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... Well, just got my yearly checkup. As some of you know, I've been battling the cholesterol/triclycerides for over a year now. Now just consider this.... About a year ago when I first found out that I had this problem, my triclycerides were in the 700-800's! Now they are down to the 200 mark. Much better. cholesterol didn't do quite as well. My bad cholesterol is... (6 replies)
... I wasn't due to go back to my PCP for another month for the bs stuff when she called me and told me to come into her office immediately. My triclycerides had gone up instead of down. They are now at over 600 she says, which, as I understand it is considered Danger Zone. ... (5 replies)
... HI. My triclycerides run high too- mine is due to medication I take. I started taking plant sterols, found in any health food store (in a capsule form) every night with dinner. My Triglycerides have come down substantially. They were in the they are under 100, which my doctor says is fine. Look into it! Visit a natural foods/health food store in your area. You... (1 replies)

Aug 6, 2009
... I was put on a statin for high triglycerides and my liver numbers shot up. I was taken off and now I'm on 5gms of omega 3 fish oil and 2000mg of niacin a day and my triglycerides have dropped nearly 400 points. (5 replies)
Jul 9, 2009
... It's not fat though that really influences triglycerides, it's carb intake. But a lot of 'bad for you foods' tend to be high in both bad fats and sugars, so avoiding junk food will help a lot. It's really not that difficult to change your eating patterns either. At first, it may seem like a shock, but you just sort of get used to it. Eat some blueberries or a healthy snack... (5 replies)
Jul 8, 2009
... YIKES! My brother had a blood level of 500 ten years ago and he lowered his just by not eating his favorites ...gallons of ice cream, gooey donuts, eating out or eating frozen prepared meals/foods ...pretty much anything that had lots of fat in it....if it tastes really good don't eat it. He lowered it without medicine because they sometimes make a person really sick. Really... (5 replies)
Jul 8, 2009
... Sugar and alcohol tend to raise triglycerides, so avoid them. If you have excess body fat, try to lose it. Eating more fatty fish may help lower triglycerides. (5 replies)
Jul 8, 2009
... Go low carb. Drop wheat products (breads/pasta), cakes, cookies, sugary foods, rice, potatoes, etc. Omega 3s (3-4 grams daily) should help. Worth getting your vitamin Ds, glycated hemoglobin tested and maybe thyroid too. (5 replies)
Jul 8, 2009
... My doctors office called and told me they were calling in a script for 4 pills a day because my tricleride were 741 what can i do in diet to lower this fast? (5 replies)
... I have my CRP, homocystine levels and a ApoB test once a year. My doctor does give me a "funny" look when I ask for them, but I like to have them done anyway. I read an article a few months ago, that said the "oldie but goody" tests are still the best for checking for heart disease - for example: cholesterol levels, triclycerides, etc. (3 replies)
... Basically, pretty much what I would expect. Nothing too high and just the triclycerides are fine. ... (1 replies)
New Numbers
Dec 5, 2006
... 3 months ago my cholesterol was high 289 :eek: Just had lab wok the new numbers are 239 triclycerides 146 HDL 55 LDL I forget (3 replies)
... Thanks to everyone who has replied...........I have to add that I made a mistake saying my triclycerides were 30 that should read 70. I'm still not feeling very well with a total cholesterol of 122 just seems extremely low. ... (14 replies)
... Thanks to everyone who has replied...........I have to add that I made a mistake saying my triclycerides were 30 that should read 70. I'm still not feeling very well with a total cholesterol of 122 just seems extremely low. ... (14 replies)
... I'm only 25 years old and of normal body weight, but I have a terrible family history. My paternal great grandmother, grandmother, and great uncle have all died of sudden cardiac arrest or other heart related problems under the age of 60. My grandmother was only 55. My Dad is 54 and so far seems exempt, his cholesterol was fine last time he was checked. He has two sisters and... (2 replies)
... means there is nothing wrong with your numbers. HDL is always good to have higher, but people try to lower there LDL when LDL is used by the heart for energy. Triclycerides can be increased by eating too much processed sugar. ... (11 replies)
... The reason I use the term "normalize" and not "lower" cholesterol is, that just lowering LDL, HDL and triclycerides is not the entire picture. It's oxidized LDL that causes the problem, not just elevated LDL. ... (21 replies)
Lovastatin update
Aug 13, 2005
... I was getting good control from Cholestin, but I had to order it over the internet and it was expensive. I asked my doctor to put me on a low dose of lovastatin because it was similar to what I was taking and it would be much less expensive. After two months, I just got my lab work. My TC is down about 20 points. However, that is because my HDL is down (low 80's to high... (2 replies)
VLDL v.s. LDL ???
Apr 25, 2005
... High triclycerides are usually due to refined carbs, especially anything white and sugar. ... (2 replies)
... Heart44, Thanks so much for all of the info :) This all is really helpful to me. You know what? You are absolutely right. I pay for these tests and I should have copies of my medical records and tests. I have a right to them AND if I change doctors I have these to give to him. Thanks for this advice. (30 replies)

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