tricor
Sep 28, 2004
... Hi thanks for all of your suggestions will try. thought i ate a sensible diet most of the time. I start my day with a latte even though i use soy milk i use a lot of sugar. ... (24 replies)
... We're all different in our reaction to medications, so there is no perfect advice I can give you. ... (14 replies)
... Last year I had a very bad experience with 20mg. of Lipitor a day. The doc put me on it because cholesterol was 304, because of having hypothyroidism from an antithyroid drug for Graves disease. ... (12 replies)
... Frankie...I only wish back when hubby first started statins we had a computer, but we didn't. At first he was on Lopid and he seemed to do fine, but our dr. retired and the new one shoved him on Lipitor, and kept upping the dose. His cholesterol was fine, as were his LDL, but his Trigs. ... (34 replies)
... pe 2 diabetes, so nueropathy is setting in. I will ask his cardio man about it, as who knows, it just might help some. From what I have learned, drs. are suppose to inform their patients that are taking statins that this CoQ10 should be taken also? ... (58 replies)

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