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Liver & Niacin
Mar 17, 2008
... I have been experiencing periodic weakness and exhaustion over the past four months. My overall cholestroel is 160 and I am at 3,000 mg of niacin daily. My cardiologist says it is a safe level. Two years ago while on a statin, I had several medical problems and my liver functions were impacted. ... (0 replies)
... I recall reading somewhere that too much Niacin can interfere with your Liver? ... (12 replies)
... I have a quick question. I already take a multivitamin and a B complex. My B complex has 50 MG of Niacinamide I don't want to take too much Niacin Can I take the 250 MG in addition to my B complex? (8 replies)

... called "Niaspan." According to my doctor, it's good as it spreads out the release of niacin throughout the day, but otherwise it is no different from the niacin you get at a health food store. ... (12 replies)
Mar 26, 2006
... I'm afraid U would have to eat an awful lot of food containing Niacin to get the same benifits as a pill. Most folks take about 1,000 mgs of Niacin, and doubt U would get that from foods. ... (8 replies)
... release niacin. Each tablet is 250mg, and I take one four times a day. I give it much credit for significantly higher HDL levels, and I see no reason to change to other brands. ... (15 replies)
... but he just needed to monitor my liver enzymes several times a year. My HDL went up about 5 points and my TRIGS came down about 100 pts. on that dosage. The SLO niacin lowers total and LDL better than Immediate niacin. I think you should wait at least 30 days to check your blood. ... (42 replies)
... Wow, you are right! The doc prescribed this 2x a day. I think I should be taking half as much to start with. I went to the website and it says people usually start on 500mg to start and build up gradually. ... (29 replies)
... a proven treatment like Niacin or say a Statin etc. His main concern was what you advised. He was concerned about the dosage concentration which can and will very from brand to brand. ... (24 replies)
... Also I am just concerned my Doctor has me on is too high of a does of Niacin at 2,000mg immediate release once at bed time. My LDL is at 75 and Trig are at 87. ... (23 replies)
Mar 26, 2006
... I know many take Niacin in pill form and that others have tried but cannot tolerate it. ... (8 replies)
... You don't have to start right off taking that much niacin, do you? ... (29 replies)
... o lower your LDL with the statin, while simultaneously increasing HDL and LDL particle size with the niacin. While I do understand your concern, I wouldn't worry too much about it. If you run into any problems with it you can always stop taking it. Or, you can talk to your doctor about using niacin instead. ... (7 replies)
Oct 23, 2005
... I stopped niacin too. After trying and trying and TRYING to get my dosage above 125 mg. ... (41 replies)
Dec 19, 2007
... I will start back eating correct again after the New Years... too much good food and drink at the moment. ... (6 replies)
... The form of niacin to use may depend on what you're particularly concerned about. ... (12 replies)
... Also read the info on lipitor and the effects scare me too much. Can someone tell the website addy for the slow acting niacin....and whether this works to reduce the cholesteral? ... (3 replies)
Low Dose Niacin
Feb 7, 2005
... I'm a niacin flusher BIG TIME. There's no way I can take even 500 mg. even after 650 mg. aspirin and a big meal. ... (19 replies)
Niacin - Flushing?
May 27, 2007
... I found a couple of sites that indicate this is NOT so, in fact an Australian birthing site says that megadosing with niacin in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy CAN cause birth defects. The U.S. Physicians Desk Reference calls for an upper limit of 20 mg. during pregnancy. ... (11 replies)
Niacin Studies
Jan 22, 2007
... Lenin (and anyone else), I'm considering trying a bottle of the 750 mg Slo-Niacin for 60 days. Do you think it's too much (coupled with the Vytorin 10/20)? The literature seems to indicate that one shouldn't take > 1 gram with statin. I was thrilled when my HDL hit 42 with the Vytorin 10/20 and 500 mg Slo-Niacin:blob_fire . I visited my retina specialist this past... (24 replies)

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