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... lts, which are very similar to the results that I got six months ago. While my LDL and Total Cholesterol are higher than recommended I feel that my great HDL and Triglyceride levels fully balance out the negative cholesterol. ... (6 replies)
... Hello, I am 33 years old male with slim built and hardly any belly fat. Last year 23 October 2014, I went for a general health checkup and I got diagnosed with High cholesterol.The report showed following Date :23 Oct 2015 Total Cholestrol - 5.6 mmol/L HDL 'Good' Cholesterol - .88 mmol/L After this,I got careful with my lifestyle and eating habits.I can strictly... (1 replies)
... he asked me if anyone is diabetic in my family and the answer is NO. I weigh 190 no other health problems. can anyone shed any insight? ... (5 replies)

High cholesterol
Feb 9, 2003
... which equals your LDL reading. It looks like your numbers are in line. What has happened is that over this time period your HDL levels have dropped while your triglyceride levels have increased. Has anything changed in your diet during this time? ... (3 replies)
Niacin results
Oct 17, 2006
... then I decided to go check my records and see where I have been and how I am doing now. Here is what I found. While on a statin my total cholesterol was 195 and Triglyceride was 190 which is my biggest concern since your Triglycerides should be below 150, while on the statin I had big time side effects and had to quit them. ... (2 replies)
... What is the verdict on this machine in regards to accuracy and consistency in the readings? We just purchased this machine for cholesterol and blood sugar testing and this will be our 3rd time using it, each time the readings are completely wacko. I can post the data later, but I'm curious on what your experience with this machine is. Either this machine isn't very... (10 replies)
... Based on those numbers, your triglyceride level would be approximately 165 mg/dl. While that number is not too bad, I wouldn't consider it excellent either. Ideally you want to see this number under 150 and excellent would be under 100 mg/dl. Your triglyceride/HDL ratio is 165/67=2.46 which is pretty good. The lower the better, with a ratio less than 2.0 indicating a low... (2 replies)
... He wrote me: "I reviewed your cholesterol profile and based on your overall cardiac risk profile I would advise you consider using a cholesterol lowering drug like atorvastatin to lower LDL bad cholesterol and to reduce risk of future heart attack and stroke." My cholesterol panel (12/17) Total: 169 (3 years ago 190) Triglyceride: 79 (3 years ago 154) Non HDL: 129 ... (2 replies)
... What Do Cholesterol Test Numbers Mean? continued... Total blood cholesterol level: High risk: 240 mg/dL and above Borderline high risk: 200-239 mg/dL Desirable: Less than 200 mg/dL LDL cholesterol levels: Very high risk: 190 mg/dL and above High risk: 160-189 mg/dL (1 replies)
... Yack and Jen here are my Lipids Total cholesterol: 147 Triglyceride Total: 42 LDL: 95 HDL: 44 Thyroid Function: Normal, no medication change (3 replies)
... About 15yrs ago, I first tested and found high Cholest & Trigly. By adjusting my diet, with moderate exercise, my Cholesterol came to border line (190 - 216). I am in late 40s, male, vegetarian and take 3000mg fish oil increased from 1200mg (stopped Salmon after the Japan earthquake). I am 5' 7" and about 150lb. No dairy stuff other than cream for tea, ice cream. Take... (0 replies)
My numbers
Sep 12, 2011
... and I'm 6ft, 190 and stay in excellent shape. I work out often. ... (3 replies)
... Hello, I am new to the board and trying to make some sense of my recent VAP test which came up flagged abnormal for Pattern B LDL yet my other numbers appear to be very good. All units in mg/dl, range listed after found value: LDL 105 <130 HDL 71 >40 VLDL 14 <30 Total 190 <200 (4 replies)
... Here are my results: (blood taken at 8:30am, hadn't eaten since about 7:30pm the night before) TRIGLYCERIDE - 309 (12-200 Mg/dl) CHOLESTEROL - 259 (100-200 mg/dl) Low Den Lipoprotien - 156 (50-190 mg/dl) High den Lipoprotien - 42 (35-80 mg/dl) (2 replies)
... tayed on just the 250 mg for three months, then had a liver enzyme test and blood lipid test to see where I was at. Even the 250 mg gave me some cholesterol and triglyceride lowering. I think the recommendations the doctor had were to have liver enzyme tests every three months after increasing the dose. ... (28 replies)
... I wouldn't take Red Yeast Rice either, if I'd been unable to tolerate statins. You might want to look at some other options. Niacin therapy, of course, is an old standby. It has been used to lower cholesterol for decades. Therapeutic doses usually run about 1000 to 2000 mg., though I got good control (reduction of TC from 247 to 190 plus improvements in other lipids) with... (18 replies)
... Ok, it wasn't the Physicians Health Study (hey, there were only 190+ publications as a result of that study), but the Boston Area Health Study that I was thinking of (in defense of my not so great memory, that study did reference the Physicians Health Study). Anyway, here is a link to the study published in Circulation in 1997: ... (12 replies)
... Your HDL is pretty good, and your triglycerides are excellent. It's just that your LDL is high, which is driving up your total number. Is a calculated LDL of 190 complete justification for you to be placed on a lifelong regimen of statin drugs? ... (4 replies)
... Rebeckah, I think you will get a few different views on this. Yes, the 190 mg/dL LDL-C is high, and yes, its a traditional risk factor. However, I can tell you first hand that even with this value <130 mg/dL, plaque buildup can occur, and I would attribute that primarily to low HDL-C (say <40 mg/dL), high triglycerides, which resulted from obesity and sedentary lifestyle,... (12 replies)

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