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Salmon Oil
Jun 26, 2003
... Moxie75: It's great that you're eating plenty of salmon as well as supplementing with fish oil. Incidentally, a 3 ounce serving of salmon provides the equivalent of 1.8 grams of combined EPA and DHA. That is equal to approximately 6 fish oil capsules. I'm glad to hear that your HDL "went through the roof". You didn't say what your other numbers are, only that your LDL... (5 replies)
... Just got my blood test results today: TC = 7.1 mmol/L HDL = 1.25 (have been stable at this level) LDL = 4.9 (up from 4.4 6 months ago) Triglyceride = 2.09 (up from 1.8 6 months ago) This time I have also ordered full blood test and these are the results: WBC = 7.5 (0 replies)
... Your Triglyceride level is too high, so look at your diet. Too much fat? ... (3 replies)

... I suspect it was the fish oil. Fish oils can lower triglycerides and have a minor benefit for hdl, but tend to either have no effect on ldl, or raise it. In my own experience, 3 grams+/day Omega 3 rose my ldl from 105 to 133. While 1.8 grams/day Omega 3 had no effect on my ldl. The type used may also play a role (maybe)... if it's the triglyceride or ester form, or... (3 replies)
... from April. Triglyceride is down 41. ... (4 replies)
... for 3 months. The extra virgin olive oil was found to be significantly better in preventing oxidation of LDL cholesterol and lowering triglyceride levels. Unfortunately there was no comparison between olive oils and other types of vegetable oils. ... (31 replies)
... Low drinking, no smoking, from test 1 to test 2, reduced red meat and increased fibre and whole wheat carbs. ... (1 replies)
... What is the verdict on this machine in regards to accuracy and consistency in the readings? We just purchased this machine for cholesterol and blood sugar testing and this will be our 3rd time using it, each time the readings are completely wacko. I can post the data later, but I'm curious on what your experience with this machine is. Either this machine isn't very... (10 replies)
... Hi all. I a bad serum lipid problem. I have a strong family history of heart attacks at an early age and strokes. When I was about 42, I started having chest pain. Too Young? NOT! People in their 30's can get really bad heart attacks (MI)! At that time I had blood work and found out to my horror that I had a triglyceride level of 750 following a 12 hr fast (HIGH... (47 replies)
... IDL correlate to your triglyceride level. ... (9 replies)
... HDL ratio should be close to 1. Yours is 0.63. In my opinion, with your very high HDL and low triglyceride levels, total cholesterol and LDL becomes far less of an issue. ... (3 replies)
... I had mentioned that I would post my latest lipoprofile results. I have also worked up my last 1.5 years of blood profiles, pre- and post- MI for those interested. In summary, I have discovered that by weight loss and exercise I have been able to come off of all prescription meds (minus the zyrtec for allergies). I have reversed type II diabetes. The most significant... (17 replies)
... Did your physician speak with you about your results? Anyway, my thoughts are that the cholesterol value above is a bit higher than optimal. I notice your triglycerides are certainly above the norm at 270. Today, the normal cutoff on triglycerides is 155. If you search the forums here, you should find some suggestions for lowering triglycerides, and I believe a good first... (5 replies)
... Is there some way I can make lifestyle modifications to improve my cholesterol and triglyceride levels? ... (0 replies)
... Hi Hope someone can help me. I went to my doctor and had my Cholesterol checked. Here are my numbers for Cholesterol Total 243 range (165-199) Triglyceride 147 (50-149) HDL 40 (40-91) (1 replies)
My new results
Jun 3, 2016
... I have been on a strict Med diet. Here are my new results. Can anyone advise please? LIPID PROFILE S-CHOLESTEROL 2.6 mmol/L < 5.0 S-LDL CHOLESTEROL 1.3 mmol/L < 3.0 S-HDL CHOLESTEROL 0.89 mmol/L L > 1.0 S-NON HDL CHOLESTEROL 1.7 mmol/L < 3.8 S-CHOL./HDL RATIO 2.9 < 4.1 S-TRIGLYCERIDE 0.93 mmol/L < 1.70 (1 replies)
... It can be confusing, I agree, but here's the way I understand it: Your total cholesterol result was 6.83 which is high because normal is 5.20 Your HDL was 3.10 and normal (for females) is 1.3, so you exceeded the standard for normal, which is very good. Your LDL is 3.40 whereas a normal concentration is 3.5 so you are a little lower than the standard for normal, and... (3 replies)
Oct 5, 2004
... You guys might find this interesting, I did from several angles: (excuse the cut and paste but I'm a bit gun-shy about posting links on these boards.) (11 replies)
... I can't make sense of these results....They all say Normal on the lab reports...How is 6.8 normal for the cholesterol when its supposed to be under 4.5 or whatever is normal lol.... On the lab report it says 6.2 is considered high....But it was noted as normal....Im so confused on this...can someone explain these labs on why it says normal when it really isn't? or am i just... (3 replies)
... Alan, I am not sure that it is possible to be so rigid when examining the causes that underlie heart disease for all people. I think the key is definitely moderation and exercise, even moreso than diet. I am willing to bet that I can take any "diet" and apply it properly (i.e. in moderation) and maintain a healthy weight and decent lipid profile. I already know that I... (16 replies)

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