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... Over the last 6 years my total chol has steadily increased from 219 to 234, so naturally I want to try and improve this. ... (6 replies)
... The only issues I had were that both my LDL and total cholesterol were borderline. ... (1 replies)
... So after reading more about the god-awful side effects from statins, does anyone even think I should have been prescribed them? again, my doc never even asked about changing my diet, which I've done over the last 3 months and assume that is why my numbers are heading down. Also, this is the time of year where I really ramp up my cycling, hiking, etc and figure increased... (6 replies)

... your serious health regimen has warded off lot's of potential problems. I think your numbers are great. The CRP and homocysteine are better than aveage, and your total chol is under 200. As far as your concern about your HDL, your ratios are OK. ... (18 replies)
... Looking back to previous bloodwork 16 years ago my total chol. was 260 but again it was due to high HDL and the others falling in range. ... (2 replies)
... Just to follow up, triglycerides were 96. Overall chol/HDL = 4.2 LDL/HDL = 2.8 (6 replies)
... I am 53, male, and there is a very strong history of heart attacks in my family including both parents. These occurred at a young age, before 55. I am sure my gene pool is really bad. Anyway, these are the cards I was dealt. For the last 18 plus years I have been working hard to improve my longevity and decrease my odds of succumbing to CHD. Now, I think in terms of at least... (18 replies)
... ase and other diseases instead of masking the disease with pills. I'm not saying VERY high cholesterol doesn't play some part in HD, but I do not think it is the total cause. ... (25 replies)
... The test for this type of fat must be done separately from the tests for total cholesterol and LDL, the article said. ... (25 replies)
... these raise the Total Cholesterol and it can happen within hours. ... (25 replies)
... I am new to these boards, and would like some help if anyone can offer it. I just received the test results of Total Cholesterol 274, HDL 62 and LDL 192. These results are extremely high, and I don't know what to make of it. ... (4 replies)
... Hi all, I'm new here so please forgive me if this is a newbie question but I have a history of heart disease (father died at 53 of 'the big one'), High Blood Pressure currently being treated and, now, high cholesterol. Dr. put me on Pravachol(sp) today but I wanted to get feedback from a few of you in the 'know' as to how my lab results appear. Below is my VAP and CRP... (5 replies)
... Arkie6, To answer your question again, I do have some additional and corrected values. One day I will go back and look up all my tests in the past 5 years for comparison of pre and post-MI. From a recent report issued to me(through work) on my history: 8/29/1997 BP 170/112 Chol: 269 Glucose:124 Wt: 220 3/29/2000 NR NR Glucose:348 Wt: 227... (9 replies)
... others have shown that Total chol. ... (22 replies)
... n on Livalo, I decided to stop taking it the day I could not even walk half a kilometer before having to go back home for a nap, the pain was very intense and my total energy was close to 0. ... (3 replies)
... Hi guys, So I've always had somewhat high cholesterol, but recently my results have given my doctor some pause as they have continued trending upward. He decided to do a VAP test a few weeks ago, but has been unable to provide me with a proper interpretation. I thought that maybe posting it here would help me in analyzing the results. Here's a little relevant health... (1 replies)
... No medication. I want my total to be less than 150 or increase my HDL to around 48 or 50. ... (22 replies)
... I know alot of people have been doing this but I'm just really curious about what you guys think about these results. Total LDL- 70 Total VLDL-14 Total HDL-43 Total Chol- 127 Triglycerides- 48 Total apoB100- 67 Non-HDL Chol- 84 Lp(a)- 6 (4 replies)
... and energetic, with total cholesterol numbers around 230. 230 looks pretty good from here. Going to add 2000mg sterols and 2000 fish oils. Need to look for red rice. ... (2 replies)
... I had mentioned that I would post my latest lipoprofile results. I have also worked up my last 1.5 years of blood profiles, pre- and post- MI for those interested. In summary, I have discovered that by weight loss and exercise I have been able to come off of all prescription meds (minus the zyrtec for allergies). I have reversed type II diabetes. The most significant... (17 replies)

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