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... I like the results but my Tryglicerides are up 100 points. My diet hasn't been that great so I'm going to be more conscious going forward and see what the next results look like. ... (8 replies)
... If it was me with Daves numbers I would take Tricor alone as this will keep regular choleterol down on its own along with lowering tri's . ... (8 replies)
... The Tricor is specifically aimed at your triglycerides, a problem for you. ... (8 replies)

... Unfortunately viper, Dave's numbers were achieved with 6 months of daily simvastatin and ezetimibe, so that while decent now, they would SOAR with just the TRICOR. If the numbers reported were the BASELINE numbers, I'd agree with you completely: only the triglycerides are the problem. But it seems Dave needs the simvastain to get the LDL and TC to manageable levels. (8 replies)
... Dave, I judge a triglyceride level of 365 in the presence of an HDL of 35 to be QUITE severe and an agent that attacks triglycerides directly seems to be very important. An increase of 28% in the AUC (area under curve, or a measure of total drug exposure) of the statin doesn't seem too significant and perhaps might lend itself to an effective reduction of the Zocor. ... (8 replies)
... I would share your concern about mixing fenofibrates and statins this is not a great idea unless your levels are severe which they do not appear to be , below is blurb from the warnings from tricor. CPK checks do not always catch the problems early enough. removed] (8 replies)
... See.. there I was, ready to fight the doctor and you come in and say to give it a try! I reluctantly started with the Tricor last week and today I got my perscription filled for the Simvastatin and will stop taking the Vytorin today and replace it with the Simvastatin. ... (8 replies)
... Maybe a fenofibrate like Tricor would help if you can withstand that class of med? ... (6 replies)
Dec 5, 2006
... (5 replies)
Nov 21, 2006
... Hey eveyone, I'm interested in anyone's experience with Tricor. I have been on Zocor for about a year, and year before that on Lovastatin and have had good results with my total choleterol, LDL and HDL, but have not had any affect on my Triglycerides. ... (5 replies)
... Results Simvastatin (40mg) and Tricor (48mg) My latest results are: TC: 199 HD: 37 LD: 99 Tri: 317 My previous results about 6 weeks ago with Vytorin (10/40mg): TC: 179 (0 replies)
May 6, 2004
... Im on tricor now...and very good results so far. I had extremely high trigs and it helped a lot, also lowered my TC from 250 to about 175. ... (7 replies)
... I finally got my lab results back today. I was having a problem with my trigs running about 402. Well, after taking krill oil for the last few months, my new number was down to 276! ... (30 replies)
... I had tried Tricor in the past for high triglycerides and high cholesterol and it brought my numbers to where they needed to be. ... (30 replies)
... I have not had any problems being on lipitor or tricor by them selves, but what is the increase in risk by taking both? ... (6 replies)
Feb 15, 2010
... If this were me with a new doc, i would insist of having another lipid in 3 months and be sure to get your copies of test results as they are yours. ... (1 replies)
Feb 12, 2010
... I have been on Tricor since Apr 09 to manange my cholesterol. I just recently moved from the west coast to east coast. ... (1 replies)
... The doctor said if they are still that high he wanted to do some more tests and most likely put me on Tricor to help lower. ... (2 replies)
... Hubble, thanks for the additional information, and I will definately keep taking the CoQ10. I asked for more clarification about the pain because I've had a few days over the last 2-3 weeks (on Tricor only) where my left thigh, calf and heel have hurt - mostly on the outside of the leg. Not enough to stop me from doing things, but noticable. I've also had some pain in my... (6 replies)
... I started vytorin about 10 weeks ago after trying lipitor, tricor and lopid without much success. ... (3 replies)

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