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... My DR insists that I buy the very high priced Simcor instead of the statin and the time release niacin in separate tablet form (much lower price). Is his advice appropriate? (0 replies)
... nfullly locked up. Took a year to recover. After four years, tried again, and Im on 80 mg Lescol XL which reduced my LDL from 308 to 103. I tried 500 mg no flush time release niacin from Wallys mart twice a day. It lowered my LDL another 10 points to 93, raised my HDL only from 39 to 40. This greatly improved my ratio though. ... (1 replies)
Niacin Studies
Oct 23, 2006
... Basically, as stated in Niacin for Lipid Disorders by W. ... (24 replies)

... The particular kind of niacin you take pretty much depends on what you are trying to accomplish. ... (29 replies)
... The form of niacin to use may depend on what you're particularly concerned about. ... (12 replies)
... From my own experience I've been taking niacin for nearly 20 years, and it has raised my HDL significantly. ... (34 replies)
... If I were to pick up time release niacin from health food store in say 250mg capsules, it would work just the same? ... (29 replies)
... called "Niaspan." According to my doctor, it's good as it spreads out the release of niacin throughout the day, but otherwise it is no different from the niacin you get at a health food store. ... (12 replies)
... Thank you both for your responses. I will know if Niacin is working for me when I have my next lipid panel in the beginning of February. That will give me a sold six months on it. ... (6 replies)
... release niacin is probably best. ... (23 replies)
... Perhaps more caution is needed regarding alcohol while taking sustained or time-release niacin, since it is being processed in the liver for longer periods of time, as opposed to the immediate-release form. I'm not really sure. But I take my niacin in divided doses throughout the day (immediate-release), with my last 250mg tablet being taken around 7:00PM. But I love my beer,... (4 replies)
... being old even. I know my husband hated the Flush with this years ago, I am almost afraid to get something without it. Is FLUSH FREE Niacin the SAME as TIME RELEASE Niacin, I am VERY confused here. ... (12 replies)
... Hi, Niacin is the one vitamin that is shorted the most in the USA. Everyone should take at least the MDR. Lipitor does virtually nothing for triglycerides. ... (0 replies)
... I am sorry to say that the niacin wasn't enough for me! ... (9 replies)
Types of niacin
Jan 26, 2007
... I take 200mg 4x a day of plain old Kroger brand niacin together with Lipitor 20mg. Flushing is minor but I built up the dose over time. ... (8 replies)
Niacin Studies
Jan 24, 2007
... I take 200mg 4x a day of plain old Kroger brand niacin together with Lipitor 20mg. ... (24 replies)
... My Doctor currently has me taking 2,000mg Immediate Release Niacin all at once at bed time. I take two 1,000mg capsules. He advised me not to split the Niacin dosage and to take it all at once. Will taking 2,000mg all at once still be effective? ... (6 replies)
... Yikes, this just happened to me! Previously, I had taken my 500mg controlled release tablet and the flushing happened within about 15 minutes. Today, I took it with my midday meal and lo and behold, no flush. ... (8 replies)
... JJ, The time-release niacin which people have been cautioned about is nicotinic acid, not inositol hexanicotinate, which is the flush-free niacin. The flush-free form is much safer. However, if you are taking inositol hexanicotinate for cholesterol, I think you will need to take much more than 100mg in order for it to possibly have much of an effect. I cannot personally... (15 replies)
... Hello Wintergarden, Wow, you are right! The doc prescribed this 2x a day. I think I should be taking half as much to start with. I went to the website and it says people usually start on 500mg to start and build up gradually. I am going to call my doctor tomorrow. I called the pharmacist and he said it would be fine to just take the 500mg until I speak to the doctor. ... (29 replies)

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