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... I recently got my blood work, and hdl was 48, ldl was 80, total vldl C was 24, Trigly was 146. I'm 57 years old, 5'10, and weigh 180. ... (3 replies)
... I've been struggling with high cholesterol for awhile now despite regular exercise and a healthy diet. It runs in my family. I have been trying to tweak my diet and use supplements, but it hasn't helped. I have been taking fish oil and coq10. I wanted to see if any could give me an opinion on whether or not I should consider Statins. I am 24 and would really rather not... (0 replies)
... I got the rest of my lab results today, and it is mixed news. I had suspected that my TC and LDL would be a little high, but since I'm not convinced that those alone, especially in the presence of high HDL, really present much of a risk for women, I'd anticipated being able to ignore my doctor's concerns if everything else came out okay. Well, everything else didn't. :( ... (14 replies)

... These are the most commonly reported numbers. The usual guidelines (which can be found all over the place) say that: LDL should be less than 160, ideally less than 100 (note: guidelines usually indicate that those with more risk factors for heart disease should go lower) HDL should be more than 40, ideally more than 60 VLDL should be less than 30 Triglycerides should... (6 replies)
... Okay here are my latest numbers, I am sorry but I can't make heads or tails out of any of this, I am hoping some one out there can help me.. Total LDL-C direct 213 Total HDL-C direct 44 Total VLDL-C direct 27 Sum total cholesterol 284 Trigs 194 Total Non -Hdl -c 240 Total APOB 100-CALC 157 LP(a) cholesterol 3.0 (6 replies)
... Okay here are my latest numbers, I am sorry but I can't make heads or tails out of any of this, I am hoping some one out there can help me.. Total LDL-C direct 213 Total HDL-C direct 44 Total VLDL-C direct 27 Sum total cholesterol 284 Trigs 194 Total Non -Hdl -c 240 Total APOB 100-CALC 157 LP(a) cholesterol 3.0 (18 replies)
New Numbers
Nov 25, 2009
... Here are my new numbers (fasting). I think they look fine but I'm not as facile as others here interpreting. If anyone sees any problem areas ... Total LDL-C Direct 122 TotalHDL-C Direct 108 Total VLDL-C Direct 14 Sum Total Cholesterol 244 Triglycerides-Dkirect 66 (1 replies)
... I'm seeing the doctor later on this week to go over these results. I'd like to be prepared... have my questions thought out ahead of time. Also, based on the below results, what can I expect to hear from him? (Lower the LDL, yeah, yeah... are there any other worrisome variables that he's going to flag?) There's a lot of data here and I don't know how much of it to take... (15 replies)
... And here they are... TC is even higher now!!! YIKES! The results with an asterisk were flagged as being out of normal range. ************************* *Total LDL-Cholesterol - Direct 162 mg/dL (<130 is desirable) Total HDL-Cholesterol - Direct 65 Total VLDL-Cholesterol - Direct 27 *Sum Total Cholesterol 255 mg/dL (<200 is desirable) Triglycerides -... (9 replies)
... beneficial dense HDL, and the buoyant beneficial form. Your total HDL is 55, of which 12 is the better form, 43 is the more dense form. I too started off with almost all my HDL as dense. ... (9 replies)
... 27 year old male, 5'11'' 225lbs. Written as they appear on my paperwork: Total cholesterol 232 Medium Risk Total LDL 166 HIGH RISK LDL4+3+2+1 138 HIGH RISK Lp(a) 11 IDL 18 (5 replies)
... I just received my VAP cholesterol test results today, and I need your help and opinions on how good or bad my results were. My PCP is as dumb as a box of rocks, and is not proficient in the area of proper cholesterol management. She just saw my results as "221" and wrote out an Rx for Zocor. I don't give up that easy. If you dig deeper, and get a VAP test, your results... (7 replies)
... Sad but true for most, mine included. You would think they would at least take a few minutes to read Atherotech's information about the VAP. To me it looks like you have three areas to address with your treatment. Elevated LDL, Small particle LDL and Elevated Lp (a). The statin that your doctor is recommending will only address one of the issues the elevated LDL. With... (7 replies)
Vap Results
Feb 14, 2008
... I recently convinced my Dr. to take me off of Zetia, so I now take 10mg of Lipitor and 2g of Niaspan. Here are my VAP results. My LDL went up from 56, my HDL went down from 67, and my trig. are higher than they normally are. But everything else looks good. My previous LP(a) was 42! I do have a history of CAD, and I do have a calcium score. I'm 52 and not over weight, non... (6 replies)
... Regarding the dose of Endur-acin, 750mg is a VERY modest dose of an extended release niacin. As niacin will cause a shift from small particles to larger particles, I would highly recommend increasing this to 1000mg, then 1250mg. Then retest after 8 - 12 weeks. Most patients taking once daily ER niacin are taking 1500mg - 2000mg. (11 replies)
... I had a VAP in April 2010 and one this week (July 13). The April numbers were very good, i.e. low ldl, good hdl, low tri., and patten A. However, my July results very similar except that my pattern changed over to B. It seems the pattern B/A ratio (I calculated this went from 3.32 to 4.31. However, my HDL went from 45 to 52 :) I am a 51 year old heart disease patient with... (11 replies)
... Hello, I am new to the board and trying to make some sense of my recent VAP test which came up flagged abnormal for Pattern B LDL yet my other numbers appear to be very good. All units in mg/dl, range listed after found value: LDL 105 <130 HDL 71 >40 VLDL 14 <30 Total 190 <200 (4 replies)
... I have been following this forum for awhile and decided to post after receiving my VAP (Atherotech) results which concern me. I had already been taking 750mg niacin (Enduracin) and 2g fish oil for several months before the VAP. No red meat and cardio 5x / week. 62 years old. I do have some carotid plaque "of no significance" according to ultrasounds. Anyway, the Lp(a)... (11 replies)
... Thanks lipidprofiler, Understood about the significance of a zero reading for a particular component. Just out of curiosity, have you run across any profiles from someone (or some) with Tangier disease, and if so, is their distribution of VLDL1+2:VLDL3 and HDL2:HDL3 unaffected by the fact that their total lipids (esp HDL) are at such low levels, or do you also see a... (18 replies)
... dL, while the small remnant VLDL3 was at 0. ... (16 replies)

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