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... The doc tells me to avoid all dairy products. I have not really been following a low fat diet as of late, prior to my tests. My high numbers really surprized me. ... (30 replies)
New Numbers
Dec 5, 2006
... 3 months ago my cholesterol was high 289 :eek: Just had lab wok the new numbers are 239 triclycerides 146 HDL 55 LDL I forget (3 replies)
Aug 6, 2009
... I was put on a statin for high triglycerides and my liver numbers shot up. I was taken off and now I'm on 5gms of omega 3 fish oil and 2000mg of niacin a day and my triglycerides have dropped nearly 400 points. ... (5 replies)

Jul 9, 2009
... It's not fat though that really influences triglycerides, it's carb intake. But a lot of 'bad for you foods' tend to be high in both bad fats and sugars, so avoiding junk food will help a lot. It's really not that difficult to change your eating patterns either. At first, it may seem like a shock, but you just sort of get used to it. Eat some blueberries or a healthy snack... (5 replies)
... Hi Stumper, I highly recommend that everyone should ask for copies of their bloodwork. 1) It's good to have copies of your test history, so you can follow your progress 2) handy if you need to change doctors, so new doc knows more about your history 3) test results shows the test parameters used by the lab These are general values: LDL - <130 mg/dL HDL - >40 mg/dL (30 replies)
... On the good side, you know I'm also diabetic and my numbers are down to within .3 of being normal and most days my sugar tests within the acceptable range. However, you may remember as well that I lost all that weight... ... (6 replies)
... Basically, pretty much what I would expect. Nothing too high and just the triclycerides are fine. ... (1 replies)
... The Framingham study showed that people who had a high trig levels experienced a greater amount of CAD. They also found that people who had high amounts of HDL were less likely to experience CAD. That is a major study that has started the emphasis on Trig and HDL numbers. Excessive trig levels also lead to obesity and diabetes/insulin resistance which are also factors in... (10 replies)
... there is a recent study that shows having low triclycerides directly correlates to having high levels of the harmless subtype "a" LDL. Which is why HDL and Trig numbers are more important than just total numbers. High Trig levels correlate directly to high carb intake, that is why Atkins is working for you. ... (2 replies)
... means there is nothing wrong with your numbers. HDL is always good to have higher, but people try to lower there LDL when LDL is used by the heart for energy. Triclycerides can be increased by eating too much processed sugar. ... (11 replies)
Lovastatin update
Aug 13, 2005
... I was getting good control from Cholestin, but I had to order it over the internet and it was expensive. I asked my doctor to put me on a low dose of lovastatin because it was similar to what I was taking and it would be much less expensive. After two months, I just got my lab work. My TC is down about 20 points. However, that is because my HDL is down (low 80's to high... (2 replies)
VLDL v.s. LDL ???
Apr 25, 2005
... High triclycerides are usually due to refined carbs, especially anything white and sugar. ... (2 replies)
... The Atkins and other low carb plans are scientifically correct, the body is not funny on how it processes things. It's all a matter of biochemistry 101 and explained in the books. on the other hand, statins are for life. Sure they will work to lower cholesterol, do you know how? They slowly poison the liver so it cannot manufacture cholesterol. Cholesterol is manufatured... (11 replies)

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