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... with a pulse rate of 90. The biggest result however was my triglycerides 350 down to 97. In fact a person could gain weight on the diet if they wanted too as ice cream is a low to medium glycemic food!! ... (23 replies)
... e usually the main foods that are high on the index. I read a couple of research papers and restricting the white starches has always showed greater reduction in triglycerides than a low fat diet. ... (16 replies)
... I'm not sure what conversion factors you were using, but I came up with completely different numbers, plus, triglycerides have a different molecular weight than cholesterol and requires the use of a different conversion factor. ... (8 replies)

High Triglycerides
May 13, 2006
... I lowered my triglycerides from 350 to 97 by following a diet based on the glycemic index of carbohydrates. The glycemic index is a rating system of how fast carbohydrates are metabolized. ... (11 replies)
... ...You may want to consider trying the Low Glycemic Index Diet. Everyone that I know who has tried it (including myself) saw a big drop in blood pressure and triglycerides. ...Potatoes, rice, and white breads are usually the evil foods. Potatoes are mine but diets differ from region to region so it's best to find the list of the glycemic index for foods and see where your... (23 replies)
... a lot of times, triglycerides are elevated because of too much insulin being released because of high glycemic carbs. ... (8 replies)
... (10 replies)
... Good Afternoon All! My husbands lab work came in today and his cholesterol numbers are very concerning. Here are the numbers: Cholesterol, total-282 (Ref Range: 100-199) Triglycerides-350 (Ref Range:0-149) Hdl -47 (normal) VLdl- 70 (ReF Range:5-40) Ldl- 165 (Ref Range: 0-99) (10 replies)
... About 15yrs ago, I first tested and found high Cholest & Trigly. By adjusting my diet, with moderate exercise, my Cholesterol came to border line (190 - 216). I am in late 40s, male, vegetarian and take 3000mg fish oil increased from 1200mg (stopped Salmon after the Japan earthquake). I am 5' 7" and about 150lb. No dairy stuff other than cream for tea, ice cream. Take... (0 replies)
... Got my last round of bloodwork back after 4 weeks on Trilipix and a second month of Simvastatin. I've continued to exercise for at least 30 minutes EVERY day and am really watching my diet (1 serving red meat weekly, 1-2 servings frozen fat free yogurt with fruit weekly, mostly chicken or beans for protein, lots of veggies and 1-2 servings of fruit per day, limiting the... (20 replies)
607 Triglycerides!
Feb 12, 2008
... ...I dropped my tris from 350 to 97 by reducing the white starches in my diet (rice, potatoes, and white breads). Following a diet based on a medium to low glycemic index and glycemic load, usually helps with the Tris. Rick (8 replies)
Aug 16, 2007
... By reducing the amount of white starches and corn syrup sweetners, I lowered my tris from 350 to 97. I follow a diet based on the glycemic idex which is a rating of carbohydrates based on how fast they metabolize. ... (8 replies)
... I found that while planning my meals with the Glycemic index also lowered my triglycerides. (350 to 97) but my cholesterol still wouldn't budge. I read that it takes fiber to lower cholesterol so I tried it also and in one month my tc went from 225 to 183 and saw a further reduction in my Tri's down to about 70 something. I'm waiting right now for my latest results to see if... (8 replies)
... Susie, I have been reading your thread for a couple of days now. Even though I am preparing to bolt out of here to spend some time in France, I wanted to give you a little information on what I think is going on with you, and what you can expect. Let's go back to your first post. Your TG levels point you in the category of severe hypertriglyceridemia. The highest... (23 replies)
... g on. One example is with Triglycerides. while this is only one component of totals cholesterol, it can be a very important factor. For years it was thought that triglycerides could only be lowered by a low fat diet, yet in most cases it is by controlling carbohydratesthat Triglycerides are controlled. ... (41 replies)
... ou need Insulin to take care of it and what happens is the Insulin pushes the glucose into the cells where it produces energy but also all that Insulin moves the triglycerides into the fat cells for storage in the form of saturated fat and then it also packs LDL cholesterol into the arteries in the neck, heart and legs. ... (9 replies)
... Informative, excellent post. I just printed it out and will take it to my cardiologist for my appointment in three weeks. (18 replies)
... fish oil capsules a day of either Nature Made, COSTCO or Source Naturals. My cholesterol increased and my triglycerides remained at about 350 mg. Taking only 1 to 2 LOVAZA capsules a day my triglycerides have been under 125 for almost 2 years. ... (18 replies)
... I have been following the glycemic index for over a year now and saw my triglycerides drop from 350 to 97 but it had little effect on my cholesterol. The fiber seems to have a dramatic effect there and even improved on the triglycerides. ... (9 replies)
... ...I follow a diet based on the glycemic index and my triglycerides dropped from 350 to 97 and my blood pressure dropped from 135/80 to 118/75. High triglycerides can be an indication of insulin resistance and/ or Metabolic syndrome. Something you may want to research to see if it might help you with your triglycerides. Rick (5 replies)

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