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... So yea, it is low, but now extremely low.. but it's too low for me to be on a statin!! ... (16 replies)
... I am posting here for my cubemate at work and I told him I thought his total cholesterol was too low. It is presently at 130. ... (15 replies)
... My Internist and Neurologist said they were fine. But, another Doctor I went to yesterday said my Cholesterol and HDL were too low. ... (6 replies)

... Many experts are convinced that it's time to move beyond lowering of LDL cholesterol for preventing coronary events, since considerable risk remains even after LDL cholesterol is lowered to target levels. ... (38 replies)
... seems to be only weakly linked to high cholesterol. Maybe someone else will find additional information, but I've had the impression that stroke seems linked to cholesterol only if one gets heart disease first, and it is the having heart disease that increases risk of stroke. ... (40 replies)
... As I expected, attacking cholesterol with a one pronged attack still leaves two of your ratios in the high risk category. ... (32 replies)
... e and no butter and look at the research on that now....trans fat is the worst! i have a problem with what some studies and AHA says. what about the studies that cholesterol under 130 greatly increases your risk for cancer prematurely. i think in 10 years they will find all the drawbacks of theses drugs. ... (55 replies)
... I'm missing something. The first test above (156 for TC, 93 for LDL, 50 for HDL, and 64 for Trig) are all within the guidelines I've been given by my Dr. (TC 125-200; HDL >=40; Trig <150; LDL <130). If I had those numbers I wouldn't take statins. (4 replies)
... I was in your place two years ago, my cholesterol numbers were out of line. My doctor also started me on Simvastatin, which is the generic for Zocor, a very good statin drug. ... (3 replies)
... and LDL went from 161 to 126. Maybe it was a fluke, as I have never had numbers that low, but it is worth a try. I also switched from regular American cheese to low fat cottage cheese, and eat a container of Columbo low fat or fat free yogurt at nite as a snack. ... (17 replies)
... Trouble, Current ATP III guidelines call for LDL to be lowered to the following levels based on your CHD risk level: high risk - LDL should be <= 100 and consideration should be given to lower it <70 Moderate Risk - LDL should be <= 130 and consideration should be given to lower <100 Low Risk - LDL should be <= 160 (23 replies)
... they are talking about seemingly healthy people having heart attacks or stokes. These people has normal cholesterol levels. ... (14 replies)
... Well, The doctor told me he is not interested in too low cholesterol. He prefers it somewhere between 170 and 200. ... (24 replies)
... I respectfully disagree in part that cholesterol levels can be too low, and that part is only that the protective HDL can be too low. ... (18 replies)
... Is this due to lowering with meds. or anyone with even naturally low numbers? ... (5 replies)
... What Do Cholesterol Test Numbers Mean? ... (1 replies)
... Good info. I did not know that to much olive oil can have an opposite affect. Originally he told me to cook with more olive oil and and eat more fish. But I honestly did not know that one could get to much. I was getting ready to take a couple of teaspoons of Olive oil a day, not a good idea perhaps? :confused: Good to know. Yes, I have used these as well thinking... (30 replies)
... if you went overboard on the olive oil and "good fats" you should know that too much of any fat, yup, even good fat can rake havoc on your cholesterol levels. ... (30 replies)
... Total normal levels of cholesterol should be under 200. ... (6 replies)
... and eat low fat with good fats or moderate fat. ... (12 replies)

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