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... Thanks for letting me know about the discrepincies in drug store related cholesterol tests. This would certainly explain the 80 point difference with the lab. ... (30 replies)
... I have read that total cholesterol under 180 could be unhealthy. ... (19 replies)
... That's reads LESS than a TOTAL of we're talking LOW totals. Sure.. ... (19 replies)

... I don't smoke. Don't drink alcohol. Eat about 1400 calories per day, divided into six meals. The increase in my cholesterol proves to me that dietary cholesterol, in the form of eight eggs per day, does indeed raise cholesterol numbers in the body. ... (6 replies)
... uses a pretty high cholesterol level to define low cholesterol. THough 212 is not as bad as some people and in the realm of "low average but get it lower" where HDL is ALWAYS protective wityhout argument from anyone. ... (19 replies)
... Here's the cholesterol info from the last three readings. ... (13 replies)
... Hello, I was wondering if I can get some advice. I am a 33 year old Male. I have heart disease on both sides of the family. In 2006 I went to a cardiologist for a check up. He wound up doing an ECHO Stress which came back fine. Since then I have been getting blood work done often and you can see the results below May 2010 Total Cholesterol 215, HDL 52, LDL 149,... (2 replies)
... Those newer numbers aren't that bad. In fact, according to the guidelines, if you have NO other risk factors (diabetic, coronary disease, high bp,etc), you should not require medication at all! Also, in my humble opinion :D , he should have started you on 10mg first and then test. He must to liver tests if he puts you on Lipitor! (9 replies)
... My Dr. just recommended I take 20 mg. of Lipitor once daily after receiving my latest blood tests: Total Cholesterol - 215 HDL - 51 Chol/HDL Ratio - 4.2 LDL - 140 LDL/HDL Ratio - 2.75 Triglycerides - 119 My blood work 6 months ago was: (9 replies)
... can somebody interpret my doc said that i am fine. but the total cholesterol of 248 freaks me out. i took the test last yr and it was 205 which is under borderline. now it is 248!. ... (2 replies)
... The first thing I think of when I see your great HDL and Triglyceride levels, is that somehow, someway, the total Cholesterol number is wrong. ... (8 replies)
... Can you please suggest me what is the wrong with my health. Why Triglycerides are normal and cholesterol is high. Is it because of high BP? ... (0 replies)
... Good day. I have been having some discomforting pain in my chest area recently. The pain appears to be near my heart, and between my heart and shoulder. I occasionally feel it 'travel' to my bicep area. Because of of this, I went to my doctor and had him perform some tests. One of those tests was a blood test, of course. Most everything came out normal, except these... (5 replies)
... Rick, I have been meaning to get back to writing something more about this, in addition to what I was guessing at before. Prednisone (and other corticosteroids) have various effects, one of which is to interfere with the cholesteryl ester transfer protein effect (the protein that allows transport of that ester from HDL to VLDL and the movement of a TG from the VLDL to the... (20 replies)
... Hi Cossette, Current "Official" standards: Total Cholesterol: <200 Desirable 200-239 Borderline High 240 High LDL Cholesterol <100 Optimal (1 replies)
Cholesterol Test
Jul 2, 2004
... LDL 82, Triglyceride 47. I have been working hard at trying to get my HDL level up, my last test in March was 140 Total, HDL 27, LDL 93, And Trig. 98. ... (7 replies)
... That's easily attainable by lowering your Total a small amount without a statin. ... (15 replies)
... they repeated the test to be sure. Total cholesterol was 195 but not sure how they could get that reading without any ldl. Any ideas? ... (3 replies)
... Help...I don't want to go on these meds. My total cholesterol is 282. LDL is 192, HDL is 90, and tri's are 115. I am 54 and weigh 140. Any suggestions? ... (12 replies)
... of the treatment groups undergoing vigorous cholesterol lowering compared with control groups in several of these studies, including patients with severe coronary artery stenoses. ... (33 replies)

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