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... Total - 222 Trigly - 170 HDL - 43 LDL - 145 LDL Direct - 159 VLDL Lipo - 34 I'm a pretty active 34 year old male. 6'1 190 lbs. Obviously I'm not very happy with these numbers, just looking for some suggestions. (2 replies)
... Peakbagger, it seems that your #s are really good. Do you currently take a statin? I just had two VAP tests, one in April and one this week. Your #s are very similar to mine except in April I was a solid pattern A and the latest test I am now a pattern B ??? I am 51, 6' tall, and 168 lbs. However, I am a heart disease patient (6 stents in 2007) and am on Lipitor +... (4 replies)
... hello iowacookie - I am glad you asked this for I was interested, as well. My new numbers: I am 54, good health, 5'4" 135# and cholesterol is 238, HDL is 69, LDL is 134 and tri: 174 (damnit). My diet consists of mainly lean turk/chick on a dry rice cake, fresh salads with olive oil/lemon, salmon on lettuce/spinach, tons of berries/canteloupes and the once in a... (9 replies)

... I lowered my Triglycerides from 350 to 87 by reducing my high glycemic foods like potatoes, rice, and breads. I use the glycemic index to decide what carbs to eat and how much of a carb to eat. I still eat the same amount of carbs with each meal but I mix low glycemic carbs with high glycemic carbs. From my reading, it appears excess insulin causes the high tri's and for those... (9 replies)
... Walmart brand Health Fitness or Spring Valley 1000 MG. It seems to work for me and not too expensive. Puritans Pride is also a good place to look. Good luck in bringing your numbers down. Ken (9 replies)
... With high triglycerides, also try cutting back on sugar, refined or fast digesting (high glycemic) carbohydrates, and alcohol. Also, losing excess body fat should help. (9 replies)
... My dh thinks my cholesterol is WAY too high: Total: 208 (not great, I agree) but LDL: 127 HDL: 64 Trigly: 83 I'm a healthy 49 y.o. female, no risk factors that I know of. Doctor apparently not concerned; just said repeat at annual in a year. I think DH is not taking the good HDL # into consideration. So, just asking here - do you see cause of concern? The only... (4 replies)
... I recently got my blood work, and hdl was 48, ldl was 80, total vldl C was 24, Trigly was 146. I'm 57 years old, 5'10, and weigh 180. ... (3 replies)
... Same thing happened to me, except my trigly. only went down 4 pts. I stopped taking the Lovaza and have noticed my numbers came down somewhat. Am now taking Crestor. Have also taken Tricor and zocor with bad effects. (2 replies)
... Age 55 Height: 6'.02" Weight: 270lbs Total chol: 270 HDL: 37 LDL: 181 Trigly: 262 I "discoverd" these #'s because of blood tests requested after a high BP episode. Dr.'s response to this was 40mg Pravachol. (6 replies)
Oct 14, 2007
... Wondered what others experience has been on the use of supplements instead of pharmaceuticals.......about 8 yrs ago,I went on lipitor, raised eventually to 40mg QD and Lopid 600mg bid. my total chol was 300, ldl to high to count, trigly. 500something and hdl, pitifully low. The meds brought it all within normal lipids, but I dumped them all a year ago and started taking... (1 replies)
... Iamacarbuff, If you are sensitive to statins, why don't you consider a low-dose of Vytorin? Get one that has a lower dose of Zocor than you're currently taking. Also continue with the CoQ10 - but once the muscle pain subsides, I think you can cut back from 100mg per day. I currently take 75mg every other day now - I had serious muscle pains from Lipitor 2 years ago and... (13 replies)
... Well hopefully the Zocor will not give U the side effects Lipitor did, and yes, I think taking the COQ10 is a good idea. I know there are pro's and con's about the Q10, but most people I talk too and websites I read, say it should be taken with any statin. Your numbers are VERY good, who knows, maybe in time U can even lower the doseage. Keep us posted how it is going, and... (13 replies)
... Now I am on 20 MG of Zocor. I do take 100mg of COQ10 (which my Dr. said I did not need but that it would not hurt to take them). My numbers from a test just a few weeks ago; Total-154 HDL-46 LDL-82 Trigly-130 I'm still waiting to get back my homocystine level. Thanks to all that have offered advice and informaton for me...I appreciate your time. (13 replies)
... While it was my insurance company that made the "bean counter" decision to change statins, I am very glad to get off of Lipitor. The muscle aches are the main problem. At first in the legs,now arms, back and even chest. It seems the cold weather even makes it more noticable. I will say this for Lipitor, my numbers are down: Total-154 HDL-46 LDL-82 Trigly.-130 Is this... (6 replies)
High Crp
Dec 30, 2005
... Here are my latest numbers. Hs-CRP: 5 (very high, normal values are around 1). Was 4, 8 months back Homocysteine: 7 (still high, but was 15 8 months back. brought down by taking B12) Total choles:172, LDL 119, HDL 36, Trigly-88.. Hovering around the same numbers from last 5 to 6 yrs... Consume only 1200 calories/day. Took 2000 mgs/day of Vit C for 2 weeks prior to... (1 replies)
... Just had my Cholesterol tests, I'm 40 male, so it was part of a checkup.. Total was 183 (which according to the chart okay) HDL was 28 (okay this one was lousy) LDL was 128 (This was okay) Trigly 134 (which is low) (2 replies)
... I had high cholesterol a year ago and was put on statin drugs. They worked two weeks my cholesterol was within acceptable ranges...all types! But, within three months I was having aches and pains all over my body (legs, back, neck, etc). When it moved into my lower back (where kidneys 'live'), I stopped taking them and my cholesterol was back to dangerous levels... (31 replies)
... It's not really that bad, except for your high triglycerides, assuming that number is correct (Zip already pointed out that your lipid numbers don't add up correctly). Was your lipid test done after an 8+ hour fast? If not, that might explain why your triglycerides are so high. Lipid ratios have been shown to be much better indicators of heart disease risk than just a... (19 replies)
... Your family history is certainly a red flag, but your #'s aren't that *scary*. However, given the FAMILY HISTORY, you should have LDL BELOW 100..if you can't do that with diet (low saturated fat diet and high fiber) within 6 months, then you should take the statin. (See my recent post on the thread "How long Crestor"). Your TRIGS are way too high as well, they need to be... (19 replies)

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