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Jul 7, 2002
... te rice, and potatoes for instance. Fruit juices should be avoided also and most fruit should be limited. Read through some of the older posts here in the High Cholesterol forum for more info. ... (1 replies)
... In addition to diet and lifestyle measures, there are a number of natural compounds that can effectively improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels. ... (6 replies)
... My last cholesterol check was a week ago. ... (6 replies)

... The first thing I would do would be to get a copy of the tests. If your total is 230, it sounds like most of it is triglycerides. If you get them down, then your total level would be pretty good. I don't understand where he gets the 814 unless your trigs are much higher than 400, maybe closer to 650. ... (20 replies)
... I was about your age when I had my cholesterol checked at a health fair and my cholesterol was off the chart, the highest reading they had was 279 and the machine just said "high" for my reading. ... (7 replies)
... I have been working for a year to get my cholesterol numbers down below 300 and it hasnt worked. I started with 339 and im at 317. i have been trying to avoid the Statin but it seems inevitable. ... (7 replies)
Weird Cholesterol
Oct 22, 2004
... Those are excellent numbers, especially your high HDL level and very low triglyceride level. And don't worry about that LDL of 170 because that number isn't accurate. ... (7 replies)
... Dr. Caldwel Esselstyn, Dr, Campbell, and Dr. John McDougall recommend a Total Cholesterol below 150. Why? ... (32 replies)
... As I expected, attacking cholesterol with a one pronged attack still leaves two of your ratios in the high risk category. ... (32 replies)
... up with fasting bloodwork and received a big shock. Last year my cholesterol was in the 190's with HDL and LDL within normal limits. ... (5 replies)
... After reading about the implications of statins, I've decided to forgo the use of them even though I have a total cholesterol level of approx. 400. I'm trying to find a doctor in the CT area that I can work with that can guide me. Any suggestions or referral would be appreciated. ... (0 replies)
Bad Test Results
Dec 19, 2004
... A total cholesterol of 258 wouldn't be that big of a deal except for your low HDL level and high triglyceride level. ... (6 replies)
Please help
Mar 11, 2003
... I had my heart attack last year at age 35. I have had cholesterol near 300 for many years prior to that, with triglycerides at 400 plus. ... (4 replies)
... I am a 51 year old male. My cholesterol was 256 and my doctor convinced me to take a statin in Jan 2013. I started simvastatin but my joints got so stiff I couldn't walk down stairs. ... (1 replies)
... mg. per capsule and is supposed to help reduce LDL and total cholesterol. ... (0 replies)
... HDL ratio has been shown to be a much better predictor of heart disease risk than total cholesterol or LDL levels which seem to be the only thing that doctors focus on. ... (6 replies)
... Thanks Cobalt, :) You are correct. The lady on the phone had LDL at 50.8 to be exact. Today I celebrated with 2 eggs and a donut. :) Haven't had those in awhile. (11 replies)
... LDL should be 51--great ratio of HDL/LDL and HDL/Total :) The Friedwald equation is used to approximate the LDL based on the "average" composition of VLDL (carrier of TG and cholesteryl ester) in most people works out to be ~ 5 mg/dL triglyceride per mg/dL VLDL carrier. As the TG concentration is increased in the plasma, the approximation is less accurate and the cutoff... (11 replies)
Dec 25, 2004
... they can approximate it by measuring the triglycerides and dividing by 5, but this only works when triglycerides are in the "normal" range. Triglycerides over 400 result in the inability to accurately calculate the LDL. ... (4 replies)
... My Dad had lived to age 95. My total cholesterol averaged about 230. ... (7 replies)

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