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... Hi there, I am an Asian/Oriental male, age 43, 5'6", 148 pounds, 33 inch waist, blood pressure 120/80. Fasting blood sugar level at 50. I was told that my cholesterol level were off the charts back in March 2010 during a medical check up. I have been working on reducing it for the past 9 months. Below are my cholesterol numbers, taken every 3 months : Date ... (4 replies)
Niacin or statin
Nov 19, 2007
... Thanx Arizona. I was diagnosed with hyperlipidemia 1 year back. I am taking statins since then.My levels 1 year back and present are given below: 1 yr. back -> Now ----------- ------ LDL 172 -> 62 HDL 45 -> 47 Total Chol. 256 -> 155 Triglycerides 196 ... (3 replies)
... Jane, Your problem appears to be the high triglycerides, and statins are not good at lowering them - they work on LDL. Your HDL is very good, as is your LDL/HDL ratio. Your LDL level was probably 'calculated', not directly measured, and part of the calculation is based on the triglycerides. So if you lower the trigs, your LDL will go down also. The chances of liver... (27 replies)

Dec 19, 2005
... ncrease. I'm convinced that a high intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates are killers, and the restriction of both can ultimately lead to a marked decrease in triglycerides and a subsequent rise in HDL. If you are able to accomplish this, then I think that overall you will be in much better shape. ... (11 replies)
... famaest: Hypothetically speaking, it would appear possible that, by simply plugging a higher triglyceride value into the equation, that you would be able to arrive at a lower LDL. This is assuming, however, that your other numbers remain constant; for example, your HDL and total cholesterol. In the real world, however, things don't usually work out quite that way. Besides,... (21 replies)
Lab Numbers
Dec 4, 2002
... Hopefully the Niacin helps you a little there. If not, its highly likely a slight change in diet will send that triglycerides right down, and certainly exercise should. ... (11 replies)
On the border
Mar 27, 2015
... rebounder. Just got routine bloodwork. Total cholesterol 223, HDL 79, LDL 120, Triglycerides 118. I know I can do better with my diet, but anything else I can do? ... (2 replies)
... Hi, There used to be a tool online to figure out ratio but I can't seem to find it. I wondered if anyone can tell me what the ratio would be for the following numbers : Total number of cholesterol : 230 HDL : 49 LDL : 155 (1 replies)
... lic Syndrome X. Most people would not consider me to be overweight at 160 but the difference in my lipids is significantly better when my weight is in the 150 to 155 range. ... (7 replies)
Extremely High LDL
Jul 24, 2007
... Hi - I just go my latest test results as follows: Total cholesterol = 299 HDL 59 (59 in 3/07, 59 in 10/06, 50 in 5/06) triglycerides = 78 (55 in 3/07, 74 in 10/06, 64 in 5/06) LDL = 224.4 (155 in 3/07, 157 in 10/06, 133 in 5/06) This test was not fasting and I ate a bunch of walnuts and pistachios about 1-2 hours before the test. The 3/07 test was fasting, the... (13 replies)
... I got the rest of my lab results today, and it is mixed news. I had suspected that my TC and LDL would be a little high, but since I'm not convinced that those alone, especially in the presence of high HDL, really present much of a risk for women, I'd anticipated being able to ignore my doctor's concerns if everything else came out okay. Well, everything else didn't. :( ... (14 replies)
... Uff-Da, Most Chromium supplements sold are either the Chrmoium Picolinate, or the Chromium (GTF). I would think that chromium chloride should be just as good. I believe for glucose management the daily amount should be higher. (about 200 - 400 mg) minimum. I take a product by Puritan's called "Garlichrome" I believe this vitamin has helped my glucose numbers. This is... (14 replies)
... I was put on Pravachol over 3 years ago. The first couple of years were uneventful and my cholesterol lowered dramatically (and I felt fine), so when the symptoms described below began, they were not recognized as statin- related for several months. When the symptoms began, what followed was a year and a half of puzzling symptoms and misery, beginning with both hands and... (18 replies)
... Bill, Arizona and NineLives gave you some additional advice that is very good. Niacin is great w/r/t changing the particle size to the more favorable larger, buoyant form. I would say the probability is pretty high that you have the small dense form, characteristic in those of us that have or are susceptible to metabolic syndrome. I would say if you add in 30-60 mins... (7 replies)
... I was on Tricor for a few years when my triglycerides were astronomical (>600 mg/dL). I was sedentary and weighed over 220 lbs at the time though. Fortunately, through diet, exercise and weightloss (to 155 lbs), I no longer need any meds for control (my TGs are in the 30-40 mg/dL range now). It sounds like you have done the weight and exercise part of the equation to... (1 replies)
... Bell99, Your glucose is 87 mg/dL; which is normal for a non-diabetic (> 126 mg/dL diabetic, > 110 mg/dL impaired glucose tolerance). Your triglycerides are 80 mg/dL (normal is < 155 mg/dL). Your VLDL component is then estimated at 16 mg/dL (see below). Your HDL-C (good cholesterol) is 54 mg/dL. (< 40 mg/dL implicates increased risk for heart disease, 40-59 mg/dL... (7 replies)
... My boyfriend's highest cholesterol was 320 at one time. He did all the stuff they recommend to lower your cholesterol but didn't help might. Dr. finally put him on Lipitor. Been on it for several years. The lowest he got down to was 195 while on Lipitor. I recently turned him onto Revival Soy which I'm taking for menopausal symptoms (no more hot flashes!) His... (6 replies)
... Alan, I am not sure that it is possible to be so rigid when examining the causes that underlie heart disease for all people. I think the key is definitely moderation and exercise, even moreso than diet. I am willing to bet that I can take any "diet" and apply it properly (i.e. in moderation) and maintain a healthy weight and decent lipid profile. I already know that I... (16 replies)
... At 5'6 I am now 155 which is 25 lbs short of my goal weight, but I am in excellent physical shape and I exercise regularly. ... (7 replies)
... I was able to take my total cholesterol from 269 down to 94 in about a year. At 269, I had a sedentary lifestyle, was eating fast food 2-3 times per week. Additionally, my diet consisted of 5-6 days a week of red meat. I was eating only one meal a day--dinner. I made my change by going to a low fat (mainly saturated) way of eating as my lifestyle change. I did cut down... (9 replies)

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