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... Being fairly new to this board, could someone explain the relationship between LDL "a" and "B", Tri's and Atkins? ... (2 replies)
... dl places you in the HIGH risk category for future heart disease, with the lipoprotein particles, both LDL and HDL more likely to be small and dense. ... (2 replies)
... What brand of RYR do you take. I hear the "NOW" product with Q10 is pretty good. My buddy was on them, his TC was 285 and went down to 185 in 3 months, with no side effects. Has anyone had good results with RYR. In November 2004 my: TC = 213 HDL = 37 LDL = 148 TRI = 142 Started Fish oils in October and these number reflect with no execise for 6 months, due to a back... (19 replies)

... You mentioned that your HDL is good. I was wondering because if LDL is 210 and TRI are 165, wouldn't HDL have to be 36 for your TC to be 279? ... (9 replies)
... Thanks again. I plan to stick with my diet. It seems to be working, except for the higher LDL. I expected opinions that my LDL was too high and I need to cut back. So far, so good! ... (6 replies)
... I constantly consume foods that will raise my HDL like olive oil, walnuts, etc. and I am wondering if I am raising my LDL at the same time I am raising my HDL, and that's why all my LDL is the good type that too big to stick in my arteries. ... (2 replies)
... every thing sounds like your on the right track though, no comments from me since my LDL is 187 go to the doc wednesday going to try the lipitor again but maybe start out on the 10mgs a day was walking the hills but i live in Iowa and right now it is really HOT and HUMID!! so cant walk quite as long are you on lipitor? and can you please answer my questions about the omega 3's... (14 replies)
... however, my Dr. said that if my LDL goes up he would increase my Lipitor from 10mgs. to 20 mgs. My last test was a LDL rate of 133. ... (17 replies)
... High LDL could be caused by stress. But it won't do you any harm if much of that cholesterol is being recycled, which the high LDL suggests is happening. Also remember that most cholesterol is produced in the liver. ... (14 replies)
... Hi I am new here! Here are my #s. TC 338 HDL 147 LDL 183 TRIG 40 I have no family risk factors. I am M, 42yo, 5'7", 140#, 15% body fat. (14 replies)
... Doctor said they all were high but was more concerned about his HDL level at 16 and his TRI and VLDL. ... (13 replies)
... I would bet the last two remaining hairs on my head, that both your HDL and LDL particle sizes are large and buoyant, meaning that even with your LDL of 179, little or no plaque has accumulated in your arteries. ... (6 replies)
... Had tested after thirty days on 10 MG Zocor. LDL was 190, HDL 57 and Tri's 112. ... (1 replies)
I have Low LDL 16
Apr 13, 2010
... I do believe your LDL is 116. ... (6 replies)
High Tri's
Jul 12, 2007
... Feb Total C 235 HDL 42.6 LDL 166.4 Trig 131 Ratio 5. ... (14 replies)
... even more because there are other beneficial affects to stopping smoking. In particular it is well known that smoking brings about the oxidation of LDL. Oxidised LDL is the small dense nasty stuff that gets into the artery walls. ... (13 replies)
... so you can see that the numbers don't have to be way out of line to cause problems with plaque in the arteries. My total cholesterol was 193 at the time and my LDL was about 130. The one thing that I've found best for raising HDL is exercise. I've tried flax seed oil, fish oil, almonds, red wine, niacin and blueberries. ... (13 replies)
... It may depend on how your diet changed. For example, if you eat less sugars and more saturated fats, the less sugars could lower triglycerides and the more saturated fats would increase LDL. Did the increased exercise improve (raise) your HDL so that your ratios (LDL/HDL, TG/HDL) get better (lower)? (1 replies)
... of fiber as well. I would prefer to take it every other day like you. Looks as though you're getting fantastic results. My HDL and TRI's are very good, but my LDL was 163 last week. I just started the high fiber diet in the last three weeks so I really wasn't eating high fiber long enough to affect my LDL results. ... (9 replies)
High ldl
Dec 3, 2007
... just recently had my numbes done again, cholestrol is 200 hdl is 47 ldl is 127 tri's are 137 my ldl has been around 120-140 for quite a whle now and dr still wont prescribe meds? i am on toprol and diovan for bp but that has been controlled for a while. any ideas? im 32 yr old thanks (5 replies)

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