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... Let me tell you what happened to me. I took 4 fish oil supplements which is one too many and my trigly went from 158 to 65 in 6 months. It seems to much of a change so I lowered to 3 fish oil supps per day. ... (9 replies)
... Hi 52ken, Could I please ask the brand of fish oil supplements you took ? Of course, you must have changed dietary habits. My triglyceride is 305 :( I see other folks also have had success with the fish oil, could someboy tell me their brand name ? there are just too many in the market. (9 replies)
... Yes, that is kind of high. My cholesterol was 258 at one time and now is 161!!! It didn't happen overnight. I ate the right foods and took fish oil supplements and ate peanuts. I also lost some weight and exercised. Did you have your glucose checked? Sometimes that might be increased too. We have to be good to our body so it will be good to us. lol (9 replies)

... thanks for the great in-puts i am going to try anything and everything ASAP my weight will be going DOWN and so will my chols and trigly (9 replies)
... my trigly was 1172 yes no mistake my ratio was at 7. ... (9 replies)
... how often should i take fish oil softgel caps for high trigly (9 replies)
... hi, Please someone help me, i m very up sad last 1 yr, i have very high cholesterol, my cholesterol story the first time i wend for lab test last year 19/09/12 my result was. s-cholesterol 7.0 mmol/L (5 replies)
... About 15yrs ago, I first tested and found high Cholest & Trigly. By adjusting my diet, with moderate exercise, my Cholesterol came to border line (190 - 216). I am in late 40s, male, vegetarian and take 3000mg fish oil increased from 1200mg (stopped Salmon after the Japan earthquake). I am 5' 7" and about 150lb. No dairy stuff other than cream for tea, ice cream. Take... (0 replies)
... my own numbers: (pardon the 'metric' version, normal range is in brackets) CHOL 4.53 (2.00-5.19 mmol/L) HDL 1.21 (>0.90 mmol/L) CHOL:HDL ratio 3.74 (<4.9) LDL 2.82 (2.50-3.39 mmol/L) TriGly 1.11 (0.45-2.29 mmol/L) (6 replies)
... Thank you! Agree that I've a 'modest' need for statins now but if I lose some weight I'm sure I won't and sugar number will go down. Just need to get really motivated --- For now I'll take the very low dose statin and re-test in a couple of months to see if that's helping -- doc called in a script for the Zocor generic today after I phoned his office so he's on-board... (12 replies)
... My own numbers are (well, 2008 test results, it's seen as a non-issue so I'm no longer being tested): (pardon the 'metric' version, normal range is in brackets) CHOL 4.53 (2.00-5.19 mmol/L) HDL 1.21 (>0.90 mmol/L) CHOL:HDL ratio 3.74 (<4.9) LDL 2.82 (2.50-3.39 mmol/L) TriGly 1.11 (0.45-2.29 mmol/L) (12 replies)
... of the trigly...i know that is in a good range as my HDL is too. it is just the LDL. i read somewhere that a high LDL with low trigly could mean that u have the big fluffy LDL as opposed to the small dense and also someone with muscle, which i have can also be attributed to the good LDL.... ... (5 replies)
... Hi everyone, sorry it took so long to get back, but I have old #s and news #s after taking Gemfibrozil for 4 weeks: Dec Total 259 HDL 31 LDL Too high to measure Trigly's 475 Feb Total 180 (13 replies)
... Hi, Here are my official results from the lipids profile that was done on Jan 20. Jan 20, 2004 Total: 234 HDL 45 LDL 161 VLDL 28 Trigly 142 (26 replies)
... Had two full (with fasting) tests done, 1st Aug 2001, 2nd March 2002. 1st Dr.(older) suggested my situation was poor to bad and put the fear of "fix it or we medicate" into me. 2nd Dr. (younger) reviewed the 2002 test results and although said particular areas were not perfect, was pleased with the overall including ratio and recommended I change nothing. Strange?, only... (1 replies)
... Hi everyone- I'm new on here. I just had a full panel work up for the first time in 10 years. I did a health and wellness screening at work and was oy given a results sheet. No explanation other than if no one contacts you everything is. Not the best answer. Basic Info I'm 39 years old. I'm 6' 190 my body fat is 11% Bp was 120/71 I played football through... (1 replies)
... y diet, and I am not overweight. Just had a complete physical and was given an overall excellent rating...except for my cholesterol! My HDL is 65, my LDL is 163, Trigly 98, and total cholesterol 248. The notes on my results from the doctor stated that she was suprised to see my total cholesterol so high with such a good HDL. ... (3 replies)
... My husband's total cholesterol was 170 (down from 210) when he last had a physical (about a month ago). He's been on Welchol for about a year. The dr. changed the prescription to generic lipitor after he finishes up the last of the Welchol, with a blood work check after 3 months on the lipitor. He hasn't started it yet, but I'm questioning the need for it. We're watching... (6 replies)
... hi, iam new to this board and was wondering if someone could comment on my post. do i need to put more info out there.i appreciate any help (5 replies)
... i am a 56 year old man who had a physiacal and all is well except my cholesterol. i am in good shape and exercise daily. my numbers are as follws total 285 hdl 53 ldl 212 trigly 99 my doctor wants me on 20 mg of lipitor for 6 weeks and then get retested. i would love to avoid it if possible.i read about the two types of ldl type a and b...was wondering... (5 replies)

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