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... Those work for some people. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, my doc has put me on the medication Tricor for high cholesterol. He said I will probably have to be on the medication for the rest of my life. ... (1 replies)
... to reduce homocystein levels, a marker for inflammation. ... (16 replies)

... when the 2 are combined. I had serious muscle pains and weakness within 2 months of my doctor adding Tricor to my Lipitor. If you notice any chronic muscle pains, stop the Tricor and get to your doctor. ... (19 replies)
Vytorin and Tricor
Jun 13, 2005
... paks of Tricor that the drug rep had given him recently!!! ... (5 replies)
... Every so often the docs will check my triglycerides and they are way over 1000!! I do have a family history of hypertriglyceridemia, but my Dad didn't get this problem until he was over 50! ... (9 replies)
... Does anyone know if you take Tricor (for lowering Triglycerides) AND Omega's together can be harmful?..........i asked my MD and while taking the Tricor i asked about taking the Omega's and he didn't feel it was such a good idea - i can't understand why - does anyone know? tx..... (5 replies)
Dec 9, 2004
... i have been on the tricor for over a year and to me its the best med around to lower the triglycerides and cholesteral i couldnt tolerate the zocor and the lopid wuit working so now im on tricor and omega 3 no problems on this end. ... (6 replies)
Dec 6, 2004
... Tricor is a fenofibrate that can cause the same adverse side effects as statins. It is used to lower high triglycerides. I have a disorder that causes my tri's to be over 1000. I take tricor for a while and I have to stop a while, due to the side effects (muscle aches, weakness, peripheral neuropathy). I have read that cholesterol can block the tiny arteries that supply the... (6 replies)
... Lay, I have never taken Tricor. I am taking the famous lipitor. The doctor put me on 20mg. because my cholesterol was 304. After I took it for two months I started having a bad pain in my shoulder. So, I did some studying on it and it said it can cause muscle pain. I had an xray and it showed arthritis. ... (1 replies)
... Tricor is usually prescribed for high triglycerides but sometimes for low HDL. It might be better for your son to try some natural remedies to raise his HDL before resorting to medication. Tricor can cause some of the same side effects as statins. ... (1 replies)
... I believe the triglyceride number was around 400, and I don't remember what the cholesterol was. But the nurse told me I was at risk for heart disease, and they started me on TriCor, 145mgs. ... (0 replies)
... and was on that for about 5 years. My total cholesterol used to be around 220 on Lopid. ... (16 replies)
TRICOR 1st results
Jul 31, 2004
... After being on Tricor for many months Doc says my triglycerides were cut in half 350 to 175 but bad cholesterol went up a bit hmmmm........... i am to be on a bit longer, re-evaluate and perhaps a change. no lipitor though-- made the muscles and joints feel horrible !! (1 replies)
... i am on the same meds as of last month.......the Vytorina is for cholesterol and the Tricor is for Triglycerides.... ... (7 replies)
... Kate, is this the first time he has had Trigs so high? I know my husband has had tests done in the past where his have been in the 400's, but 2020 is really something I never heard of. Hopefully the meds. will help, along with some of the suggestions U got from folks here, as that is really high!! Good luck, and do keep us posted.... :wave: (19 replies)
... My husband just had a test for triglycerides and his result was a whopping 2020!! ... (19 replies)
... She can't walk, talk, or do anything for herself. Guess what? ... (16 replies)
... The disclaimer is that not everyone is the same. A low carb diet may work for some people, and not for others. My advice to you works in my case, but may not for you. ... (7 replies)
... Since her iron is so low, the Dr. put her on an iron supplement to try and raise her iron levels. I think he wants her to try Tricor for three months plus the iron supplement and recheck her then. I guess the three months gives it time to get into her system and start working. The Dr. ... (7 replies)

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