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... re like a vegan because I do not eat meat, cheese, eggs, milk, No dairy products. Vegatarian do. So thats why I say, I'm more like a vegan, But I'm not here to debate whether or not I'm a vegan or vegetarian. ... (38 replies)
... Even though you quit 2 years prior to the heart attack, I wouldn't discount the damage done to your arteries by smoking. ... (38 replies)
... Diet can do it. Maybe not for everyone, but if you are willing to improve your diet and exercise some, you can dramatically reduce your cholesterol. ... (9 replies)

... Thanks to all for the relpies to my post. I will respond to questions from both posters. ... (4 replies)
... What I wonder about are the statistics of low cholesterol in younger people. For example, I'm in my mid 20s and my cholesterol usually reads below 120, is this indicative of an absorption problem? ... (19 replies)
... and I feel better after I do it. I notice my stress level is markedly reduced... I'm trying to get my wife to do it also... ... (19 replies)
... If pills help us, doctors make money. If pills make us sick, doctors make more money, If pills cause other ailments, more pills are prescribed to correct those ailments, doctors become richer. If pills put us in a hospital, doctors can trade up to a newer MERCEDES... ... (19 replies)
... Hubble, it is amazing how many times U turn on tv and see another drug being recalled, it is downright scary. I very seldom take a pain pill, but if I do, it is Tylenol. My last dr. got really ticked at me cause I wouldn't go back on a statin, and he told me.."If U knew what was in Tylenol, U wouldn't take it. ... (19 replies)
... add more fats to their diet. ... (0 replies)
... This all is really helpful to me. ... (30 replies)
... Yes and no. Will a low fat diet? ... (6 replies)
... A couple thoughts, since we are dealing here with a sample of people who are dying largely in their 70's the skewing effects of cancer cannot be ruled out. Low cholesterol levels are a familaiar accompaniment to the cachexia of cancer and occurs even much earlier in the cancer process. ... (9 replies)
... Too much cholesterol is not good, but too little may not be good either. ... (2 replies)
... She's old enough to be my mother. ... (2 replies)
... High triglyceride levels are one of the classic symptoms of insulin resistance and Syndrome X. It all comes down to your diet. No one diet works for everyone because we all have different genetic backgrounds. ... (13 replies)
... First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to respond. ... (5 replies)
... Total Cholesterol in and of itself is very misleading and should not be used to determine if you need cholesterol lowering meds. ... (30 replies)
... Hello, You might want to check out These websites too. According to Dr. Mirkin, the liver can't remove cholesterol from your bloodstream if you eat too much fat. ... (13 replies)
... I would not take a statin since you are healthy. Your Triglyceride to HDL level is excellent. I wrote the NIH about how the percentages given in cholesterol studies are not accurate. ... (10 replies)
... Your total cholesterol result was 6.83 which is high because normal is 5. ... (3 replies)

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