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... HDL ratio should be less than 4.0. Yours is 2.75. ... (25 replies)
High HDL
Apr 3, 2004
... HDL ratio should be less than 4, and yours is 2.45. ... (4 replies)
... HDL ratio has been shown to be a much better predictor of heart disease risk than total cholesterol or LDL levels which seem to be the only thing that doctors focus on. ... (6 replies)

... HDL ratio should be 4.0 or less. ... (28 replies)
... Hi Yack, thanks very much for those numbers. The following are my numbers a few months ago when I had my yearly exam. I have been taking simvastatin for a few years, and after this latest test, my doctor wanted to INCREASE my cholesterol meds. Do you consider these numbers a reason to increase meds? I certainly don't. In fact, I'm highly considering coming off the... (5 replies)
... HDL ratio should be less than 4.0. Yours is currently 5.77. ... (9 replies)
... HDL ratio is excellent. You don't say what the issues are for your dad and siblings. ... (19 replies)
Mar 29, 2011
... As you can see from the above, every ratio relies on the HDL. The higher your HDL, the lower your ratios. So, the lower the ratio, the lower the risk of heart disease. ... (3 replies)
Nov 13, 2002
... After six months low carbing my HDL went from 54 to 73, Trigs went from 190 to 69, LDL went from 276 to 211. TC dropped from 368 to 298. ... (9 replies)
High Total of 253
Jan 24, 2016
... hdl ratio is 3. ... (1 replies)
... ALL THE STUDIES show the lower the LDL the lower the risk. We know the higher the HDL and the lower the LDL, the lower the risk. However, I just haven't seen any comprehensive studies on the RATIOS of the two with respect to risk. ... (33 replies)
... My last two fasting blood tests have yielded normal HDL and TRIGs, but high LDL. The high LDL is skewing the TC as high and above 200. ... (3 replies)
... HDL. I think you can safely have an LDL which is over 100 just so long as you keep your triglycerides down, and your HDL is high enough offset the LDL. ... (33 replies)
... HDL ratio being the best indicator for heart disease risk. He said a ratio of 5. ... (7 replies)
... It's not solely one ratio that is taken into account for diagnosing hyperlipidemia or hypercholesterolaemia. ... (6 replies)
... HDL ratio is the most accurate of the three with regards to a prediction of oncoming Atherosclerosis. ... (8 replies)
... lower HDL levels. ... (12 replies)
... HDL ratio was the most important. I don't know if that is true, but if so, my best ratio was when I was eating 14 eggs a week and had a TC of 241, HDL of 91, and trigs of 68. That's a .75 ratio! ... (6 replies)
... HDL ratio of 5.0 is about in the middle of the risk scale, while a ratio of 2.0 or less is considered to be very low risk. For a triglyceride level of 106 and an HDL level of 48, the ratio is 2. ... (12 replies)
... Large buoyant HDL and LDL particles are the most ideal. ... (5 replies)

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