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... and trigs 66 I would not risk the side effects of a statin and I take one myself. My HDL was in the low 30's and trigs were 160 when my blockage was found. My total cholesterol was 183 so I think you can see the difference here. Even with a total cholesterol below 200 I got into trouble. ... (8 replies)
... I was off Yasmin for a very long time. I had a Cholesterol test in June 06. ... (9 replies)
... I was intrigued by the title of this post as I have recently been diagnosed with dyslipidemia. October 2004: these numbers were very similar to my numbers back in 1992 LDL- 72 HDL- 34 Total- 120 Feb 2007 LDL- 183 (9 replies)

... As you can see my numbers have improved greatly while on Zocor. The niacin raised my HDL 6 points but my total cholesterol came up along with it so I don't know that it will pay off to stay on the niacin. I've accomplished this with a fairly sensible diet, exercise and medication. ... (6 replies)
... I'm 61, normal weight, no other health problems other than pernicious anemia(B12 def) and a bit of arthritis. I exercise 5 times a week doing strength and aerobics. I had my lipid panel done last week and my neurologist wants me to take a "statin" to lower my cholesterol. I don't think I need to because I could probably lower it with getting off this carmel machiatto drink I... (17 replies)
High LDL...
Nov 5, 2008
... I just had my annual physical done. My cholesterol test was as follows: Total Cholesterol: 267 Triglycerides: 110 HDL: 62 LDL-C: 183 Non HDL: 205 Chol/HDL: 4.3 VLDL: 22 TG/HDL: 1.79 (0 replies)
... the only thing that has lowered my cholesterol has been taking a fiber supplement. I was taking 30 grams per day, 10 in the morning, 10 at noon and 10 in the evening. ... (17 replies)
... Just had my Cholesterol tests, I'm 40 male, so it was part of a checkup.. ... (2 replies)
... Hey guys, I just got my results Friday from a blood cholesterol check I had last Monday. It appears the red yeast rice extract capsules are working great! My total cholesterol went from a reading of 254 a year ago to 222. My LDL went from 183 to 145. My HDL went from 59 to 61. ... (28 replies)
... Hello Friends! Here are my numbers - please comment if you know what's good, bad, too high, how high, etc. Thank you so very very much! I'm a bit confused. HDL = 57 LDL= 183 VLDL = 51 (what the heck is "V" LDL)? (8 replies)
High Triglycerides
May 13, 2006
... and saw a further reduction in my triglycerides to 70's and my total cholesterol went from 225 to 183. I have since reduced my fiber to 20g's per day and I'm waiting on the results of my blood work to see if they went up. ... (11 replies)
... Is anyone looking at your thyroid? (26 replies)
... Thanx Rick, but I have so many sites already bookmarked for low GI and GL foods it is pathedic. Neither of us have used white bread for years, nor sugar, etc. etc. WE have been battling this for years, even went to a dietitian, and nothing seems to be helping. At first I really thought he may be sneaking food I didn't know about, but nope, he isn't. Neither of us go to fast... (26 replies)
... After being on my high fiber diet, I've seen a further reduction in my triglycerides to 72. It was the fiber also that finnally got my total cholesterol from 225 to 183. ... (26 replies)
... Oh, and forgot to say that you CAN eat rice...just be sure it's brown rice which is converted to glucose much more slowly than white rice is...stay away from white foods of all kinds!! I cut potato out altogether, but still eat breads and snacks made with whole wheat. Sugar is a killer!! (9 replies)
... MANY societies eat 75 grams and much more with no untoward effects other than the obvious more frequent defecation. Probably switching an untrained gut to something like 75 grams could cause some awful cramping and flatulence though at least until the system adapted to the change. Probably getting TOO much fiber from psyllium supplements and artificial cellulose... (9 replies)
... ..That's what I read also, 30g per day. I settled on the psyllium because there was more fiber per tbs than citracil and the benefiber was expensive. The walmart equivilant of Metamusil was the best value is the only reason I'm using it. I think all of the different fibers work equally well. I'm also wandering if there are any dangers to eating to much fiber. Rick (9 replies)
... How much fiber should a person have per day? My nutrition teacher said we needed 30 g of fiber daily, but he USDA listed 20 to 35 g fiber daily. So what is the minimum fiber a person needs to be healthy. Is there a maximum amount of fiber a person needs? Just wondering. Also, would BeneFiber be the same as the Metamuclli (sp?) or the chocolate Citricel fiber? (9 replies)
... No health issues with 30 grams of psyllium but the cost as Metamucil is very high at the 30 gram level (like 10 tsp as sugar free, far more as sugary version.) Make sure you drink LOTS of liquid though...a psyllium "clot" might be dangerous. I read that some marooon died by eating Metamucil with a spoon! Give her the Darwin Award. :D Also make sure you are using the... (9 replies)
... have had low HDL. My brother can't seem to get his above 25 no matter what he does. My HDL was 32 when it was discovered I had a heart blockage. My trigs were 183 so you can see that the numbers don't have to be way out of line to cause problems with plaque in the arteries. ... (13 replies)

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