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... My triglycerides have been around 276 around the last two years. ... (0 replies)
... Hello folks, I'm posting here because my Doctor wants me on Lipitor for high LDL but if possible I would rather go the diet route. Not asking anyone to contradict my Doctor, but is it possible diet is playing a role? I know LDL has a BIG genetic component, but both parents are in their late 70s and have never had any heart issues. Here are my stats: Total cholesterol: 212... (3 replies)
Jan 24, 2014
... All I can suggest is to lose weight, exercise, and watch your diet. If you can't control your numbers naturally your doctor may prescribe Crestor and/or prescription strength fish oil (Vascepa) as mine did. Since my last post, and after 10 days of Crestor 10mg and Vascepa and low to moderate alcohol consumption my total cholesterol went down to 109 and trig to 128 (from... (4 replies)

Jan 22, 2014
... Looking back at my past few blood work exams, I went from Triglycerides of 110, then 8 months later it was 215. What would cause it to raise this fast? ... (4 replies)
... Time for me to jump back on my rant against the LDL calculation formula bandwagon. The thought that by raising trigs you can improve your LDL is just crazy and I am yet to be educated on how this phenomenon works. We know high trigs are not good and we know high LDL is not good, but you can lower LDL by doing what you don't want to do and that is raising your trigs. If you... (11 replies)
... I recently received my blood result. My cholesterol count came back at 140, HDL 32 (low) LDL 65 (fine), Triglycerides 215 (high). Can anyone give me their opion on what i could do to raise my HDL and lower my triglycerides? Thank You (11 replies)
... I am a 49 year old female and find myself in a place that scares me and I would appreciate any help. I am about 50 pounds overweight and for the past 2 yrs have been on dyazide, zocor, and norvasc for HTN and high choles. The problem is I suffer with aching knees and hips from the zocor (have tried pravachol too with same problem) and swelling to ankles and feet from the... (6 replies)
... My wife has diabetes and high chol. & Trigs Her blood level was 10.5 Chol =300 trigs =over 500 hdl was 44. She takes 500 mg glucophage a day. The Dr put her on lovastatin that did not touch the trigs. So he put her on tricor which dropped the trigs but she was found to have gall stones of cholesterol so all cholesterol meds had to be stopped. I did some research and... (20 replies)
... Have your Trigs been high all along? From what I understand, high Trigs and low HDL seem to go hand in hand, as my husband has the same problem. He is not a drinker, but has type 2 diabetes. Sugar is DEFINITELY a culprit in high Trigs., so go VERY easy on anything starchy, or sugary, as they will send your Trigs up. Stay away from processed foods, white potatoes and white rice... (11 replies)
... Okay, I have recently had some bloodwork done and my Triglycerides were in the high 300's, LDL was normal, Total Choles. was 215, and the HDl was considered to be low. ... (11 replies)
... Those newer numbers aren't that bad. In fact, according to the guidelines, if you have NO other risk factors (diabetic, coronary disease, high bp,etc), you should not require medication at all! Also, in my humble opinion :D , he should have started you on 10mg first and then test. He must to liver tests if he puts you on Lipitor! (9 replies)
... My Dr. just recommended I take 20 mg. of Lipitor once daily after receiving my latest blood tests: Total Cholesterol - 215 HDL - 51 Chol/HDL Ratio - 4.2 LDL - 140 LDL/HDL Ratio - 2.75 Triglycerides - 119 My blood work 6 months ago was: (9 replies)
... Barb, My history is that I am a 36 year old male, that suffered a MI in March of this year. Prior to this I was diagnosed with diabetes in November 2000. I had uncontrolled hypertension from 1992-1997. In 1997, I had a routine job physical and my cholesterol was 269 and triglycerides were >400. I went onto Tricor at that time. My weight was consistently 215-225. The... (14 replies)
Results are In
May 3, 2001
... BUT my triglycerides are UP again. I can't possibly eat any better than I am. I have lost 10 pounds since December. ... (5 replies)
... Hi Nunny. I just received word from my doc my numbers are high: Total cholesterol: 238. HDL - 69. LDL - 134. Tri - 174. I am a total organic, low fat, bread free, infrequent red winer, NO alcohol, fruit, veggie lean meats/fish eating FREEK. AND IT'S STILL HIGH!! I would be sooo worried about the statins and my liver. But you must do what you must do... (14 replies)
... My cholesterol is: HDL-37,LDL-149,Triglycerides-145 for a whole total of 215. My doctor wants me to start taking 40mg of Pravastatin once a day,but the side effects of taking that stuff has me terrified. Does anyone have any tips or alternative treatments they can share that will help prevent me from having to take this medication? I'm really torn as to what to do. (14 replies)
... Got my last round of bloodwork back after 4 weeks on Trilipix and a second month of Simvastatin. I've continued to exercise for at least 30 minutes EVERY day and am really watching my diet (1 serving red meat weekly, 1-2 servings frozen fat free yogurt with fruit weekly, mostly chicken or beans for protein, lots of veggies and 1-2 servings of fruit per day, limiting the... (20 replies)
Niacin Studies
Oct 24, 2006
... Lenin, Remember that the 12 gram result is with regular Niacin! There are 2 studies in the Monograph regarding Combination therapy. 1. 29 participants (whose baseline LDL was 215) took 500 mg Niacin (Slo-Niacin 1 g x 2/day was rotated after 12 months for 8 months x2) x 4/day with lovastatin 20mg/day and colestipol 10 g x 2/day. No clinical significant differences were... (24 replies)
... Hi all, new to this site. I've been on Lipitor for about 18 months now. Didn't have much trouble with it up to now. Doctor started me on 40mg, but had to lower to 20 since my liver levels were elevated. For the last two months, I have started having very heavy fatigue, my arms and legs (all four) are tingling (almost constantly) am increasingly light headed, the muscles in... (17 replies)
... OUCH! The test through the lab showed 304 total, HDL 64, LDL 215 and triglycerides 123! Now I know I haven't been doing anything about this for a year, but my doctor thinks it should be down by now and that I'm in some sort of denial. ... (7 replies)

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