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... I'll try to be concise while still giving necessary info. I'm a 51 yr old woman, weight 155. I went in for some tests a few months ago because of irregular hearbeats (These episodes last for hours and cause shortness of breath) EKG was fine. I had never had cholesterol checked before. Here are the Initial results: Total cholesterol: 351 HDL: 60 LDL: NA Triglycerides:... (5 replies)
... I am scared out of my wits...I just got my cholesteral blood work back from my doctor. My triglycerides are at 380, HDL at 280, and good (LDL) is ok. I have been having numbness/pins and needles in my left arm, and hand, sometimes left leg and right hand for the last 2 months. The doctor wants me to take 146mg of Tricor..and I have been reading some scary things about this... (30 replies)
... New poster to the board. I have had high cholesterol (248) and also the HDL/LDL levels are out of whack. I forget the numbers right now but will call the doctor to find out exactly and post again with them. My triglycerides have been high for a while now and still are (500 range I think, will post definite # tomorrow). The doctor put me on Gemfibrozil, but I have not taken... (13 replies)

... Sorry, I think I misquoted LDL and my HDL. The LDL is at 280....and the HDL is ok.:dizzy: (30 replies)
... Hi, Just started taking lipitor 2 weeks ago, I have many aches and sore mucsles,they have me on 40 mg. a day, my count was cholesterol-326, Idl-228 and hdl- 326 and my triglycerides- 280, I know they are high, but am willing to stay on lipitor at least another week.I hope this works, trying to change diet, hard to do when you are so used to eating what ever you want. Hope all... (48 replies)
... Just recieved my blood test results and was surprised when Dr. called me at home and said my cholesterol was high and she put me on lipitor. I am not sure because I never was told it was high before so maybe someone can tell me if these readings are high. Cholesterol 326 hdl 326 ldl 228 alkaline phosphatase 152 platelet 447... (8 replies)
... Like many of you, I have high triglicerides also (2200 when left alone in a normal american cultural atmosphere). I also have a cholesterol level of 700. I am hieght / wt. proportionate. So - for the vast majority of you reding this, your 250 is pretty nice and I'll trade with ya. I was referred to an endocronologist who diagnosed my condition as familial. He said that... (20 replies)
... Now here are the results from 7/12/07: Choles: 250 Trig : 280 HDL : 35 LDL : 159 Risk ratio: 4.54 (Previous #'s from 4/11/07): Cholesterol: 251 Triglyceri : 294 (24 replies)
High Chlo, Tri
Oct 25, 2009
... am 39 and weigh 185. I have all my care done at the VA which, btw, I have had great care. I have AVNRT and had the ablation done exactly a year ago today. My Triglycerides have come down from 1158 to just over 500. My Cholesterol is over 280. I have had 6 months of extreme each month goes by I feel worse. ... (2 replies)
I think I got it
Feb 7, 2007
... I think my numbers stayed about the same but my Triglycerides which I've never seen a number below 280.... I finally got them down to 212!!! ... (5 replies)
... Just to give you guys a background. Originally my total cholesterol was around 280 (I didn't pay attention to the other numbers at the time.) I tried diet and exercise and the best I could do was tc=260 triglycerides 385 My doctor put me on Lipitor (10mg?) and in 6 weeks my TC was lowered to 177 but one of my liver enzymes was elevated. He placed me on Pravachol and my... (4 replies)
I want below 150
Jun 13, 2005
... Hi AlaskaMagnum, Your TC is good.... BUT Your HDL is almost 1/2 of what it used to be (not good). One of the bad things about statins (and there are many), is that they not only lower LDL, but lower HDL too. And statins "do not prevent heart attacks". Bring up Lipitor's homepage and you will see this statement under "important information": "Lipitor is not for... (12 replies)
... Lipoprotein (a) Several studies274-277 report a strong association between Lp(a) levels and CHD risk. Indeed, a recent meta-analysis of reported prospective studies supports an independent predictive power for elevated Lp(a).278 In addition, concomitant elevations of Lp(a) and LDL cholesterol have been reported to have synergy in elevating risk in both men and women with... (23 replies)
... What a difference from when I began this battle with TC around 280 and HDL of 28. If these numbers can't suck some volume out of my remaining plaques, then nothing can. ... (42 replies)
... Have U asked your dr. to try U on something else? Not all meds. work the same for folks, so could be the Vytorin just isn't for U. Hope they can find something else that doesn't make U so exhausted, not a good way to be. Best wishes.... :wave: (6 replies)
... I don't remember what my numbers are other than that my doctor told me that my cholesterol is 280 and triglycerides are higher than high. It's a LONG family history of this, so I wasn't surprised. Thing is.... ... (6 replies)
I want below 150
Jun 13, 2005
... Alaska, As an ex body builder myself I would say to try and lose some weight first and foremost. Even though a playing weight of 240 might have been OK in college, years later it might be to much. Meat can be problematic but if it is lean cut, fat removed, it should be fine. It sounds like you are getting fish, but is it fried? Is any of your meat fried? The best... (12 replies)
I want below 150
Jun 13, 2005
... Alaska, Why did you chose the 150 and 70 numbers as targets to strive for (just curious)? Your numbers seem very good to me. Going even lower is not necessarily a good thing, and I think the only way you will realistically get to these lower numbers is to go to 20mg of Lipitor. You should be careful about combining drugs - I would NOT recommend Policosanol in... (12 replies)
I want below 150
Jun 13, 2005
... Hello. I am a 33 year old male. My father had a heart attack at 42, it was mild (one blockage) and he has been good for the last 20 years. My mother's father died of a massive coronary at 49, so I have a history on both sides of my family. At 25 my cholesterol was 280, but my HDL was over 90. I was athletic and played linebacker and did martial arts. I went on 10 mg... (12 replies)
Fish Oil Results
Apr 5, 2005
... Here is the results of my cholesterol lowering plan with no medications. I have been taking a pharmaceutical grade fish oil 10,000mg per day. TC 5% reduction, HDL 9% reduction, LDL 5% increase, and triglycerides 3% reduction. This was hardly worth the effort and certainly not worth the expense. Notice that my HDL also went down, disappointing. During this period I halted... (27 replies)

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