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... e alot more stuff he ran on me but i dont understand any of it some says high some says low so is the medication im on safe and what is it use for cholesterol or triglcerides or both or something entirely different? ... (3 replies)
... Two years ago, I went to a Heart Clinic and had the following tests done: EKG, Ultra Sonogram, Stress Test, Heart Imagine Scan and a Carotid Artery Test. I did fine with all 5 tests. The reason for the tests is that I had no idea what condition my heart was in. At the time, I was 70. What I got out of these test was peace of mind. Many years ago the number for... (8 replies)
Aug 26, 2009
... in november my triglcerides were 1649 as of last week they were down to 185...been on tricor it dropped them really fast even in just 3 months of starting them it dropped to 197... ... (1 replies)

... issues wpw syndrome and svt. had most of my life. went in for checkup this year after wife driving me crazy and my blood test showed bad colesteral at 236 and my triglcerides were 675. im on tricor now and fish oil pills. already take solotal and 80mg baby asprin for heart issues. what do i need to do. ... (5 replies)
... Not necessarily. I personally know two people who have had blockage and needed stents and their cholesterol was considered optimal. One did have high triglcerides, however. I think doctors may be on the wrong track with this one, but who knows :confused: (2 replies)
... lysine. Three months later and another blood test her LDL was 120 and triglcerides 88. Her doctor made the comment I don't want to know what you are doing but keep it up. ... (9 replies)
... Yes you did answer on the last post and that is where i got in trouble, when i tried to respond,sorry about that. I'am going to try the policosanal tonight at bedtime, my triglcerides have always been the problem, even when my other numbers were fair to good, i have since cut down on the white stuff, my weakness was pasta's but use the browns now, i have been considering the... (4 replies)
Need some advice
Jun 4, 2007
... Niaspan should only be taken at bedtime. You will be miserable if you take it during the day. Also, it is at nightitme that your liver produces most of it's cholesterol, so that is when you want to take Niaspan. Everything I have read says to take it at bedtime. You should start out on 500 mg for a month... and then increase it to 1000 mg if you are not having much... (8 replies)
... ok i will post my lab test from back mar 2006 till now . not sure what they are but here they are : sodium-142 potassiam-4.3 chloride-105 co2-28 glocose-94 bun-11 creatinine0.9 calcium-9.6 (39 replies)
... NHOME so if i stop taking the zocore and tricore would it hurt me? i dont really like them anyway but they told me something about heart attack and stroke well the meds im taking now zocore or tricore is causing arm pain plus my thyriold meds arent working as well as they should be do you know of some other way to help me lower my cholesterol and triglcerides? i dont really... (39 replies)
... NHOMEguess what my levels must be fine now cause i have tons and tons of energy now as of today i started out feeling great and i still feel great my energy is sky high i cant stop doing stuff i ran 5 miles today too so whats that say and im hardly eating im not as hungry as i was and i never fell asleep once so by how i feel i believe my levels muct be back to normal and if a... (39 replies)
... i just started seeing this new dr hes internal medicine but by his name is says DO what is a DO dr? i saw him once allready and he was very good he knew i was not within range yet but said my cholesteral was 234 and triglcerides were 315 i take the tricore 145 mg and zocore 20 mg not that i really want too but i do it to stay alive the only thing i read on the pamplet was... (39 replies)
... nhome, why would my dr put me on these meds when he knew my tsh levels? he got my tsh first then my cholestral and triglcerides how dangers is this and the tingling in my toes has been happening way before i took the test but in sept i did start having fainting spells i dont have them as much but gp told me it was high aneity so now im scared what should i do ????? my internal... (39 replies)
... i all i just found out my cholestral level is 234 my triglcerides are 315 my dr put me on 145 mg of tricore and 20 mg zocore the zocore for 1 month the tricore i have 3 more refills i also have thyriod disoder my tsh is high its 7.11 my dr knows all about my thyriods so im hoping i can get my stuff lowered cause im only 44 and i dont want to die of a stroke or heart attack so... (39 replies)
... The lab shouldn't be able to mess up the antibodies test. If they showed up once, I would suspect that they are their. Some labs aren't (or their equipment) isn't sufficient. T3 is NOT the same as FREE T3. Free T3 is the active part of the thyroid hormone. I would INSTST on this test. Even though many people have numbers within does not mean that this number is... (3 replies)
... i did my tsh was 7.11 and mt t4 was 0.9 said t3 was good one dr told me i had the antibodies and this new dr says i dont and this new dr is suppose to be a very good dr could the lab where i go mess up my labs? my dr knew about my thyriold i had all my records from other drs so why is all this happening to me the zocore is for 1 month the tricore i have 3 refills and no my... (3 replies)
... You doctor should NEVER put you on a cholesterol lowering medication when you have a thyroid disorder that is obviously not under control. Make sure you have a Free T3 on the thyroid test. (3 replies)
Need some advice
Mar 18, 2007
... Hello everyone! I have high cholestrol and have been taking Lipitor for about 7 years now. After trying Vytorin for a time I recently asked to be switched back to Lipitor. At that visit the Doctor took my blood. It was a non fasting draw. The results kinda alarming. My numbers were Total = 163 LDL = unknown HDL = 34 Triglcerides = 511 Because trigs were so high the... (8 replies)
... hi, new to this site, i started zetia and lopid a year ago dropped my triglcerides right away, dr didnt think my total cholesterol was going down fast enough about 2 months ago took me off the lopid kept me on the zetia and added lipitor, i now am so tired dont want to go for my daily walks wrists hurt, bad neck pain and headaches and sounds kind of personal but every since i... (35 replies)
... Just an update. I am going back in Tuesday for more blood work to see if I ahve made any improvement in the last 6 weeks. Wish me well. I have stuck very hard to the fish oil pills and also - no fried foods. I did great in the beginning as far as walking but with this Texas heat and it being 95 degrees at 9 PM it has been hard for me to walk lately. Anyway - just an... (14 replies)

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